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Meeting Materia Medica Enroute – Calcutta to London

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Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea identifies remedy personalities in passengers at an airport.



Whenever we are at an airport, there are people from different walks of life around us. If you have time to reflect, they are all characters from the pages of our Materia Medica. All polycrests have their essence in gestures, postures, behaviours and appearance. You will never fail to miss the anxiety of Argentum Nit, the domineering abilities of Nux nor the attractiveness of Phosphorus. The people of the Materia Medica World with their qualities and deficiencies are hidden behind those faces.

I will give a small example of how I interacted with such characters when I was recently travelling to UK.                                                                                                                                                                                        1. When sitting at the airport boarding gate, even before the boarding announcement was made, I saw a couple running up to the gate, so as to be first in the queue. I smiled and thought,”Oh! What a wonderful couple if both are Mr. & Mrs. Arg Nit.”

2. One middle aged obese woman on seeing the long queue at the check-in desk told the airport authorities that she was feeling very sick and wanted wheel chair access, although she had not asked for it earlier. Being given the wheel chair access, she was able to avoid the long queue at the check in desk and get on board early. What astonished me, soon after the aircraft took off, was that she showed no signs of any ill-health. She walked to the end of the plane, chatting away with the flight staff and merrily gulping up wine..!! Well, well…”Typical Manipulative Exploitative Deceitful Obese…. Sycotic Ms.Thuja..”

3. When a meal was served to a young Indian man sitting next to me, he requested for two sachets of extra salt for his meal. I thought, ”Goodness..so much craving for extra salt..Has to be Phosphorus Or Nat. Mur..”On looking at him I saw that he had the longest neck I had ever seen. I tried to start a conversation with him regarding his plans in the UK. He replied in monosyllables with an attitude of ‘KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE’….”Hmm..Who else would retain himself so much than the Introverted Mr. Nat. Mur with the long neck..!”

4. Another young boy sitting next to me, took off his shoes and socks. I almost  choked to death and fainted from that odor. I also observed that his head sweat  profusely, even when it was quite chilly in the aircraft. Now I was feeling really disgusted.  Imagine the torture to your senses, having to smell that on a 10 hour flight. I thought, ”Why didn’t I bring Silicea? I would have really force fed him…!”

5. Most of the airhostesses were either the yielding, amiable Pulsatilla or the extroverted, communicative Phosphorus.  One Airhostess was particularly rude. A passenger hadn’t noticed that the ‘Fasten Seat Belt’ sign had been switched on and he was still standing near the toilet, sometime before landing.  The hostess rebuked him quite loudly for this minor mistake and told him off.  I thought, “ If she was a Nitric Acid, she definitely would have been thrown out of the job because of her abusive nature…But she wasn’t abusive. She was rude, dictatorial, dominating yet there was an charismatic aura about her that made people listen to her and obey her orders.  I reflected, “….persons of an ardent character, of an irritable, impatient temperament..”…  I closed my eyes for landing, and Nux Vomica flashed through my mind.

I have put forward these examples to share with you that if you analyse your medicines, they will all come alive from the pages of Materia Medica.  They are the people we interact with everyday.  Party with Phosphorus, sympathize with Pulsatilla, feel sorry for Natrum Mur, ignore Platina and fall in love with Carcinosin. Then the true magic of Materia Medica will unfold.

About the author

Saptarshi Banerjea

Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea was born in Calcutta, India, the fifth generation of a distinguished and widely respected homoeopathic family. His insights into prescribing with his magnificent grasp of the nuances of Materia Medica make his lectures wonderfully rewarding and gives him the confidence in prescribing especially in cases with pathology. He acts as Clinical Consultant in various rural and slum clinics. In India, he often sees around 50 patients a day in his medical centres. Such volume requires the use of extensive ready knowledge of Clinical and Comparative Materia Medica coupled with profound intuition and application of ancestral wisdom. Saptarshi inherits his clinical acumen and wisdom from his illustrious father, Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea, the successful clinician and internationally respected teacher of Miasms and author of widely acclaimed books, "Miasmatic Prescribing"; "Authentic Cures". E. Mail: [email protected] Web: www.homoeopathy-course.com


  • Outstanding observation not surprised to come from the upcoming out standing Dr Saptarshi Banerjea

  • Keen observations explained in easily comprehensible language.Such things help us remember the drugs forever.

  • Lol! what an affliction t be a good homoeopath. Reading your article I remembered a homoeopath friend of mine who eventually forgot the names of even her friends and used to call them the Phosphorus, the Calcarea, the Nux. But it also shows the brilliance of a topliner who can diagnose before a patient opens his mouth.

  • This must have been a truly amusing journey, but I can’t help feeling that you have made up reasons in your own mind for their behaviour. This is, perhaps, alright when it is just a study and not for prescribing; but if prescribing, we may find on questioning that their behaviour is for many different reasons, some of which we may never have thought of ourselves.

  • What a journey! I wonder who you are of all remedies, who couldn´t relax and only enjoy the trip? Of course I believe you found all this “remedies” interesting but next time relax and take it easy Gun

  • Great article Saptarshi, when you are passionate about Homoeopathy it is never easy to switch off and relax.

    Best Wishes

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