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PLATINUM – Tri Miasmatic Materia Medica (Part 1)


In this article, the Tri-Miasmatic Materia Medica of Platinum is examined. This concept, developed by Dr. Praful Vijayakar, is derived from Predictive Homeopathy.

[Excerpted from my forth coming book, ‘Classical Homeopathy – Challenges and Opportunities’]


“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, but some presume greatness – and the Platinum constitution belongs to this last mentioned category.” – Master E K

platinumIn an earlier article on [1]Phosphorus, the need for knowing the Tri-miasmatic Materia Medica and the tools gifted to the profession by Dr. Praful Vijayakar for deriving it were explained. As an illustrative example, deriving it in the case of Phosphorus was given. In continuation of the same philosophy, the dimensions of the Platinum constitution are explored herein. The essence of this remedy as taught by my mentor and Guru Master EK is utilized in building up the concepts to understand the Platinum constitution.


We find the following symptom under Platinum Metallicum in Allen’s Pure Materia Medica:

“Illusions of fantasy on entering the house, after walking an hour, as if everything about her were very small, and all persons physically and mentally inferior, but she herself physically large and superior.”

We find this repeated in almost all books on materia medica so much, that the Platinum constitution came to be identified with a superiority complex, haughtiness, exaggerated notions of self and his body.  This identify for Platina is so ingrained that most of us rule out Platinum where this theme is not present. This interpretation as its essential theme of Platinum holds good only for the Sycotic defense, where the patient comes to us with sycotic expressions of disease. For a patient to have come into this Sycotic phase, he must have passed earlier through the Psoric defence.  And we need to know the Psoric drug picture as well as the Syphilitic drug picture, when the patient comes up with psoric or syphilitic expressions of disease. Thus ignorance of these two drug pictures is preventing us from recognizing a Platinum constitution in our patients who come with Psoric or Syphilitic complaints. Assuming that 70% of these cases come with Sycotic complaints, at least a third of the Platinum constitutions coming with Psoric or Syphilitic complaints are walking out of our clinics this very moment without getting their true Genetic Constitutional Simillimum (GCS), just because we are unable to recognize its psoric and syphilitic expressions. (This aspect is further discussed in Part-2 of this article.)

Before we go into the subject proper, we need to understand the relation between ‘superiority complex’ and ‘inferiority complex’, which are themes frequently used in our discussion of this remedy.


Some people imagine they have deficits of the body or mind (real or imaginary). They feel that they must somehow hide their defects from those around them so that they are not looked down upon, and so behave accordingly. This feeling low of himself is frequently referred to as ‘inferiority complex’. The reaction of the individual, when this mode of behavior fails, depends upon the type of constitution of the individual.


Some think high of themselves, and presume to have some inherent greatness. Such a person gets upset when those around him do not behave accordingly, respecting the greatness in him. He feels insulted. He concludes he is being looked down upon as he failed to highlight his greatness. This ‘feeling of failure’ on his part to bring his greatness to the notice of those around him, is the psoric phase of a Platinum constitution. He feels sad. As a reaction, he adopts a behavior to highlight his greatness often referred to as ‘superiority complex’ or ‘haughtiness’, which is a sycotic defense. A careful study of the following rubrics in which Platinum is present, suggest the successive stages of development of this theme as described herein. If this essential nature of Platinum constitution is understood, the rest of the discussion is easier to follow.

MIND – DELUSIONS – great person, is a

MIND – DELUSIONS – appreciated, she is not

MIND – AILMENTS FROM – disappointment

MIND – AILMENTS FROM – honor; wounded & – scorned; being

MIND – SADNESS – anxious


MIND – DELUSIONS – looking – down; he were looking – high place; from a

MIND – CASTING OFF people against her will;

MIND – ABUSIVE – children – parents; children insulting;



