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Common name of the Symphytum is Knit bone or Bone set. It is a member of Borraginaceae family. As the name suggests its main action is on the bones, cartilages and periostium.

Symphytum is an excellent remedy for fractures and mechanical injuries with excessive pain. Symphytum facilitates union of fractured bones; lessen peculiar pricking pain and favors production of callous. Symphytum is of great use in wounds penetrating the perineum and bones with pricking pain and soreness in the periostium.

Symphytum is also very important in cases of painful old injuries where pricking, stiching, periosteal pain remains after wound has healed < from touch. Irritable stump after operation; irritability at the point of fracture due to non union of fracture with deficient callous formation.

The root of the Symphytum plant contains a crystalline solid, that stimulates the growth of epithelium on ulcerated surface. Some authors describe its importance in gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Symphytum is also important for its action on the injuries to the eyes; from blunt instrument; blows, knock etc. There is pain in the eye after the blow and eyelid spasmodically closed. For this it can be compared with Arnica. Symphytum is the specific remedy, though Arnica is more useful in injuries to the orbit.

It follows well after Arnica, for pricking pain, and soreness of periosteum remaining after the injury. So remember Symphytum in cases of fractures- both for pain and reunion of the bone and injuries to the eyes.

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