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Proving of the Methuselah Tree -Pinus longaeva

MOUTH – TASTE – altered

MOUTH – TASTE – bitter

MOUTH – TASTE – wanting, loss of taste





RECTUM – URGING – waking; on


GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – milk – agg.

Comparison with other Pinus species and some other trees (the roots: Radix remedies)

In RADAR (computer programme) I came across several rubrics of Pinus contorta (Pin-con.) and Pinus sylvestris (Pin-s.).  Pinus lambertiana and Pinus cupressus are mentioned only two times. The complaints of these two Pinus remedies are related to the lower chakras. The rubrics of the four species of Pinus included in RADAR do not refer to a strong connexion with the earth and the cosmos/ spirituality, also not to the themes of: ‘being unconnected/ disconnected’, ‘suffering a lack of communication’ and about  ‘time/speed’.

Physical additions for the repertory shared by  Pin-lo., Pin-con. and Pin–s. are:





BLADDER – URINATION – urging to urinate

GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – milk – agg.

It strikes me that Pin-s. also has the rubric of DREAMS – VIVID. This was also conspicuous during the proving of Pin-lo. Many participants experienced vivid dreams.

In case of Mind related issues I find rubrics in Pin-con that were mentioned with respect to the dreams using Pin-lo. as well. They include, for example:


MIND/DREAMS – DELUSIONS – looked down upon; she is



MIND/DREAMS – SADNESS (in Pin-s. as well)

Hence, the data: orderly/ critical (to be), lonely, being sad, being in a hurry and feeling looked down upon, are to be found with respect to Pin-con. as well.

The rubrics of the other four species of Pinus included in RADAR do not refer to a strong connexion with the earth and the cosmos/ spirituality. I have however, found these themes when I supervised dream provings using remedies produced from other tree roots, viz. Diospyros kaki, Betula pubescens, Ficus carica, Fraxinus excelsior, Juniperus communis and Quercus robur. (In all, I conducted twenty dream provings using remedies produced from the roots of various trees.)

The themes ‘of being unconnected/ disconnected’ and ‘suffering a lack of communication’ were also found in dreams that occurred in dream provings under my supervision using remedies made of the roots of Ginkgo biloba, Ilex aquifolium and Juniperus communis.

In RADAR I cannot find indications for the time/ speed theme in the other species of Pinus and other trees. The speed theme was, however, encountered in dreams experienced in dream provings that I supervised using remedies made of the roots of Populus tremula and Fraxinus excelsior.

The discrepancy between the external and internal time frames is specific to Pin-lo. ‘Time’ and, in relation to this, ‘communication’ therefore are the themes connected to Pinus longaeva.


‘Time’ and, in relation to this, ‘communication’ therefore are the themes connected to Pinus longaeva.  Interpretation: Maybe these trees can help us to conquer diseases of our time, such as ME, burn-out, isolation, feeling lonely, depressions and possibly, behaviour connected to autism.

Pinus used as a Bach blossom remedy

Pinus is used as a Bach blossom remedy in people who shower themselves with accusations or who suffer from unnecessary feelings of guilt. They demand the very best from themselves and therefore they get anxious, being afraid they are not up to that standard. They are always afraid and feel very restricted.

Setting high standard is a theme also seen in the proving using Pinus longaeva (DREAMS – CENSORIOUS; DREAMS – FASTIDIOUS; MIND – DUTY – too much sense of duty).


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Marijke Creveld was born in the Netherlands. She has a doctors degree (PhD) from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands in plant ecology (lichen ecology in Norway). She investigated old indigenous trees and shrubs in the Netherlands and Belgium.

She trained as a homoeopath, e.g. with Vithoulkas, Sankaran and Jeremy Sherr and has a private Classical Homoeopathy practice from 1989. She started in 1999 making new Homeopathy remedies using tree roots which she connected to the earth (sixteen Radix remedies). She carried out dream provings using these remedies. This was leading to the discovery of the Diospyros kaki remedy from the Nagasaki Kaki tree that survived the 1945 plutonium bomb destruction. She is author of articles and a book on this subject and held lectures during seminars in the Netherlands and on international HZG and ECCH meetings.

More information

The homeopathic remedies Pinus longaeva and Radix Pinus longaeva can be ordered in the K-potencies: 12, 30, 200, M, 10M and 50M at the Hahnemann apotheek (Tel.: +31 72 5325 373; E-mail: recept@hahnemann.nl) in the Netherlands or Denys apotheek in Belgium (tel: +32 9 225 20 69; e-mail: info@apodenys.be)

The complete proving of Pinus longaeva, Diospyros kaki Creveld, Radix Diospyros kaki Creveld, Welwitschia mirabilis, and incomplete proving of Radix Welwitschia mirabilis are published in the book: Three Trees, survivors on earth.

It can be ordered from Merlijn bookshop tel.: +31 23 5511991; info@merlijnboekhandel.nl or from Marijke Creveld.

About the author

Marijke Creveld

Marijke Creveld

Marijke Creveld, PhD. was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She graduated the University Utrecht in 1973 as a researcher in plant ecology, and in 1981 she completed her Ph.D. in plant ecology. She has conducted fieldwork on lichen ecology in Norway and on old, indigenous trees and shrubs in the Netherlands and Belgium. She was a biology teacher from 1970-1996. Ms. Creveld trained at The Dutch School for Natural Medicine and later with George Vithoulkas, Rajan Sankaran and Jonathan Shore. She has been in private practice as a homeopath since 1989, occasionally integrating spiritual and shamanistic therapies into her practice. In 1999 she began making new homeopathic remedies using tree roots, which she connected to silicon (15 Radix remedies). She conducted dream provings of these remedies and has written and lectured about her research.These provings lead to the discovery and manufacture of the Diospyros kaki remedy in the 2000. Marijke lives and works in Zwolle (the Netherlands). She is a member of the Dutch Association of Classical Homeopaths. www.creveld.nl

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