The superiority complex in fact springs forth from the innermost core feeling of inferiority complex only. The various stages that this core feeling undergoes need to be carefully analyzed, meditated upon and understood. It starts in one who imagines some greatness inherent in him and that he somehow failed to bring it to the recognition of others. This feeling of failure and low self-esteem is nothing but an ‘inferiority complex’, which in turn impels him to make aggressive efforts to make his presence felt and acknowledged by those around him. And this outwardly reflected behavior (haughtiness) which is a mask that he wears appears to others as a superiority complex. So the sustaining force for this mask of outward behavior, – superiority complex is the inferiority complex behind this mask, viz feeling himself a failure and feeling low of himself. In reality therefore there is only one thing in this world and that is the inferiority complex and there is nothing like a superiority complex. It is thus secondary to the primary inferiority complex in a Platinum constitution. I am writing this on the authority of my [2]Guru – one who has delved deeply into depth psychology and has a thorough grasp of human behavior in all its nuances and intricacies. An example of the inferiority complex in Platinum could be the palpitations he experiences when speaking in public. The mind may lie, but the body never lies. The following rubrics confirm this theme in the psoric phase of the Platinum constitution.

MIND – HARD for inferiors and kind for superiors;

CHEST – PALPITATION of heart – talking in public; before;

CHEST – PALPITATION of heart – company agg


As pointed out, the superiority complex in Platinum constitution springs forth from the inner most core feeling of inferiority complex. Although it is renowned as a noble metal, there is nothing noble found in the provings to suggest its potential use for noble people, or that it is suited for persons able to take up responsibility and authority as an innate trait. On the other hand Platinum is an unfeeling, ungrateful, hardhearted and mean-minded fellow who makes a show of authority without taking responsibility for his actions. A member of the royal family for example, feels no need to adopt this kind of haughty posture in private or public life, as he knows how to get things done without even a batting of his eyelid and this bearing of nobility easily wears on his shoulders, and he will be unassuming. One has to command respect (like Aurum) and cannot demand it and Platinum unfortunately never realizes this truth.

Feeling low of oneself is at the core of the Platinum constitution. In a male Platinum constitution the primary inferiority complex may lead him to conclude his body parts are smaller than they are for others and thus he may become a homosexual and remain a passive partner in that relationship. In a woman who harbors this feeling, she may opt out to be a lesbian, as in the event of a marriage to a male, her lack of womanly assets (real or imaginary) may come in for criticisms by her partner. Her organs of self-esteem seem to be affected by Platina. (PETERS J. C) [MIND – DELUSIONS – small – things – appear small; things; MIND – EFFEMINATE; MIND – AILMENTS FROM – love; disappointed – lesbian; MIND – ELEGANCE – want of elegance – women; in; FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – TINGLING, voluptuous – anxiety and palpitation, with]

The reaction when this sycotic defense strategy, superiority complex and haughty behavior fail, as when someone around him refuses to accommodate it, depends upon the type of constitution of the individual. In the Platinum constitution, his only solution (reaction to his perceived situation) is to adopt the syphilitic mode of defense, i.e to cut off all relationships with those persons who he feels have not given the respect due to him. Unfortunately, Platinum is conspicuously absent from the rubric, ‘desires to be respected’ and it deserves to be added in BOLD (3 marks).


Every organism has basic needs for survival and growth. These are air, water, shelter and food at the physical level and love, support, independence, self-esteem etc. at the mental level. The psoric need of a Platinum constitution is respect from others. He needs to be the centre of authority and others around him must obey his wishes. (Palladium wants to be the centre of attraction and appreciated for her looks.) When this need is not satisfied, the miasm shifts to sycosis and still later to the syphilitic miasm, or at times it may directly shift to the syphilitic mode. The reaction of the Platinum constitution to the non-receipt of this need will be, to cut off all relationships with the person who offended him, be it his own parents or children or kith and kin. [MIND – CASTING OFF people against her will] There can be no word like ‘LOVE’ or ‘AFFECTION’ in the dictionary of the Platinum constitution. Rubrics that refer to ‘anxiety of a wife when her husband is away’ must be understood as not being born out of love for her husband, but out of love of the self and security. Great SELF LOVE. (GALLAVARDIN J. P). [MIND – SELFISHNESS; MIND – UNGRATEFUL]. In the syphilitic phase when her lack of love for dear ones surfaces into her conscious mind as ‘desire to kill her loved ones’, she gets troubled in the initial stages and may develop later obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or still later insanity. Platinum constitutions don’t have love for children or parents or their kith and kin. They love only themselves.

