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nux vomica
Written by Narendra Mehta

Homeopathic remedy Nux vomica explained by Dr. Narendra Mehta



The key word of a Nux-Vomica is WORK IS WORSHIP.   He has risen in life after struggle. A Nux-V patient is intelligent, ambitious, quick, capable and competent. He is positive because of a strong sense of duty, strong values and work ethics. He is self- reliant rather than dependent. His intelligence is more practical and pragmatic rather than philosophical or emotional. He is a very hard worker and an efficient employee. He makes a very good businessman, manager and salesman as he is very ambitious with his targets.



Nux vomica personality is positive because of ambition and he works day and night. There is an over-emphasis on achievement and competition. A Nux. V patient is competitive to the point of damaging his own health and also at the expense of his colleagues. A workaholic, he is governed by work. He gets promotions easily. His fastidiousness is related to his emphasis on efficiency and is based more on his perception of reality.



A Nux vomica patient finds it difficult to accept the limitations of anything and he cannot resign himself to circumstances. To keep up with work pressures, he uses various stimulants like coffee, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, tea and even sex. He skips his meal due to overwork and his meals are replaced by tea or coffee.



He is very sensitive; he wants his colleagues to keep pace with his speed. He is very abrupt yet affectionate. He is very harsh with his subordinates but at the same time he is very sensitive and lovable towards them. He is very honest. Despite displaying an abuse of stimulants, he may be SENSITIVE to many of these substances. His mind is constantly hurrying from one thing to another until he feels tortured. He cannot tolerate no from anyone.


Due to overwork, he finally experiences brain fatigue. When details confront him, he gets angry and wants to get rid of them and tears them up. He will scold in the office and go home and give vent to his anger on his wife and children.  Vomiting makes him feel better. There is an ineffectual urge for stool, which is nothing but a sign of an irritable stomach and intestines.  Irritability starts when he cannot cope with his work. An increase in workload and responsibility and the realisation that he cannot handle it, results in him losing his temper and rebuking others on little matters. On not finding his things, he becomes irritable and walks out of the room, loudly slamming the door. He is intolerant to contradiction (Lyco. Platina because of arrogance or haughtiness). He gets angry on being disturbed and if things do not go as per his will.

A Nux. V patient is a hypersexual individual. There is a strong desire for sex and he may indulge on his sexual impulses, without harbouring any moral feelings.  An over-indulgence of stimulants may help him to cope with his needs but, later on, toxicity develops and the entire nervous system becomes overwhelmed and oversensitive. He is sensitive to light and noise.  Dr. Hahnemann had said, one cannot prescribe Nux-V without irritability.



He goes home and thinks about his work. He lies awake at night, and continuous thoughts of business and the affairs of the day overpower his mind. He awakes again at 3-4 a.m. as his mind is seeped in business affairs and does not let him sleep and will go back to sleep again in the morning.



  • Antidote bad effect of antibiotics
  • Over sensitiveness
  • Industrious
  • Irritable
  • Ineffectual urge for stool and urine.
  • Brain fatigue
  • Desire stimulants



They are self-made men, very ambitious takes challenges, and perceives with their aim.  In past they had struggle in life. Their palms are  hard rough, body is rigid and strong you can see tendons and muscles.

When work is pending, his sleep gets disturbed at 3-4 am. He works at that time and again goes to sleep at 6-7 am. He talks to the point. He is highly systematic and well organised, which can be seen through his report file. He is also very impatient. He will not disturb the doctor unnecessarily. If his condition does not improve, he will change his doctor.

A syphilitic stage develops after his failure. In the syphilitic stage, he develops a suicidal disposition and may display a tendency to jumps from heights or towards insanity. Then he feels tormented and develops an impulse to kill others. He develops an aversion to company.  Nux-V affects very strongly on the nervous system. Initially, there is the twitching of muscles and jerks (Hyos, Agaricus).  There is an aversion to meat and desire for fat. Desire for stimulants is quite marked. Very rarely  they become pessimists and become mild in disposition.



Bad effects of antibiotics; Ailments from high living; Bad effect of all stimulants like tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol etc; Irregular diet; Sexual excesses; Mental, physical overwork; Sedentary habits; Loss of sleep; Exposure to cold;


Morning; Loss of sleep; Mental exertion; Over eating; Noise; Light; Spices; Narcotics; Cold draft of air; Excitement; Contradiction; Anger; Cares, worries; Irritable when questioned;


After vomiting; Warm room; Lying in a quite and dark place; Evening; Occupation divergence; Darkness; Quiet place;


Looks lean, thin, solid, compact, muscular body and husky voice. Strong constitution. Sensitive people.

About the author

Narendra Mehta

Dr. Narendra Mehta, M.D. (Hom.) practices in Mumbai, India. He has studied homeopathy intensively for thirty years. Dr. Narendra Mehta is an internationally acclaimed physician and teacher. Over the years, he has conducted seminars and workshops for practitioners and students in many countries around the world. He is the author of two books - Understanding of the Homeopathic Materia Medica and
The Follow-up .


  • Very comprehensive article about the NV. Clear picture about its effect, helpful for everyone.
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  • Excellent article, thank you.

    I am a Nux Vomica person although not as bad as, as I do not indulge in alcohol and drugs. I am very ambitious, always in need to know more, wanting to do things, enjoy living and very positive. I am very independent and enjoy helping others in need. Problems do not scare me and I have a very good understanding of living.

    When in need of that little bit of extra help I turn to natural remedies. Nux Vomica and sometimes Ignatia Amara, used in minimal have helped.

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  • Just looking for clarification. I do not see how some of those who replied can be NV? positive, can handle problems< ? I see Nux V as overwhelmed.. does the work, insists on the work, it's all they do, like they are cut off from the world, they expect it in others, but are very irritable- very. Being ambitious doesn't lend itself alone as the article said irritability is key. I don't think they like to share but rather, live as on an island. In a way they are like Sulphur in that they harshly explode and then go back to working more. This is not a rare thing- yes? But rather a daily occurrence. Stimulants and cigarettes are also a given- is that correct? These are not health nuts, they almost don't care about any of that, even though they may be informed. They most definitely skip meals to work. Anxiety is also a large thread- so tho they are competent the anxiety makes them overwhelmed thus they lash out. Can you please confirm if I understand it correctly?

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