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Nosodes! When Do We Need Them?

I recently read a post on the hpathy discussion board from someone who wanted to potentize (make a remedy out of) his saliva as a kind of cure-all.  He had tried it the night before and was disappointed by the results—as he basically got no results.  

On reading this, it occurred to me that people have no idea what kind of remedy this is or when it’s called for—remedies made from body fluids, usually diseased body fluids, which we call “nosodes”; and I should probably point out: a nosode is  remedy made from diseased tissue; so, for example, Carcinosin is made from breast cancer—a discharge from a cancerous breast; the remedy Medorrhinum is made from a gonorrheal discharge.  There are many remedies of this sort.  Some are “polychrests”, like Medorrhinum and Carcinosin, meaning they have full “provings” (meaning a lot is known about them) and are prescribed often for both acute problems and constitutionally as well.  Others have no provings, such as Influenzinum—a remedy made from the flu—and would never be prescribed constitutionally but only as a preventive remedy during flu season; or, for the flu itself.  So I think it’s high time we had a list of reasons for giving a nosode; when would we give a remedy made out of diseased tissue and why?  Here we go:

When To Use a Nosode

1. When well-chosen remedies don’t act or hold (constant relapsing).

2. Symptoms change a lot from one day to the next (unstable case).

3. Remedy stops working and picture remains the same.  (I hesitate to say “remedy stops working”.  Often one only needs to repeat the remedy, or increase the frequency of repetitions, or do more succussions or raise the potency.  But if all that has been tried, and you move on to another remedy, and that works, and then stops working like the first one, and this pattern goes on and on, it’s a sign you need a nosode.)

4. Never well since an acute infection like the flu–and often we see this because a fever has been interfered with or suppressed with drugs, leading to a non-stop bizarre illness which leads to more drugs being taken, and more damage to the immune system and it’s just a horrendous downward spiral.  It would be next to impossible to expect that such a person is putting out a single remedy picture.

5. You have a severe acute and remedies are poorly indicated, you can’t find a remedy that matches the whole case.  It looks a little like Gelsemium, but also a little like Mercury, and maybe a little like Phosphorus and a few more things, and in the final analysis, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

6. No characteristic symptoms in the case, just the common symptoms of the disease are present.

7. Several polychrests (ordinary remedies like Phosphorus, Sulphur, Arsenicum, Sepia, etc.) fit the case, meaning the disease isn’t putting out a single recognizable remedy picture.

8. Prophylaxis (epidemic prescribing).  An example of prophylaxis is giving Influenzinum 30C once a month during flu season as a kind of prevention.  It can even be the case that the remedy for your flu IS Influenzinum!  That happened to me once, Influenzinum cured my flu when “regular” remedies failed and I finally went to it as a last resort.  You can also take the nosode at the very beginning of an acute, before any discernible symptoms develop.

9. When the nosode is the same as the micro-organism infecting the person.  So, for example, a person with a yeast infection might take Candida albicans 30C—again, this would be if there are no characteristic symptoms to go on, nothing but the common symptoms of a yeast infection.

10. When the nosode is the person’s constitutional remedy.  Some of our nosodes have “provings” and are, therefore, well-known polychrests, such as Medorrhinum, which is potentized gonorrhea.

After the nosode, the person might put out more symptoms indicative of an actual remedy, which the patient may misinterpret as “getting worse”, but will actually be a good sign that his immune system is pulling itself together.  Needless to say, at that time, the indicated remedy should be given.

Many years ago, following a dentist appointment, my daughter, Shana, came down with a strange illness which I thought was the flu, but after it went on too long it finally dawned on me it was a bacterial infection from the dental office!  Just as the list shows above, she had unrecognizable symptoms, nothing I had ever seen before; well-selected remedies either didn’t act or hold, every time I thought she was getting better, she relapsed; plus, remedies were poorly indicated (as nothing truly matched this highly unusual presentation).  It was clearly time for a nosode (after trying for over a week with one commonly used remedy after another and getting nowhere!)  

I made a remedy from her morning saliva which smelled really bad–and that’s what you want, some discharge where you’re quite sure the “illness” is residing.  If her mouth smelled clean, saliva wouldn’t be my choice.  I asked her to rinse and spit into a cup.  I swished the cup around and poured it into a half-filled small bottle of spring water.  You need it to be half-filled so you can do succussion (pounding the bottle into your opposite palm a number of times).  

I succussed 40 times, dumped most of it out, refilled with bottled water to the half-way point, succussed 40 times again, kept doing this procedure of dumping out, refilling and succussing for 6 times altogether, and gave her many doses of that with 10 succussions before each dose and within almost no time, maybe two hours, she was back to normal, back to being her old self!  It was miraculous!!!  It was the biggest miracle I’d ever seen!  

Since I had to label the bottle, I said, “What should we call it?”  She said, “Who cares!”  I said, “Fine!”  So I labeled it “Who Cares 6C”.  I have to tell you that I needed to give that remedy for a long time, possibly weeks!  I had to plus the bottle (raise the potency) many times going forward (which you’d expect with a 6C since it’s such a low potency) and there were times I wondered if we would go on forever with this, but, eventually she made a complete recovery.  I held on to “Who Cares” for a long time before finally throwing it away.  Thank goodness I knew about “autopathic prescribing” (making a remedy from your own body) or what would we have done?  I shudder to think!  You should also read my article, “How To Make Your Own Remedy” which is on my website: https://ElaineLewis.hpathy.com [1].

 I should add that this same reasoning applies when the etiological remedy should be given!  That means, do you know what caused your complaint?  Then that’s the remedy!  It’s almost always a drug.  Make a remedy out of one of the capsules or pills.  See my aforementioned article for directions.  If it was something you ate, you can conceivably make a remedy out of the food if the usual remedies haven’t worked.  OR, you can spit into an ounce of water, swish it around and then make a remedy out of that as described before.  

Good luck on using nosodes!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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