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Indications for Carbnoneum oxygenisatum in Covid-19

Homeopath Andre Saine shares his experience in using Carbnoneum oxygenisatum in Covid-19. Potency is an important factor in using this remedy in Covid-19.

I have been consulted by twelve cases in the last twelve days with confirmed or suspected Covid (tested and untested) in areas where the Omicron variant is dominant and who had more or less the same symptoms and all responded quickly and very well to each dose of Carbnoneum oxygenisatum.

The most characteristic symptoms are great to extreme lethargy, apathy, mental dullness and weakness that are worse from the slightest exertion and better from open air. Another interesting symptom that can be present when Carbn-o. is indicated is disorientation in time and space.

The patient can have a panoply of other symptoms: cough, sore throat, sore skin, painful joints, fever, chilliness, high thirst but none of these would be decisive to find the remedy.

The state of apathy is very particular to Carboneum oxygenisatum. One patient who had been in bed for 13 days said that “I know I have to go to the washroom but I get so exhausted from just thinking about it that I don’t go.” She said once she waited four hours to get up to go to the washroom. She took Carbn-o. 1M around 11.30 AM and when I called her back around 1PM she said that she felt so well after the second dose that she got out of the same pajamas she had been in since Dec. 24, took a shower and got dressed for the first time in two weeks.

Carbn-o. was first thought of and used for patients in the later stage of the disease. However a colleague from Holland found it to be the genius epidemicus during the Delta phase in his area.

It may be difficult for most to prescribe Carbn-o. as it will not come out in repertorization unless you would have a version of Complete Repertory 4.5 in which we have made over 2000 additions that were taken from a review of its toxicology and the excellent proving that the MMPP conducted of it in the spring of 2020.

One of the cases I presented at the AIH October 16 update webinar was of a patient that had been on a ventilator for about three weeks and they were ready to pull the plug because the patient was “clinically dead”.  I told the wife to rub some “holy water” with Carbn-o. and this patient came out of ICU in about five days and he is still responding to Carbn-o. in increasing potencies for the long term effects of severe Covid and intubation, i.e., chest pain, palpitation, SOB, hypertension, paresthesia, paresis, energy, diabetes, etc.

Beware that the remedy must be given often. Patients have often said that they feel the betterment after each dose and when they wait too long to repeat, they do not have further improvement or have already started to deteriorate.

Dr. Pradeep Gupta reported having treated over 12,000 Covid cases in the inpatient and outpatient departments of his hospital in Agra with only two deaths. He gives the remedy in either in the LM potencies q10m the first day for the day in the inpatient department and centesimal potencies (6, 30, 200 or 1M) every 2-6 hours in his outpatient department.

He also said that he gives the LM q5m for four doses in the very severe cases of SARS and then moved to q10m for four doses so patients have taken eight doses in the first hour.

The point of this is that posology is important. Unless the patient is very sensitive, I give the 1M every 15-30 minutes at first and the patient may keep doing this the first and second day. A patient said last week that with each dose of Carbn-o. she felt a surge of energy that begins within seconds of taking it.

I also change the potency after about five days, which gives an extra healing impetus.

Whenever Omicron has become dominant in an area, I have started telling my patients to switch from Bryonia to Carbn-o. for prophylaxis and in the early stage of the disease and to call me if they don’t respond.

People who were taking Bryonia for prevention can stop taking it and take instead Carboneum oxygenisatum 200 (we use the 500) every week or so.

If someone knows they have been exposed yesterday to someone who was diagnosed this morning with COVID-19, they are likely to develop symptoms that day or the next day. I recommend that they take Carboneum oxygenisatum 200 or 500 twice a day for two days.

If it is too late and they have started experiencing flu-like symptoms I ask them to take Carbn-o. 500 every hour for three doses and keep repeating the three dose regimen as needed.

However, if the symptoms are more persistent I ask them to call me and I will then see if Carbn-o. is indicated and if yes I ask to take it more often, let’s say q20m.

About the author

Andre Saine

Dr. André Saine (D.C., N.D., F.C.A.H.) has been Dean of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy since 1986. He has taught homeopathy to health care professionals in North America and Europe for over 25 years and is considered one of the world's foremost experts on the subject of homeopathy. He has specialized in the treatment of patients suffering from very serious chronic diseases, including cancer. Dr. Saine is author of : Lessons in Pure Homeopathy From the Writings of Adolph Lippe, M.D. Hahnemann's Best Student and Medicine's Most Successful Practitioner http://www.homeopathy.ca/andresaine.shtml


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