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Helonias Dioica


Shruti Nair under guidance of Jyoshna Shivaprasad

Common Name: Veratrum Leuteum, Unicorn Root, False Unicorn, Devil’s Bit Blazing Star

Family: Melanthaceae

Parts Used: Tincture of the root, Triturations of the resinoidal helonin



Helonias dioica is an excellent female remedy which is usually indicated in prolapse and malposition of the uterus. There is extreme consciousness of the womb. Menses is too frequent and too profuse. Sensation of weakness, dragging and weight in the sacrum and pelvis, with great languor and prostration, are excellent indications for this remedy

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Melancholia, affections of stomach, gastric disturbances, pain in the kidneys, Bright’s disease, diabetes mellitus, albuminuria, diseases of kidney, urinary difficulties, uterine affections, uterine displacement with leucorrhea, uterine hemorrhage, amenorrhea, leucorrhea, climacteric affections, threatened abortions, breast affection, chlorosis, dysmenorrhea, impotence, lochia, menopause, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, pruritis vulvae, rheumatism, sterility

Female Reproductive System:


Uterine therapeutics by Henry Minton

Time and quantity of the menstrual discharge

During menstruation – concomitant symptoms

Amenorrhea – causes and concomitants

Abortion – Miscarriage – Character of discharge

Mental condition

Leucorrhea – Character of discharge

Repertory of the diseases of mother and newborn – B.Sc. Meera

Female Genitalia

Itching (pruritis): during pregnancy: helonias



Ante partum and Post partum

Post partum


Hence Helonias is predominantly a female remedy prescribed mostly as an acute and specific remedy. It is prescribed for symptoms like sensation of weakness, dragging and weight in the sacrum and pelvis, with great languor and prostration. Prolapsus with ulceration and a constant dark fetid, bloody discharge. Excessive uterine hemorrhage. Leuchorrhea with atony and anemia.


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