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Written by George Loukas

Stramonium materia medica and complete drug picture of homeopathy remedy Stramonium. Learn all the signs and symptoms of homeopathic Stramonium by George Loukas.


DELUSION alone, she is always

DELUSION alone wilderness, being a. in a

DELUSION animals persons are.

DELUSION cut through, he is

DELUSION devoured by animals, of being

DELUSION dogs others are, barks at them to be understood

DELUSION dogs attack him

DELUSION dogs, biting his chest

DELUSION executioner, visions of an

DELUSION house surrounded, is

DELUSION murdered, roasted and eaten, he was

DELUSION wolves, of

FEAR delusions, f. from

FEAR devoured by animals, of being

FEAR tunnel, of

The above symptoms help us to understand Stramonium mind state.
Stramonium persons need constant support from their social environment.
They are persons that grew up dependent on an overprotective mother,
who often feels ambivalent about her parental role. Therefore these
persons have not developed the adaptability needed to confront the
stress of their environment.

They need support to bear any external change. They behave like
babies rather than like grown-ups. Babies are attached to their
mothers and if left alone, they feel lonely and helpless. They need
their mothers to satisfy every need they have. This is the situation
corresponding to this remedy.

Of course being an adult and having the emotional needs of a baby
causes problems. It is difficult to provide constant support to
persons who – considering their biological and social standards
– should be independent. Thus these persons experience constant
frustrations that provoke an intense aggressiveness. It is the aggressiveness
babies feel towards a bad breast, because it does not satisfy their

Expression of aggressiveness however is not the rule in this remedy.
These persons show their aggressiveness further and the environment
becomes a threat. Therefore not only they feel abandoned but threatened
as well. They feel like being a man of the city lost in the jungle.
Behind every foliation movement there might be a wild animal ready
to tear them into pieces – illusion of being alone in a wild
place. Thus they adapt a frightened attitude.

The illusions mentioned above, related to this remedy about dogs
and fear of being bitten and torn into pieces, have to do with expression
of the person’s own aggressiveness towards other people who
deny their support. Various fears in Stramonium persons such as
fear of darkness, of tunnels, of water, of shiny items e.t.c have
to do with their aggressive impulses too.

Stramonium person has an inadequately constituted Ego; this is
a syphilitic characteristic. An inadequately constituted Ego, as
it is the case with propsychotic personality, maintain a certain
confusion concerning his dissociation from the environment. This
happens because there is a fluidity of the Ego boundaries (destruction
of structure), which allows the syphilitic person to attribute some
of his own thoughts, intentions, qualities to other persons and
vice-versa through constant and primordial.

Identifications without demarcation from reality facilitate segmental
projection and introjection of various elements; as a result of
that a Stramonium personality may show contrasting qualities at
a certain time. The contrasting elements make the person take a
position with ambivalence on various subjects. There is a fluidity
of the Ego boundaries, there is no basic framework on which basic
information will be built and elaborated. A person like that has
doubts about his very own existence, he doubts his identity.

The above shows itself in the following symptoms:

CONFUSION identity, as to his

CONFUSION identity, duality, sense of

DELUSION body alive on one side, buried on the other

DELUSION body is divided

DELUSION body scattered about bed, tossed about to get the pieces

DELUSION cut through, in two

DELUSION divided into two parts

DELUSION divided, cut in two parts, or

DELUSION identity, errors of personal

DELUSION light incorporeal, he is

DELUSION side, he is alive on one and buried on the other

DELUSION feet separated from body, are

DELUSION hand separated from body, is

DELUSION hat is a pair of trousers which he tries to put on

Stramonium persons also show great narcissism. They have difficulty
in investing love in any other person but themselves. They have
not developed a social feeling, they offer nothing of themselves
to society and to its laws, e.g. they refuse to do their military
service or to make family or to engage themselves into an emotional
relationship. When in a love affair, they have difficulty in having
a complete, mature contact. Sometimes they think to much of themselves.

Behind this however there is a deep sense of incompetence. They
often demand of other people money, work, love e.t.c. so they get
attached to persons who seem powerful and constantly of them to
satisfy their needs. We remark again the behavior of a baby, who
constantly needs to be given things but is unable to give. They
also have the omnipotence of a baby, who can have control over everybody

The above shows itself in the following symptoms:

CHILDISH behavior

DELUSION beautiful, she is b. and wants to be

DELUSIONS statue, poses as, to be admired

DELUSION enlarged,

body, parts of

DELUSION enlarged

tall, is very

DELUSION large himself seems too

DELUSION large parts of body seem too

DELUSION mice, sees

DELUSION tall he is

DELUSION tall she is very

DELUSION small, things appear

Stramonium persons, besides an intense narcissism, also show a
magical thinking and a tendency to omnipotence. They tend to engage
themselves into mysticism. They like mysterious situations and are
afraid of them at the same time. At times they tend to engage dogmatically
into religious matters. They may come to extreme situations of dogmatism,
where one reads the Bible all day long. They see evil everywhere.
They concern themselves with other people’s lives.

