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The Soul of Remedies: Calcarea Bromata

Dr. Rajan Sankaran shares his remedy portrait of Calcarea bromate. The main feeling of the Calcarea bromate patient is that he will be pounced upon or punished by the very person on whom he depends for his security.

Calcarea bromata is a mineral remedy. It is formed from the elements Calcium (group IIA) and Bromine which is of the Halogen group. The main feeling of the Calcarea bromate patient is that he will be pounced upon or punished by the very person on whom he depends for his security.

He should not do anything that is incorrect. If ever his fault is detected, he is in  danger of losing his security, protection. This feeling shows Calcarea bromata to be a sycotic remedy.

Calcarea bromata persons are constantly seeking a position of security and are inclined towards financial security. They do not however want to be secure at the cost of honesty. I have found these people to be very correct, moralistic and honest, trying always to please everyone.

At the same time, they can feel blamed, falsely accused, pounced upon for no fault of their own. This can result in violent explosions or outbursts of temper on their part, to the extent of striking, or even cutting. They have dreams of being attacked, of being late for an examination, of being found in an embarrassing position in public, of being naked.

I have found Calcarea bromata to be indicated frequently in India, where children remain dependent on parents for very long, sometimes even until they are in their thirties. They are very much afraid of going against the moral values taught by their parents for fear of losing their security.

Suggested rubrics:  (Clinically seen by me, not found in Repertory).

  • Ailments from, embarrassment.
  • Ailments from, anger.
  • Ailments from, falsely accused, being.
  • Delusion, attacked, of being.
  • Delusion, crime, he has committed.
  • Anger, violent.
  • Anger, paroxysmal.
  • Dreams: embarrassment.

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To read about the philosophical approach to developing these remedy pictures, see Dr. Sankaran’s introduction to Soul of Remedies:


About the author

Rajan Sankaran

Rajan Sankaran, MD (Hom), is reputed to be a clear and original thinker and is best known for his path breaking concepts in Homoeopathy. His understanding of ‘disease as a delusion’ followed by his discovery of newer miasms, classification of diseased states into kingdoms and the seven levels of experience, brought in much more clarity into understanding diseased states. The Sensation method has now evolved into a more comprehensive and synergistic approach, which strongly advocates to encompass and integrate the old, classical and traditional approaches with the latest advances.

Dr. Sankaran heads ‘the other song—International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy’, in Mumbai. This academy primarily focuses on imparting advanced clinical training to students and practitioners, integrated with a homoeopathic healing centre. Also he has his own personal clinic at Juhu area of Mumbai, India. He is also the President of Synergy Homeopathic, which is dedicated to the development of reliable, comprehensive homeopathic software and teaching tools. www.theothersong.com www.sankaransclinic.com www.synergyhomeopathic.com

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