Materia Medica


Heaviness in inguinal region as from a load.

Sensation of a hard body moving in abdomen. The abdomen has a shrivelled appearance.




Diarrhoea from sudden noise is a great key-note.

Diarrhoea; six times from morning to 2 p.m without pain.

Aphthous condition of anus with itching in the evening and moisture after stool.

Frequent very easy stool every day.

Diarrhoea after chocolate, after pears, which is aggravated from emotions or smoking.

Soft, light-yellow, or albuminous/mucous stool, three times a day, with weakness and exhaustion.

Slimy, mucous stool like boiled starch or brown, red, tenacious, transparent, white.

Green stools (in an infant) preceded by crying. Frequent and easy.

Stools alternating hard and soft; long, narrow with cadaverous odour.


Urinary organs


Retention of urine in the evening with violent urging to urinate at night and frequent urination at night, seldom during the day.

Difficult urination at night causing the person to cry before the urine passes. Frequent micturition (in infants).

Severe urgent desire to urinate, so that he can scarcely hold the urine.

Ineffectual urination.

Desire to urinate, without being able to pass a drop, but copious urine in the afternoon.

Sudden urging to urinate during menses.

Urging to urinate after seminal emission.

Pressing pain in region of kidneys.

Blue spot on meatus.

Pain in meatus after urination, soreness of meatus after coitus.

Haemorrhoids of bladder.

Pain in the orifice of the urethra as if sore, after urinating.

Burning, cutting pain in urethra when semen is discharged with a burning pain in the urethra when touching it.

Urine has odour of cat’s urine or is acrid and pungent.


Genitalia – male


Emissions when touching a woman, and when dreaming of coitus.

Sexual passion increased, but without desire for coitus.

Strong erections in the morning on waking.

Seminal discharge too late.

Biting pain in prepuce after urination.

Cutting, stitching pain.

Sore, bruised pain in penis.

Genitalia – female

Easy sexual arousal.

Desire lacking, indifference.

Leucorrhoea membranous, lumpy or transparent, thick as white paste like or boiled starch.

Leucorrhoea like the white of an egg, with sensation as if warm water were flowing down.

Hot, burning albuminous leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea during pregnancy. Loathing of the breast in infants because of the state of the milk, which is thick and tastes bad.


Menses too soon, profuse, or only at night, or too short, lasting only one day.

Menses during lactation.

Downward motion aggravates menses.

Menses four days too soon and very profuse, with griping in the abdomen, nausea and pain in the stomach, extending into the small of the back.

Membranous menses.

Membranous dysmenorrhoea.

Burning pain in vagina during pregnancy.

Itching in vagina during pregnancy.

Labour pains running upward with pain felt more in the stomach than in the uterus.

Cutting pain in the ovaries during menses; lancinating pain felt before and during the menses.

Pain in ovaries, extending to shoulder blade.

Stinging pain in ovaries.

Stinging, stitching pain in clitoris at night with sensation of distension.

Stitching pain in uterus before menses.


Easy conception.

In nursing, pain is felt in the opposite mamma.

Vaginitis and endomitritis are covered by this remedy.




Larynx and trachea: pain in larynx on sneezing.

Stitching in throat pit.

Tearing pain in larynx, in the evening, on coughing.

Whining voice, in the morning.

Respiration: impeded respiration on descending.

Arrested respiration in the act of lying down.

Respiration difficult in open air; before menses; after running.

Respiration short after ascending steps, so that he cannot speak, and every time he speaks a stitch in the right side of chest.

Catching respiration before menses.

Every three or five minutes he is obliged to take a quick, deep breath, which is every time followed by a stitch in the right side of the chest, with a subdued painful sigh and slow expiration.

Arrest of the breath every time he has a stitch in the right side of the chest.

Cough and expectoration: changing position in bed ameliorates.

Must hold chest with both hands while coughing because of pain.

When coughing he is obliged to press the right side of the chest and flank with the hand, whereby the pain is tolerable. Bathing chest in cold water ameliorates cough.

Cough from cold bathing.

Cough from irritation in epigastrium.

Cough with difficult expectoration of white mucus streaked with blood.

Violent and hacking cough in the evening.

Hacking and violent cough, with slight expectoration, of a mouldy taste and of the same smell, from the chest, with every paroxysm of cough.

Dry cachectic cough with sticking in the right side of the chest and right flank; aggravated after drinking wine.

Dry cough in the morning after rising.

Dry cough in the evening on lying down.

Musty odour and taste of expectoration.

Offensive odour of expectoration.


Inner and outer chest: anxiety felt in chest in the evening, in bed.

Oppression in bed in the evening.