SIDE AFFECTED: Platinum constitutions develop left sided affections mostly.

THERMALS: Platinum constitutions are hot generally. But this aspect can be ignored in patients suffering from thyroid disorders, loss of vital fluids, cardiac problems and such other cases provided this drug is otherwise well indicated.

THIRST:  Platinum constitutions are mostly thirstless.


The three essential conditions that define a Platinum constitution are:

WILL: All metals are strong willed and Platinum is no exception to this. All metals are left brain dominant, but Ferrum Met and Platinum are more sensitive amongst the metals in the psoric phase of complaints and mostly get left sided affections. Success in life is measured in terms of the assets he owns [MIND – POMPOUS, important] and he is afraid of being looked down upon by those around him. [MIND – social – position, concerned about (CR 2005)] He is Unfeeling and Hardhearted.

UNDERSTANDING: Understanding in a Platinum constitution revolves around ‘constant comparison’ of self with others in terms of body height, stature, social status, position of importance in family or community or profession and the like. He wants to be the standard of comparison against all others. All his anxieties, fears, delusions, efforts, pursuits and actions spring from this core compulsion. [MIND – DELUSIONS – noble; being; MIND – DELUSIONS – neglected – he or she is neglected] The reaction in Syco-syphylitic and Syphilitic phases is to cut off relationship with whoever does not accept his authority. Cases of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) bearing this theme of comparison may find their GCS in Platinum. He may say for example: ‘I don’t know why, but I find myself always comparing the length of hair on my head with that of others passing by’, or ‘I feel my right leg is shorter than my left leg.’


1. The mental resources of the Platinum constitution even from a very early age are hijacked by erotic instincts, fancies, fantasies, aberrations, deviations and perversions as dictated by the ruling miasm. The case of an imbecile boy mentioned in Part-2 of this article serves as an example. Psychiatric disorders originating from overwhelming erotic instincts may find their GCS in Platinum. Unlike Phosphorus, Platinum constitutions don’t get emotionally involved. The mood of a Platinum constitution varies depending on the prevailing situation as perceived by him; it will be high when his authority finds no obstacle and vice-versa, and with these mood swings he may go into Bi-polar disorder. In Bi-polar disorder occasioned by hormonal disorders in women, Platinum may compete with Aristolochia Clematitis. [MIND – MOOD – alternating]

2. Fear of losing all senses and motor faculties. The former (‘fear of losing all faculties of senses – hearing, vision, touch, taste and smell)’ is already there in the proving. [Deathly anxiety, as if her senses would vanish, with trembling of all the limbs –(ALLEN T. F) ] The later, fear of losing all motor faculties (walking, grasping, talking, swallowing) is a common theme emerging from two cases cured with Platinum by [3]Dr Prafull Vijayakar and [4]Dr Surmeet Singh Mavi. More on this is explained later in this article.


Anxiety is psoric and Platinum is present in about 49 rubrics of anxiety (Radar 10) and ranks as one of our best remedies for it on par with Arsenicum. {FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – TINGLING, voluptuous – anxiety and palpitation, with).

The following extract from Allen’s H B, shows the psoric phase of the Platinum constitution.

“Anxiety; on attempting to talk in company, with palpitation; agg. walking with palpitation; with trembling of hands and flushes of heat over whole body; deathly, as if her senses would vanish, with trembling of limbs, oppression of breath and palpitation; frequent, sudden through whole body.

 Weeping mood after mild reproaches; Weeping., agg. evening; amel. open air; and out of sorts with the whole world, everything seems too narrow (Pulsatilla); with sticky tears; with aversion to eating; and laughing, yawning, again weeping, aversion to everything; so that she was vexed with herself, with silence. Feeling that he shall die soon; with shuddering at the thought. Thinks that she stands alone in the world.

