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Snake Remedies

Homeopathic remedies derived from snake poisons. A group study of snake remedies.

Snake RemediesCrot. Horridus

The Rattlesnake of North America

Timber rattlesnakes have a diamond shaped head which is set off from their relatively thin neck.

They hibernate communally with other timber rattlesnakes and also other species of snakes.

Timber rattlesnakes are among the last snakes to emerge from hibernation in the spring, and among the first to retire to their winter retreats in autumn.

Timber rattlesnakes are surprisingly calm when encountered in the wild.

Many will sit motionless hoping that you will not see them.



  • Delusions of being persecuted
  • Mental confusion
  • Desires company
  • Suspicious
  • Timid
  • Vivacious
  • Talks to himself
  • Over-active mind
  • Dwells on death
  • Easily disturbed by surroundings


  • Chilly
  • Complaints come on suddenly
  • Tendency to bleed
  • Intolerance to clothing
  • Discharges are offensive
  • Swelling of affected parts
  • Aggravated by: Spring; Cold dry weather; Hunger, Beginning to sleep
  • Desires: Alcohol; Stimulants; Sugar
  • Aversions: Meat; Tobacco

Where to look for further information on this remedy:

Kent’s `Lectures On Materia Medica’

Master, F `Snakes in the Homeopathic Grass’

advice/Remedies/MATERA MEDICA/crot-h.html

Snake Remedies homeopathyCrot. Cascavella

North-Eastern Brazilian Rattlesnake

(Southern cousin of Crot. Horridus)

Young snakes are independent from birth.

Unlike Crot. Horridus, Cascavella can be viciously defensive if approached. They may also engage in group defense against predators. Although like other rattlesnakes they would prefer to give a warning then hide and fight another day.



  • Needs to be defended by a group
  • Feel looked down upon
  • Feel they are all alone (and fear of being alone)
  • Feel pursued
  • Extremely sensitive to sensual impressions
  • Clairvoyance
  • Sadiness but cannot weep
  • Wants to attack but fear group may repudiate him


  • Chilly but > open air
  • Right-sided
  • Constrictive Sensations
  • Paralysis
  • Aggravated by menopause
  • Desires – Snow
  • Aversions – Beef

Common Features In The Crot. Remedies:

  • Chilly
  • Hemorrhages
  • Intolerance to clothing
  • Aversion to meat
  • Ailments from:Anticipation; Foreboding; Stage Fright; Grief; Sorrow
  • Desire for company
  • Confusion of mind
  • Thoughts of death
  • Delusion being pursued
  • Indifference, apathy
  • Loquacity
  • Memory weakness

Contrasting Keynotes:
Crot. Horridus:

  • Aversion to Work
  • Dreams – Quarrels
  • Delirium – sees phantoms
  • Agoraphobia
  • Sentimental
  • Desires: Alcohol, Pork, Sour, Stimulants, Sugar, Sweets,Wine
  • Aversion to Tobacco

Crot. Cascavella:

  • Desire for physical activity
  • Dreams – Animals, Parties, Pleasure
  • Delirium – sees spectres, ghosts, skeletons
  • Fear of being alone, and ghosts
  • Desires: Snow
  • Aversion to Beef

Crot. Cascavella

Where to look for further information on this remedy:

Master, F `Snakes in the Homeopathic Grass’


Sankaran’s ‘Provings’


Naja Naja. Indian Cobra. Common Cobra.

Asian Cobra. The most well known snake in India.

Cobras assume an up reared defence posture and flare their hoods when angry or disturbed.

Elapids (Cobra Family) strike with a downward stab followed by chewing.

Subject to much mythology and spiritual ideation (Hinduism and Ancient Egyptian particularly)

  • Affinities: Cerebellum, Medulla, NERVES, HEART, respiration – throat.
  • Worse: lying on left side. After sleep; after menses. Air (cold; drafts) Damp Weather. Tight clothing. Alcohol. Exertion. Talking. Walking. Night. Touch. 3pm. Stimulants
  • Better: Walking and riding in open air. Sneezing. Lying on right side.
  • Very sensitive to cold – desires warmth
  • Colds that turn to asthma
  • Sensation as if organs are drawn together


  • Sense of duality – the feeling of being split in two, of having two wills.
  • Conflict between higher (human) and lower (animal) nature
  • Strong sense of duty (Which in the duality – Neglect)
  • Feels as if he is a failure
  • Delusion he has suffered – broods over imaginary troubles (Which in the duality – suffering wrong and doing wrong to others)
  • Timidity
  • Fear of rain
  • Fear of being abandoned

Where to look for further information on this remedy:

Vermeulan, Frans ‘Prisma’

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Kents ‘Lectures On Materia Medica’
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  • Snake remedies are not truly indicated for humanity. For that matter, neither are remedies prepared from animal and bird products. It is a pity that homoeopathic community is doing the gross error of practising with such drugs. These are only superficially indicated and never truly indicated. Hence, they can never be suitable. Do we know that even medicines like apis, formica are not indicated truly ? Do we know that Phosphorus is indicated for the strong, sturdy and bulky constitutions that also emaciate now and then and never for the tall and the lean ?

    • my dear vardhan! i think you are not a homoeopath and expressing your opinions. if i comment about astronomy without having thorough knowledge of it, i will be a fool. so, i should respect it and leave it. you were right that it will act superficially. in ayurveda, its venom id used for some critical t.b cases, by pious and experienced doctors. anything will act superficially when its in crude form, like allopathy. it cannot enter the planes of vital force and mind. so, for the medicine to act on those planes we will potentize the same medicine. then the medicinal power will be in a dynamic form (thats why homoeopathic remedies, if mis-used act dynamically and worsen the patient in any plane) and it will act on the mental level. so, have some knowledge and comment. any science is not perfect. wee should know every science and apply it when it is necessary, instead of fighting among ourselves.. i mean physicians (i guess you are not a doctor atleast). even then we cannot cure 20 % of world. then how can help the world if we are separate? let us live for the patients, not to create divisions. and finally you may need a homoeopathic snake remedy called lachesis, as you are jealous.. just kidding.. have a good time..

  • I am not a homeopath either however it is apparent to any logical mind that any matter on earth can be potentised and the process releases properties of immense medicinal value even from apparently inert / useless substances eg. glass/ fused sand (silica). It is up to us to discover the wonders of god’s creation with an open mind. Nowadays with the “memory of water” being established as a fact and entrenched in the annals of established science the secrets of the mechanism of action of homeopathy is being pried open and understood at the very nano level of chemistry. It would benefit mankind greatly if this branch of knowledge be enhanced by the sharp intellect of our allopath friends instead of being suppressed through ridicule and only at the behest of some drug companies who do not like to see an end to their trillion dollar business. If the same companies should invest in homeopathy research there would an exponential growth of medical knowledge. All branches of science can and must coexist, even merge and consolidate when required in truth.

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