Coldness, must wrap up the chest.

Constriction of chest on breathing.

Oppression before menses.

Washing chest with cold water relieves chest symptoms.

Walking slowly ameliorates pain in chest.

Pressing, stitching pain during inspiration, when sneezing, on coughing, when raising arm, when touched, when yawning. Stitches between the ribs of the right side, if he lies upon the painful side the pain immediately wakes him from sleep. Pressure ameliorates stitching pain in right side.

Pain in sides from annoyance and from wine.

Pressing pain in sternum on deep respiration, when sitting stooped, in sternum after evening meal.

Rawness in the morning.

Sore pain, holds chest with hands during cough.

With every cough and deep inspiration sticking in the chest.

Stitching pain in sides on exertion, during menses.

Stitching when yawning; in the region of the right nipple in the evening, with every paroxysm of cough; between right ribs, worse lying on right side, with drawing and obstruction of breathing.

Stitching pain in sides ameliorated on washing with cold water.

Sensation of constriction of left mamma, when child nurses from right.

Sensation of emptiness in mammae after child nurses.

Drawing, stitching pain in opposite mamma than the one child nurses.

Pulsation of mammae.

Stitching pain in right nipple.

Stitching pain in mammae during cough.

Griping pain in mammae.

Griping and sometimes stitches in the left mamma, and when the child has nursed she is obliged to compress the mamma with her hand, because it aches on account of being empty.

Aching in mammae when empty.

Pain in the right mamma when coughing, ameliorated by pressure and pain in the right flank, ameliorated by walking slowly about the room.

Child refuses mother’s milk.

Stringy milk. Milk is thick and tastes bad. Cheesy milk.

Increased milk.

Milk in non-nursing women.


Scirrhous, stinging, burning ulcer of mammae, with odour of old cheese,

Bleeding aphthae of nipples.

White pimples with red areola.

Ulcer in axilla, boils.

Inflammation of right pleura.

Walking slowly ameliorates.


Heart: sensation as if heart is on right side, as if heart is swimming in water.

Pain in heart as from sprain, deep breathing aggravates.

Squeezing sensation of heart.

Palpitation of heart, motion of arms aggravates.

Pleurisy in upper part of right chest, with cough, expectoration of a mouldy smell.




Formication and itching in the sacrum.

Easy straining of the back with pain from lifting, ameliorated by sitting.

Pain in back after menses; tearing pain in the spine.

Pain extending to feet.

Pain in cervical region extending to left shoulder while walking.

Pain in scapulae extending to stomach; tearing pain between scapulae, stooping aggravates.

Pain in sacral region, with an inability to stoop.

Pain with chill in right scapula, extending to lumbar region and stomach.

Pain in lumbar region when coughing, pain with chill when stooping, when sitting, when turning body, extending to feet, ameliorated by sitting.

Stitching pain in lumbar region in the morning, in the evening, at night, after lifting, when stooping, when turning body in bed, extending to chest,on coughing, on walking, sitting ameliorates.

Drawing pain in head and left shoulder while walking in open air.

Bloody scabs and eruptions on the coccyx. Itching of coccyx.




Upper limbs: Redness of forearm in spots; itching of the anterior part of the forearm

Bran-like eruption on upper limbs.

Pain in upper limbs in daytime, as if sprained.

Tearing pain in shoulder on stooping.

Stitching pain in right shoulder on and from coughing.

Drawing pain in shoulder when stooping.

Sensation as if cold water were running from clavicle down to toes along a narrow line.

Sensation as if upper arm would break.

Eruption of herpes on elbow and hand.

Eczema and pustules of fingers with loss of nails.

Felon in thumb, beginning in nail.

Blue coldness of the hands and finger tips or heat of fingers.

Sensation on hands of a cobweb; formication on back of hand.

Itching of the finger joints or the back of finger joints.

Lameness in fingers with numbness in upper limbs and hand in the evening.

Sensation as if hand were broken.

Pain in fingers at night, tearing pain in left thumb.

Pulsating Pain in tip of thumb.

Pulsation of fingers and thumbs and the tips of both.

Burning stinging in palm of hand’ stitching pain in the evening.

Drawing Paroxysmal Pain in wrist.

Stiffness and swelling in second finger, suppuration of fingers.

Ulcers of finger joints and fingernails.

Trembling in the hand on mental exertion.

Warts in palm of hand and horny callosities on the hands.


Lower limbs: purple discolouration in spots on lower limbs.

Corroding vesicles on lower limbs

Erysipelatous inflammation of leg after dancing’ with epistaxis.

Heat of thigh.

Perspiration of thigh.

Restlessness in leg during heat.