It seems as if she does not belong to her own family, everything seems changed after a short absence.” (Allen)

The above shows how a Platinum constitution is affected even for mild reproaches in the psoric phase. She becomes sad and her sadness causes her to lose appetite with aversion to eating. She thinks all her family members are arraigned against her and that she is alone in the world. She thinks that she does not belong to her family or parents anymore. This same trait changes in the syphilitic phase to feeling her family does not belong to her and she develops aversion to her own children and family members. However in the psoric phase we will never find the so called red-strand symptom of Platinum, ‘haughtiness’ and its absence shall not preclude us from giving Platinum in psoric diseases.

Consider the case of a school boy who joined in a new school due to relocation of his parents. Ever since coming to this new place, the boy developed health problems. His reserved nature and the new environment added to his misery and he was not at all happy. In his previous school he was the center of attention and enjoyed his place in the class as its leader. His parents brought him to the clinic because of the boy developed periodic abdominal pain, constipation, easy satiety with aversion to food. Thus his sadness occasioned by moving to a new environment and his reaction of losing appetite pointed to Platinum. The following rubrics are relevant to this case.

MIND – SADNESS – loathing of food; with

STOMACH – APPETITE – easy satiety – sadness; from

MIND – AILMENTS FROM – position; loss of

MIND – DELUSIONS – place – strange place; he was in a


The following case treated by Dr Kent, mirrors Dr Vijayakar’s explanation of miasmatic progression of disease. Prolapse of any organ is Sycosis and if this sycotic expression is prevented by non-homeopahic or wrong homeopathic treatment, the disease changes over to the syphilitic mode of defense. Anxiety is psoric, but when it goes out of control as in obsessive thoughts, it is syphilitic. This is what has happened in the following case.

A middle-aged lady, mother of several grown daughters, appeared with what seemed to be a most important, peculiar mental symptom, which was explained by her husband. She only desired to be relieved of her mental anxiety at first, saying nothing about any displacement from which she had long suffered. The anxiety was of the nature of fear in the absence of her husband, fear that he would never return to her, fear that he would die, fear that he would be run over by the cars. It had grown so much upon her that she would weep during his entire absence; even attended him at his place of business to be with him. She had no desire to mention the fact that she was then suffering from a displacement, and was then wearing a pessary. But in the search for symptoms, it was ascertained that she had been treated extensively for a displacement, and was then wearing a pessary. She knew so little about Homoeopathy that she supposed it possible to continue with her specialist for the displacement, and had simply consulted me because she had heard of some success in the management of mental cases. The removal of the pessary was insisted upon, which was carried out. She then informed me why it had been necessary, and the nature of the displacement, which had been carefully diagnosed by her attending physician. The other symptoms of the case, as they developed, were copious menstrual flow, which was black and clotted; extreme sensitiveness of the genital organs, which prevented wearing the usual napkin during her monthly indisposition. These completed the symptom image which was so like Platina, that even a beginner should not make a mistake. This remedy was quite sufficient to remove not only the mental symptoms, but the necessity for the continuation of any mechanical support. –  (Dr J T Kent, Bureau of obstetrics and diseases of women and children; The Bureau of Homoeopathics, 1924)

This above case indicates the potential use of Platinum in psychiatric disorders like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Also it is worthwhile to note that removal of the obstruction (pessary) for expression of sycotic phase (prolapse) brought back the unpolluted image of the disease and when that image was taken as the basis for prescription, her disease was annihilated in its totality and complete cure of her mental and physical condition followed. What is more important to note was that Dr Kent did not drop Platinum from his consideration just because haughtiness was absent in this patient and he effected a true cure nevertheless.