The above shows itself in the following symptoms:

DELUSION divine, being

DELUSION devils, he is a d.

DELUSIONS devils, possessed of a devil is

DELUSION devils, sees

DELUSION God communication with, he is in

DELUSION influence, is under a powerful

DELUSION power over all disease, has

DELUSION talking dead people, with

DELUSION talking with spirits

EXALTATION religious


This kind of persons are easily offended and injured by their first
frustration of their wishes. Thus they withdraw quickly from displeasing
stimulations as an act of defense. They create then an imaginary
world and live in it. In their fantasy they create love affairs,
friends, family, a spouse. They fantasize about people supporting
them. They spend hours in making imaginary stories and monologues.

The above shows itself in the following symptoms:

CHASES imaginary objects

DELUSION talking inanimate objects with names, t. to; but observes
no one standing by him

DELUSION people sees

converses with absent

FANCIES strange

FANCIES exaltation of

FANCIES exaltation frightful

FANCIES lascivious

FANCIES pleasant

FANCIES vivid, lively

TALKS with absent persons

About the author

George Loukas

George Loukas


  • your depiction of this person needing this remedy is lacking in compassion. i would not be the least bit interested in seeing you as a practitioner. your approach appears very sarcastic and judgmental . even the drawings imply that the feelings the person is coming to you to heal are intentional. i think you should be in a different line of work. you are asking people to tell you their deepest secrets and vulnerabilities and then you call them a baby and imply that they just need to grow up. please be more compassionate in what you write………..and if you can’t consider doing something else for a living.

  • here is an example of a neutral way, more helpful way to look at the person needing stramonium.

    This is a quote from a book on Stamonium by Paul Herscu.

    “Driven by confusion, fears, and vulnerability, Stramonium is engaged in an ongoing and violent battle between the unconscious and the conscious, between darkness and light, between succumbing to the death realm and yearning to exist in the life realm.

    he does not judge the person for their difficulties but presents it as a struggle typical of other human problems. your depiction shows the person as being needy, selfish and acting like a baby deliberately rather than identifying the underlying crisis that is initiating the behavior.

    Please revise this page with its degrading drawings with something that represents homeopathy in a more compassionate light.

    • Hi Kathy,
      Not to get involved but I think this article on stramonium is a beautiful article especially if your the person needing it. FULL OF FEARS AND CONFUSION AS TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Am I incompassionate – yes – because I never had any compassion in my life – a very cruel mother – so how does one learn compassion if you have never had it. How does one learn not to be afraid if you have never had love and protection. The mind is a powerful thing in which we have no control if we are sick – homeopathy is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I would simply be in a mental institution without it. Who am I. A person that has been able to hang on to one small part of my sanity my whole life wanting to be better. Don’t judge the homeopath – judge your reaction – it tells a story. Best of luck in your journey in life.

  • Kathy you should not be as interested in who
    you will see as a practitioner as getting an understanding
    of the Materia Medica… It’s not all pretty, but it is what it is.
    The article does not get personal, only the true
    possibilities of what Stramonium does as a remedy.
    Everything is a symptom.
    We professionally trained homeopaths
    have to face the core delusion in the face, it’s lousy
    and impossible job when the obstacle to the cure,
    (Herings law,) is the persons inability to know themselves.
    You are lucky if you meet a homeopath not afraid to
    YOUR fears!!!!

  • This article is the best i’ve found on the subject and i actually know a person suffering from a truly deep seated case of Stramonium which recently caused a psychotic break in him. The fact that the article is not heavily sympahethic is not the same as being overly negative, narcissistic and judgemental. It’s actually pretty accurate and the pictures are first and foremost just funny. If the person lacks self-irony then of course it would be interpreted negatively. But offence can’t be given, only taken. And Cathy seems to have helped herself to more than her fair share. Maybe even on the behalf of someone else (if she herself is not the one needing the treatment), which to me seems to be a heavy symptom of something else. Also Cathy, your attitude towards the author is way too fixed in its beliefs, unable to see any other opinions than than your own.

