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Hepar Sulphuris

Written by Marc Brunson

Hepar Sulphuris materia medica and complete drug picture of homeopathy remedy Hepar Sulphuris. Learn all the signs and symptoms of homeopathic Hepar Sulphuris by Marc Brunson.

What is there special, unusual and bizarre about this substance which differentiates it from other homeopathic substances? It is not the components of the substance (equal parts of Sulphur flower and oyster shell) but its preparation: the remedy is the result of a calcination in a closed vessel. This results in a grey yellow powder which needs to be preserved in a hermetically closed container.

Two of my colleagues (J.P. Spilbauer and J.P. Reboul) presented its essence based on cured cases as: ‘Hepar sulfur lives in the anticipation of a menace.’

Although this formula corresponds well with the clinical experience, I could not see the relationship with the substance and it did not supply me with a clue to memorize its Materia Medica.

I looked at the remedy from a different point of view and found the following:

Sensitivity to the least aggression:

  • – great sensitiveness of the affected parts to touch
  • – fainting from trifling pains
  • – unhealthy skin, every little wounds suppurates
  • – oversensitive, physically end mentally, the slightest cause irritates him
  • – angry at least trifle
  • – unreasonably anxious
  • – croup where the patient is sensitive to the least draught of air
  • – cough when any part of the body is uncovered

(symptoms originating from Lippe)

In the repertory we find:

  • – irritability from trifles
  • – morose about trifles
  • – sensitive to all external impressions
  • – trifles seem important
  • – violent at trifles

The words used always indicate ‘from the least aggression’. Hepar Sulfur over reacts to the least aggression: the reaction is disproportionate. The reactions aim to be rapid, efficacious and definite: to kill or set on fire. Hepar sulfur does not think, he uses the big artillery straight away,

  • – impetuous
  • – wants to set things on fire
  • – desire to kill

There are no half measures, there is no compromise, the reactions are immediate and definitive …. Just like the calcinations he has undergone.

  • – abusive
  • – violent anger
  • – destructiveness
  • – gestures, furious and violent
  • – hatred and revengeful
  • – irritability, sudden impulse to kill for slight offence
  • – malicious
  • – quarrelsome
  • – rage, stricken during drunkenness
  • – threatens to kill
  • – violent
  • – rage leading to deeds of violence

Hepar Sulphur lives in the anticipation of a menace because he has difficulties in evaluating the importance of this menace. Hepar sulphur suffers from an exaggerated interpretation of the dangers because of his hypersensitivity.

  • – sensitive to all impressions, mental, noise, pain, sensual.
  • – horrible things and stories affect him profoundly
  • – irritability from pain
  • – unconsciousness from pain
  • – violent from pain

He is fearful about his own and his family’s integrity.

  • – anxiety about future
  • – delusion his house is on fire
  • – delusion the world is on fire
  • – delusion will be murdered
  • – fear of being disfigured
  • – fear of being hurt
  • – fear of touch
  • – death, presentiment of
  • – delusion the members of his family are sick
  • – anxiety about members of his family
  • – fear about health of loved ones.

Because of this state he lives in, he has to apply a series of protection systems to protect himself and his family.

In relation to himself, two rubrics symbolize the need for protection:

  • – jumps up from bed and shrieks for help
  • – fur, wraps up, in summer
  • There are more indications:
  • – complaining
  • – avarice
  • – conscientious about trifles

To make things worse, he seems to lack resources:

  • – delusion is poor

He tries to protect the family:

  • – cares about family

The care of his family is a weight on his shoulders which causes him to do the opposite:

  • – aversion to members of the family
  • – estranged from family
  • – indifference to relatives
  • – threatens to kill wife and children
  • – sudden impulse to throw child into fire

Hepar sulphur will live in the anticipation of a menace, and he is always ready:

  • – anxiety driving out of bed
  • – anxiety while lying
  • – hurry on drinking, eating
  • – restlessness, springs out of bed
  • – starting on falling asleep

When danger menaces, Hepar Sulphur looses all sense of rules:

  • – no sense of duty
  • – cruelty
  • – deceitful
  • – want of moral feeling
  • – disposition to become a criminal without remorse
  • – hard hearted

It becomes impossible to enjoy pleasure in such a situation:

  • – asks for nothing
  • – never cheerful
  • – indifference to pleasure
  • – never laughing
  • – morose in children
  • – music aversion
  • – objective, reasonable
  • – aversion to play in children

Impossible to be happy:

  • – capricious
  • – desire for change
  • – discontented always with everything
  • – anguish, attempt to commit suicide
  • – complaining
  • – death desires
  • – despair
  • – discouraged
  • – disgust
  • – dwells on past disagreeable occurrences
  • – recalls disagreeable memories
  • – hypochondriasis driving to suicide
  • – loathing at life
  • – morose after pain
  • – suicidal disposition to set oneself on fire
    • by hypochrodiasis
    • sadness from
  • – time appears longer, passes too slowly

Another way to react is to pretend the danger is not there (audacity) and to think he is immortal (refuses to make his testament).

Such problems can only lead to poor relationships with others:

  • – there may be an need for protection (anxiety alone, alone aggravation, fear of being alone)
  • – others can be enemies (aversion to company, disposition to contradict, contrary, fear in crowd)
  • – alternatively, hepar sulphur may decide to abandon:
  • – senses dull
  • – inclination to sit
  • – slowness
  • – stupefaction
  • – talk indisposed to, sits and doesn’t move

Centrally there is an exaggerated interpretation of danger. (The least aggression will cause immediate, total and final destruction: he will be calcified)

He has a physical and mental over-sensitiveness.

His reactions may be a combination of the following:

  • – anticipation of menace
  • – relations to others: needs their protection or they are enemies
  • – negation of danger and death
  • – disproportionate reactions
  • – no moral sense
  • – protection measures (for him or his family)

the desire for protection may lead to refusal of pleasure and later depression.


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  • What a wonderful article Marc! I was just fiddling around and re-reading Hepar Sulph – having seen it (200c) work on the most horrendous boil (resolving the issue RAPIDLY and with no ill effects at all) and just being in total awe of the power of homeopathy – once again, when I came across your article. You work is greatly appreciated:-)

    It is always so fascinating how the mental/emotional syx reflect the physical pathology isn’t it.
    Warm regards

  • When I hear of the worlds madness I think of this treatment. I too am using it today for an abscess (staph infect of the shin bone) It really seems to be the thing that has turned this around. But on reading this again I see so many need the deep work that this could do, God helps us this world is in such a mess…. for answers

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