When psora and syphilis combine, it is like hell breaking loose. In a Platinum constitution, the psoric anxiety rages to uncontrollable limits and it results in Panic attacks. So Platinum shall be considered on par with remedies like Stramonium, Arsenicum, Pulsatilla etc. [MIND – fear – panic attacks, overpowering (CR 2005)]


By this I mean the central idea or core theme of the remedy expressed in a single sentence or a single word. For example in the case of Barytas, Dr Vijayakar identified the word ‘MISPLACED’ as expressing the central theme. [5]That one word MISPLACED describes everything that a Baryta does, feel, sense, his reaction to situations, his emotions etc, – says Dr. Vijayakar.  It is the golden egg that reaps rich benefits to the patient as well as the doctor. What is that golden egg in Platinum? I came to the conclusion that ‘COMPARISON’ is the genius of Platinum. The very first sentence in the proving in Allen’s book says it all – [6]Illusions of fantasy on entering the house, after walking an hour, as if everything about her were very small, and all persons physically and mentally inferior, but she herself physically large and superior.”

The comparison of sizes or of social status or of body organs is an essential feature of this remedy that runs through every perception, action or behavior of the Platinum constitution. It is so thoroughly ingrained that if this feature is present, Platinum will work like GCS. A patient suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) may say, “I don’t know why, but I always compare the length of hair on my head with that of everyone passing by me”, or “I always compare my height with anyone passing by me”, or “my left leg seems shorter than my right leg”. Whatever may be the name of the psychiatric disorder, if this theme of comparison is present, Platinum will be the GCS.

A Platinum woman may dread coition thinking her organ is too small and narrow if she is in the Psoric phase. [MIND – DELUSIONS – terrible; everything seems; MIND – DELUSIONS – senses – vanish – would vanish; senses; MIND – DELUSIONS – pulled – she was – threads; and torn into; MIND – DELUSIONS – narrow; everything seems too] On the other hand, if she is in sycotic phase, she may think that her husband has an organ too small to deserve to be her husband and she goes into promiscuous behavior as in Fluoric Acid, a remedy that comes very close to Platinum. Platinum women in the Psoric phase tend to be attracted towards Lesbianism as the safest way to conquer fear of penetration by one on whom she may not have any control during the act. The Platinum constitution always wants to be controlling others and not under the control of others. There can be any number of variations of this theme depending upon the underlying miasm. One of Bailey’s patients expressed it with religious overtones as follows:

“… she felt at times that she had the body of Jesus, and she was very angry with Jesus for taking over her body, since it gave her the sexual feelings of a man, which she described as ‘brutish’. She said that at these times she wanted to make love with women” [7]  


Platinum has: “Such extreme sensitiveness of the va-gina that it is impossible for the physician to make an examination with the index finger…. The vulva and va-gina are extremely sensitive during coition, sometimes preventing the act.  (Kent) Where this fear of penetration was occasioned not by the size comparison, but because of her feeling fragile as if made of glass and compounded by the horrible stories of the first night experience read in some women’s magazine, Thuja will be the similimum. [MIND – HORRIBLE things, sad stories affect her profoundly]. Arnica is mentioned by Vithoulkas for this condition. Platinum is a better remedy than Arnica in such cases and it will never fail you even if it is not the GCS.

Dr Surmeet Singh Mavi reported a case of Schizophrenia in a 25 year old lady cured with a single dose of Platinum 200C. Quite interestingly this lady had: [8]feelings of fears in different organs of the body i.e. mouth, tongue, legs while walking, and in other orifices of the body’

It seems this fear of penetration in a Platinum constitution is a global fear irrespective of the gender and the orifice of the body. Some years ago I had the opportunity to give a dose of Platinum to a male who was mortally afraid of undergoing endoscopy. He was prepared for the worst, but wouldn’t allow this test at any cost. A dose of Platinum 1M a day before the test made him so bold that he could undergo this test without feeling panicky. Also he was surprised for his ability to swallow the tablets which since more than a year, he had been powdering and mixing in water. He had been afraid of choking if he attempted to swallow the tablet as it was. Later I had given Platina in a similar case of a woman who refused to undergo colonoscopy, which she had been dodging for more than a year as she could not even visualize this procedure without shuddering. After a dose of Platinum 1M, she could undergo this test in a very relaxed manner without feeling panicky. So we can recommend a dose of this remedy for those patients who are afraid of undergoing endoscopy, colonoscopy or colposcopy or of swallowing big pills or tablets. It will remove this fear even if Platinum is not the GCS in that case. Lyssinum is recommended by some homeopaths for the same.

