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Nitric Acid – A Theoretical Background

Dr. M.L. Sehgal explores some Nitric Acid rubrics.

sehgal-schoolTo make the study of Nitric Acid easier, I have tried to explain most of its rubrics separately on the foregoing pages. Now after systematically arranging the rubrics we will get the real personality of Nitric Acid.


DELUSIONS, wealth imagination of Can t part with his possessions. The possession might also be in the form of affection which one gets from parents or others.
AVARICE= GREED for money

Tendency to hoard and spend nothing

CONTRADICTION, is intolerant of

Contradiction- Opposition to what one wishes, Intolerant- Can’t stand opposition

Can’t tolerate if that is shared by anyone.

Secretive- To do things without the knowledge of others or without telling others

Being secretive, will not come out directly.
PHILOSOPHY ability for

Philosophy: To Justify his stand

6) HATRED, and revenge of persons who had offended him, unmoved by apologies

Hatred- Intense dislike; Revenge- paying in the same coin

Offended- Hurt her feelings

But will outpour in the form of hatred and unbounded anger sandwiched.

Sympathy Fellow feeling Affectionate

SANDWICHED between the two thoughts i. e. sympathy and
ENVY AVIDITY& HATE Tries to balance herself in a wise way as both the feelings are equally strong.
DISCONTENTED, himself with

Himself- Speak for or represents the case

Admits the right to share her possessions by the other party which she can’t stand.
RESIGNATION Resignation- To withdraw from his active participation And decides to withdraw from the scene

Consolation- To help a person to feel easy, to comfort in distress

No amount of persuasion or consolation works. Nothing can pacify her and she is not able to come out of the thoughts about past happenings which caused the present discomfort.
CARESSES, averse to Has developed disliking for the caressses offered. Will not allow her head to be touched and fondled.
DWELLS, upon past disagreeable occurrences

DISAGREEABLE- Which does not suit, which causes discomfort, which is intolerable, which hurts so deep as to making it impossible to forget

Dwells- To live as a permanent resident

PITIES, herself -Pity- Sympathy or sorrow for other’s suffering, Inviting mercy- Inviting sympathy Feels so miserable as if feeling pity for herself.
CONSOLATION, refuses for own misfortune Why at all should I accept from others something which has not been written by the fortune maker in my favor.
15) CHEERFUL, never Cheerful- Full of happiness As she is never cheerful.
LAUGHING, involuntary Laughter takes over her without wanting to do so. This is to put up a show that she actually means it.
THINKING, complaints agg Thinking- Pondering, going Deep- To consider deeply and with seriousness This she does to divert her attention and avoid thinking over her problems as it makes her worse.
WEEPING, admonition from Admonition- Advice a good council She crys when rebuked. She fits in a well known maxim of “One’s own wisdom and other’s wealth seems bigger.”
PERSEVERANCE Perseverance- Act of keep making an effort, despite difficulties She keeps agitating till success.
WEEPING, agg If she weeps, keeping fresh in her memory her complaints, she becomes worse.
WEEPING, amel But weeping gives her relief, provided thereafter she ends thinking about her complaints. No amount of effort to pacify her satisfies her.
WEEPING, remonstrated when If she fails to convince others of her stand and feels bankrupt in arguments, she will turn her face to isolate herself and weep.
MOROSE, weeping amel

Morose- Sullen, moody, unwilling to talk

Deshaped- Not in original form as milk change to curd (Yoghurt)

And remains off mood for some time which she is able to overcome by shedding tears.
SADNESS, anger from

SENSITIVE, external impression to

After she had altercation with someone she becomes unhappy…
SADNESS, anxious


and anxious about the consequences.
UNSYMPATHETIC In the end loses sympathy for everyone.
MORAL, feeling want of Forgets all morals and becomes
IMPERTINENCE – Act of rudeness inhuman in approach.

She can be stopped from doing all this only when dealt with (next three rubrics) a very heavy hand.

HORRIBLE, things and sad stories affect her profoundly

Sad- Unpleasant, which snatches away happiness

Stories – Strongly expressed reactions

Affect- Have the bearing on

Profoundly- To max / to a great extent

By making her know about the dire consequences of her actions.

Storm with lightning and thunder. Thunder = (loud noise)

THUNDERSTORM, mental symptoms from Storm- Violent weather with rain or snow wind

Storm- Violent movement of the winds

By shouting her down with thundering voice or by storming her with thundering shouts.
SENSITIVE, shrill sounds to

Sensitive- Not able to bear Shrill sound- Sharp, high pitched, unbearable


A Case Report

A female child 3 years old, suffering from Anorexia (loss of appetite), anaemic look.

SYMPATHY She has an elder brother. While purchasing eatables or anything she will press her parents to purchase one for her brother also.
CONTRADICTION, is intolerable They know she means what she says. They dare not say
RAGE, cursing with not contradict her. Otherwise she will flare up and say, you people always refuse to agree to what I say.
DELUSIONS, wealth imagination of


Greed- Excessive desire for food and wealth – Greed- Apart from her own share she will have an eye on others share too.