  • I am a certified homeopath

    The original description of stramonium is greatly lacking in completeness, is oversimplified and does not even begin to show the deep complexity of stramonium. First, the application and aggravations are quiet different in men than women and this is mostly a male remedy.
    Not all stramonium types will have all the symptoms and indeed the delusions and rage are mostly in men.
    What is presented here is a culturally and psychologically poorly done representation.’
    Most stramoniums types have only a few symptoms. It seems here that you confuse the Belladonna, Hyocysamine and Lachesis types. One has to be very good and intuitive homeopath to differentiate between L and S and this article reveals none of the delineation.
    Please read Phillip M. Bailey for the best and most accurate psychological profile of all the remedies.
    It is called homeopathic Psychology.

    One can learn compassion even if one has cold parents-we make choices period. It is a dreadful profile of stramoinum, greatly one sided, and not researched and that does speak of you as a practioner. Because one is a professional which only means one is paid, it speaks nothing of the character of the person .
    The illustrations are ugly and so are your words.
    That being said Please See Lia Bello or Miranda Castro for true descriptions.

    • Dear Onyx,

      Thank you for your more realistic response to the write up on Stramonium on I have just returned from a homoeopath who prescribed this remedy at 30 C. You may imagine my dismay when I read this symptom/remedy picture. As a male pilot/photographer who has achieved many things on differing levels, both inner and outer, it made me question the Doctors abilities of assessment.

      My main complaint was insomnia; waking at 4.00 AM without feeling refreshed, along with low back pain and other more minor acute symptoms.

      Anyway the website does not seem to have responded to requests to rewrite this rather inadequate write up.

      Thanks again,

      John Maynard 58

      • John, I learned a long time ago not to read up my remedy. Not ALL the symptoms will present themselves, but homeopaths look for the marked or ‘peculiarities’ of symptomology. Also, the remedy works gently and will not harm the organism – if there is no improvement it is the wrong remedy. If there is improvement then that may show that a layer has been addressed. We’re like onions, many layers. Have trust in your homeopath if s/he is well qualified/experienced. As human beings we all suffer from ego problems and can easily feel offended. Instead, just smile at your faults – wee all have a small (dictatorial) Child inside. Let him play, but don’t let him rule your life. Good luck John.

    • If you were a certified Homeopath you would then very well know that this is a VERY ACCURATE picture of what STRAM. can be.

      I appears as though, perhaps, this VERY ACCURATE description of STRAM is affecting you in some way and you’re responding to your own issues.

      Best of luck to you and wishing you well.

  • Hi all.

    I think the picture should not be taken as ‘normal’ for anyone; this is a sick person being described who can be cured with the said medicine. No need for personal affronts. In fact this closely resembles a man in my sphere whom I had been worried about and was looking for a remedy to suit him. This fits the bill me thinks. So thanx.

  • I agree that this is an insensitive description of the case type that needs stramonium. Clearly the person is trying to be funny and I would’ve never guessed that he/she was a homeopath unless I’d read the comments.

  • This article is acurate with regards to the materia medica. What many homeopaths, who lack intuition with regards to remedies, forget is that the materia medica is quite outdated. Some forget to take into consideration that times have changed and individual’s lifestyles are different. While some aspects in this article are still relevant to the stramonium constitution, many aren’t.

    What I find frustrating about the materia medica is that it doesn’t reach the true, raw and deeper psychological essence of the remedies. It is actually quite blunt and superficial in my opinion.

    Dr Bailey’s book called ‘ homeopathy and psychology’ truely captures the persona of the remedies in a more modern, sympathetic and personal manner, as it analyses every single aspect of the constitutions. Give it a read and then relate it back to the materia medica for a deeper and better understanding of the remedies.

  • Hi, I have read this description with an amazement. That is just great pick of personality´mind.
    Just perfect. Many thanks. Ivona

  • I have considered, and yes I think the description is a good one and I think the illustrations are harsh. In a stramonium state life can be living nightmare , with fear as a constant companion, fear of self destruction, fear of human companions, fear of almost anything! irrational fears you know are irrational but which besiege you none the less. it is not about having compassion or worse pity. It is about recognising the state of the individual, having respect for where they are and certainly not mocking or poking fun. I would imagine most stramonium types have had their fill of that! And there is a positive side to every remedy state. The religious fanatic or the great spiritual leader. The graffiti vandal or Banksy. Homeopathy is about maintaining balance.

  • CRITICS: If you had your way I’d never recognize the real picture and I’d still be suffering. Shame on you! I want a real description and a solution (thank you Dr Pratip Banerji and clinical reproducible results with mountains of data to prove success). Thank you Author, for painting a real picure!

  • I am stunned. A few years ago Stramonium was violent and agressive. Someone (Vithoulkas?) called him a mass murderer. And now he is a baby.
    I really have trouble to put these two things together.

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