I therefore conclude that this fear of penetration in a Platinum constitution is not restricted to vaginal, anal, or oral orifices, but a more generalized fear throughout the body and if present to a pathological degree, may cure psychiatric disorders also. It is a phobia even though it seems to be due to the hypersensitivity at the orifices.  We can safely add Platinum in the following rubrics.

MIND – FEAR – coition – thought of coition in women; at

MIND – FEAR – control; losing

We can add the following rubrics with Platinum as the remedy in our repertories.

MIND – FEAR – colonoscopy; to undergo

MIND – FEAR – colposcopy; to undergo

MIND – FEAR – endoscopy; to undergo

MIND – FEAR – swallowing; big pills or tablets


It is not difficult to foresee what happens when two Platinum women meet and become friends. Sooner or later they make a common cause of their phobias of being penetrated or of giving birth to children and end up in a relationship where neither needs to be afraid of the other. Most likely such relationships may last lifelong. After two or three follow-ups in such a case, we may stumble on to Platinum as we come to understand more and more of her constitution. Here a word of caution may not be out of place. We must make it clear that the remedy we are going to give may reverse her sexual preferences and leave it for her to decide whether to continue with our treatment or not. The possible devastation in the event of her separation from partner and the consequences may weigh heavily against any positive development obtained health-wise by giving her the GCS. This is true not only of Platinum but also of any other remedy, if it happens to be the GCS. Miasmatically all sexual deviations are Syphilitic in nature and so the miasmatic reversal effected by the GCS, obviously causes normalization in all spheres of animal instincts, including eating, mating and sleeping. Vithoulkas reported a [9]case of Mental illness (schizophrenia) in a 25 year old woman. The woman in that case was forced to end her lesbian relationship by her husband and she went into Schizophrenia. She was cured with Platinum by Vithoulkas.


After going through the cases cured by Dr Vijayakar and Dr Mavi using a single dose of Platinum 200, I happened to notice certain similarities of symptoms and these symptoms could not be found in the materia medica or repertory. For example, in the case of 4 year old girl suffering with Medulloblastoma, she could not see or talk or rise or walk or chew food (swallow solids?) and so she was fed liquids. When this girl came in such a hopeless condition, Dr Vijayakar miraculously cured her with just a single dose of Platinum 200C. Quite interestingly the 25 year old woman (cured of Schizophrenia by Dr Mavi), had said that she was very irritable, thoughts continuously come that she will forget how to talk, walk, or all her relationships will break and her body deformed, feeling of fear in different organs of body i.e. mouth, tongue, legs while walking and other orifices of her body. It remains to be seen if this theme of fear of losing their faculties of talking, eating, walking (case of Dr Mavi) or actually losing them due to space occupying lesions (SOL) in the brain (case of Dr Vijayakar) is present in other cases cured with Platinum as constitutional simillimum by other doctors around the world. This theme, ‘fear of losing all faculties of senses (hearing, vision, touch, taste and smell) or of motion (walking, grasping, talking, chewing, swallowing)’, will be a valuable addition to our materia medica as a clinical symptom. That is how we should share our cases and help in evolving Materia Medica as our contribution to homeopathy.


In the second part of this article, we will see how the concept of disease as energy propounded by Dr Vijayakar can be utilized in different cases and how the variations in miasmatic expression of the Platinum constitution present themselves.


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About the author


Dr. V.T.Yekkirala was originally an electrical engineer by profession, and was inspired by his mentor Kulapathy Ekkirala Krishnamacharya (Master E.K) to take up studying classical homeopathy and became qualified to practice it in the year 1975. He currently practices in Hyderabad, India.