She will ask anyone sitting by her side at the dining table who is taking time, to start eating; supposing ice cream she will promptly try to grasp the person’ s cup and start eating

When suggested that the shopkeeper had only one piece to sell and therefore she should share the same with her brother, she will bluntly refuse and say, “sorry no sharing”. She will snatch the same greedily and start eating hurriedly, telling her brother this is for me and the shopkeeper has none for you.
Cross reference

Gluttony- He has great capacity for something

Gourmand- Fond of good eating

ENVY, avidity and hate

Envy- Why she doesn’t have the same fortune which others have

Avid- Human heart is greedy of pleasure and gain

Avidity- This refers to Natural instinct in Man of extreme greediness of things

And pleasure

Hate- Intense dislike


Contrary to this when she will come to know that her brother is eating something, she will come quickly near him inquiring what he is taking and will insist without fail that she must also have the same whether or not she really needs it. Mostly it has been seen that she has to throw it away because she is already filled.
LAUGHING, involuntarily Soon after she had had her way she will change her attitude. And will display a lot of love for her brother.

Secretive- Without letting others know

OBJECTIVE, reasonable

Grapple with him so affectionately as if she has forgotten all hatred for him. Will laugh involuntarily but so intelligently that nobody will know her real intentions.
PHILOSOPHY, ability for


Unsympathetic- Having no fellow feeling and having no pain

While she is playing with her brother she will hit him very hard at any of his vital organs in an inhuman way and will keep on doing so unless he retaliates or the parents intervene.
MORAL feeling want of

DELUSIONS wealth of

HATRED and revenge hatred of persons who has offended him unmoved by apologies

This she will not tolerate as if it is her prerogative only. Nobody should challenge it (special power). Being unmatched in strength will take revenge by way of smashing things around. But if the person who is the target of her revenge has not noticed, she will cry at the top of her voice that she has been beaten by her brother. Naturally her brother finding himself in a defensive position becomes apologetic or if parents try to bring compromise, she will not agree unless she has taken the revenge. He is made to bend his head before her allowing her to beat him as much as she can.

Perseverance- inspite of difficulty keeps making efforts

HORRIBLE, things sad stories affect her very profoundly

But at times when she refuses to see reason, the parents have to be firm with her. Not ordinary thrashing but harsh dealing makes her behave and resign to the new situation.


TALK indisposed to sadness in


Mildness: gentle, good, who is not harsh, whose ways are kindly

But that remains for a short while as she resumes her agitation in a subdued form. Becomes sad and will not talk to anyone.

DELUSIONS, sick being

WEEPING, remonstrated when

DISCONTENTED, with herself.

PITIES, herself



About the author

Madan Lal Sehgal

Dr. M. L. Sehgal took up homoeopathy as a hobby. It later was to become his passion and he conducted research to improve its effectiveness. His method of prescribing has been successful in treating many cases of both acute and Chronic ailments. In 1983, he founded Dr. Sehgal's School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy in India. He authored Rediscovery of Homoeopathy Series, volumes I- VIII - the last series IX co-authored by his sons, Dr.Sanjay sehgal and Dr.Yogesh Sehgal. These give a detailed insight into his method. Written Originally in English these volumes have been translated in other languages, namely German, Italian & Czech. There are dedicated followers of Dr. M. L. Sehgal's Method all over the world.


  • Very good and detailed study, excellent observations and psychological inferences.
    Many many thanks to the doctor and the journal.

  • Hi I am Prabhas, Recently joined this enriching platform…
    Can somebody favour me to translate the statement of patient which is as follows
    “It seems some brain tumor has developed” .Patient is suffering from left frontal sinusitis since long time in between she become ok. But this time she already adopted all medication which she used in the past to relieve it. Patient is ambithermal,Local pain < pressure and warmth (Taking vicks steam).She constantly used to say the said statement apart from Averse disturbed, Averse to being , and stupefacation (can not open her eyes), she never stop to discharge her responsibility even in pain without complaining (so i think she is conscientious).
    Request to all my scholar collegues ,Gurus help me in translating her statement….

  • Homeopathy is based on old philosophy. Interpretations has to be rewritten according to psychology of 20th century.

  • Superb mental symptoms for nitric acid in article,clinical outcome best explained by Eliud Gracia trevino homoeorecorder jan 1948,all acids esp mineral acids produce extreme debility making system SCORBUTIC prone to ulcers and low grade fevers like typhoid,all outcome of agitated mind,ulcers are deep than merc and are ganulated with splinter like pains and not punched hole type of kali bich,attack visible at muco-cutaneous junction.layman can watch pain after stool for hours compared nux feels better after stool,ignatia also has pile type pain after stools.old era homeopaths say burning ulcerated fissured bleedyanus is corelated to agitated mind syphilitic miasm compared psoric sulphur dissipates centrifugal energy on own skin and beware of syphilitcs damaging type with raw red bleedy muco-cutaneous membrane,sulphur red lip orifices red,graphite anaemic orifices pale heat at night sluggish lymphatic circulation costipated pulsa better by warm milk fat digestion problem makes one fatty.

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