Trembling of lower limbs with anxiety.

Trembling while meditating.

Tension and numbness in the left leg.

Sensation as if drops of cord water trickled down front of thighs.

Weakness of joints after diarrhoea, after walking, walking ameliorates.

Weakness in lower limbs during diarrhoea, walking ameliorates.

Weakness in knee on mental exertion.

Pain in lower limbs in wet weather.

Pain in thigh during chill; pain in the leg on touch.

Burning pain in thigh, coughing, touch aggravate.

Burning pain in thigh near female genitalia.

Herpes, corroding vesicles, and ulcers on the nates.

Chilblains on toes; chilliness of the toes; blueness of the foot and redness of the toes; pimples on toes.

Corns in rainy weather and painful as if ulcerated.

Formication of foot ameliorated when walking in open air.

Burning heat in toe.

Itching of ball of fifth toe.

Pain in foot, walking ameliorates; pain in foot as from chilblains; touching aggravates.

Pain in joints of toes, in the ball of the foot on stepping, and pressing pain in the ankle on stepping.

Burning pain in sole of the left foot; stitching in the soles of the feet.

Burning pain in toes as if frost bitten and in the first toe while walking.

Sensation of suppuration in heel.

Ulcers on foot from rubbing of the shoes.

Phagedenic ulcers of joints of toes.

Tension in back of foot.

Trembling of foot, walking in open air ameliorates.

Weakness in foot when ascending stairs and after walking in open air.




Sleeplessness in the evening after going to bed.

Sleeplessness after midnight from heat, during heat in head.

Sleeplessness after midnight until 2 a.m.

Sleeplessness after midnight until 1-4 a.m, from 2-5 a.m.

Sleeplessness during dentition; with difficult respiration.

Waking from sleep while lying on painful side.

She wakes uncommonly early, at 3 o’clock; she cannot fall asleep again for two hours on account of heat in the whole body, especially in the head, with sweat on the thighs.

Waking before midnight; waking early and falling asleep late and waking by erection.

Seep disturbed by coldness.

Sleep after perspiration.

Seeps on side, on the left side or impossible to sleep on side.

Deep sleep in noon and afternoon.

Sleepiness in the evening at twilight, falling asleep late and difficult.

Sleepiness in children.

The child at the breast sleeps more than usual, but wakes frequently.

The child tosses about, cries until 4 a.m., frequently out of its sleep, and in the morning is in a whining mood.

An infant cries out of sleep and anxiously grasps its mother, as if frightened by a dream.

Sleepiness during evening meal; falling asleep early.

Falling asleep late with early waking and with sleepiness in the daytime and evening.

Yawning while sitting.

Dreams: coitus; sore throat.



Chill in the morning after rising, chill from 2-4 a.m.

Chill from 2-6 p.m. and in the evening on rising.

Shaking chill with perspiration and pulsating pain in occiput.

Chill in the afternoon after evening meal, on rising from bed, before urination and beginning in and extending from the face.

Chill during sleep; absent after midnight.

Trembling and shivering at night.

Hot head in infants.

Fever in the afternoon after sleep, in the evening at 6 p.m., in bed with sweat.

Fever at night at 2 a.m.

Fever and chilliness from putting hands out of bed.

Perspiration at night, 10 p.m. during menses; while writing; in the morning during sleep and during mental exertion.




Unhealthiness of the skin, with dirty discolouration.

Erysipelas in face.

Cicatrices break open.

Severe itching on the backs of the finger joints, so that he is obliged to scratch them violently.

Eruption of pustules with red areola.

Eruptions with moist white discharge; phagedenic vesicular eruptions; whitish eruptions; eruptions which itch in the evening.

Serpiginous; serpiginous ulcers.


Hard skin peeling off, like callosities.

Skin aggravated before menses.




Aphthae. Aphthous ulceration of mucous membranes. Genitalia and anus are covered with aphthous appearances. Gastro-intestinal irritation.

Stomach problems with salivation, nausea, vomiting. Sea-sickness. Diarrhoea with pain or soft yellow stools accompanying aphthae.

Albuminuria, haematuria. Delirium, visual changes. Epilepsy. Leucorrhoea clear, copious, albuminous, unnaturally hot, acrid. Dysmenorrhoea membranous.

Menstruation painful (membranous). Sterility.

Painful nursing; empty feeling in mammae; ameliorated by pressure. Sore nipples.

Herpetic eruptions. Pleurisy with expectoration of a mushy, mouldy odour.

Entropion. Infections of eyes. Trichiasis. Ulcers on finger joints.

Erysipelas. Herpes. Psoriasis. Ulcers. Infections of nose. Plica-polonica.

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