  • Dear Dr. Yekkirala,
    Thank you for an excellent presentation on Platina.
    I would like to add, however, that I have many openly Gay and Lesbian patients in my busy practice, and I have found no higher incidence of the Syphilitic miasm in general or of Platina specifically in my homosexual than in my heterosexual patients.
    As much of our prized Materia Medica was written during a time when alternative sexual orientation was considered abnormal as a result of cultural norms, can we not also conclude that our homeopathic predecessors were not immune to this bias?
    I have never witnessed a homosexual patient change his or her sexual orientation after receiving a curative remedy, and I would be saddened to think that patients would be told that this is a risk of treatment. Indeed I have never read or seen this actually documented in a case.
    In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. With regards to sexual orientation, homeopaths would do well to follow our allopathic colleagues’ lead in following Hahnemann in this instance…viz. seeing patients without prejudice.

    • Dear Dr Doug Brown,

      Thanks for your comments. The degree of similarity decides the depth of action of remedies. When the remedy given works as just a state similimum which is most likely the case with a majority of our prescriptions, such things like reversal of gender idetification and/or sexual deviations will not occur. Only when the remedy given was based on the Genetic Constitutional Similimum, do these things happen which is the experience of Dr Vijayakar and others who strictly follow his method in letter and spirit. In soime cases we are not sure if the seperationor or divorce from their parteners was caused by our remedy or it happened due to their temperamental differences that may have cropped up and would have cropped up eventually even without our treatment. But by way of abundant caution, we may alert our patients to report back to us any changes taking place in their relationships so as to monitor these cases accordingly. If we ourselves are not alive to such a possibility, naturally we are deprived of any meaningful feed back on this issue from our patients. Let us view this purely as a scientic exploration of depth of action of remedies because , I know this is a very sensitive issue especially in the west and so shall be discussed with due care and deligence without affecting the sensibilities of others.Yes you are right . Publuished cases are not found other than in the books of Dr Vijayakar.
      Dr V T Yekkirala

  • Dear Dr Yekkirala,
    Thank you for the clear description of this remedy, Platina.
    I was also very pleased to read the thankfullness to our Master, Master EK. He left us many teachings on homeopathy and started different centers in Europe.
    Kind Regards,
    Luc Van Meir

    • Thank you Luc Van Meir, May the light in us unite us to dispell darkness and bring peace to the troubled souls.
      kind regards,
      Dr V T Yekkirala

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  • Dear Dr. Yekkirala,
    This gives a comprehesive picture of Platina, however I feel there is no need for the “miasmatic” interpretation. If the remedy is indicated according to the symptoms why mix the picture with the Miasms. Dr.Hahnemann himself at later stage discarded the theory of miasms. He did not prescribe on the basis of miasms, and there is no mention of it in his cases.

  • we have to understand each remedy in its different stages otherwise in many cases we may missout the similimum. wonderful explanation by dr v.t.ekkirala . sir ur article reminded me of a platina case which guruji MASTER E.K. CURED , of a pt. who considered himself great avatar. sir I am also from Hyderabad, may I know ur contact address r phone no.

  • Dear Sir your article is very much informative. You touched almost all the shades of platina.

  • Dr.Chari.
    A good article on PLATINA.I was trying to get an in-depth analysis of the Remedy Platina in relation to its mental symptoms from various Materia Medica Books written by various eminent authours with particular reference to women in their 20s, middle age 40s, who have different type of mental issues like Bi-Polar,/mood swings,weak memory,absent mindedness,hallucinations ,wild thought, schizophrenia ,OCD, haughtiness,superiority complex ,arrogance contemptuous /hatred feeling towards their dear ones and opposite sex etc .After Studying various remedies like Anacardium, Arsenicum,Nux Vomica,Stramonium, cannabis indica , Argentum Nitricum, Phosphorous, sepia,Lachesis and reading your article it looks like that based on the miasmatic approach the one remedy- Platinum could take care of many of those problems.But the excessive sexual urge and menstrual problems associated with Uterus and ovaries, can they be taken care of by Platinum? when they are taken in the totality of the symptoms.Also one would be some what hesitant to treat the women with many of the mental issues with Platinum due to its action on the sexual organs and the symptoms associated with them.Further, whether it would be safe to repeat Platinum in 200C level many times,of course, may be it depends on the severity of the case .Your article gives an impression that Platinum comes as the top remedy for many of the mental problems particularly for women.Best wishes .Once again I would like to mention that it is a good article and very well analysed.

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