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The Soul of Remedies: Strontium Carbonicum

periodic table

Strontium belongs to group IIA of the Periodic Table along with Magnesium, Calcium and Barium. It lies between Calcium and Barium. The theme of group IIA is the theme of dependence.

Magnesium represents the dependence of an infant, that is, total dependence for nutrition, security, etc. Calcarea represents the dependence of a child, i.e. he can walk and move, but still he needs the protective cover of the house, and he is not willing to take up the challenges that the environment outside his house has to offer.

Strontium represents the age of adolescence. This is the age when one ventures out into the new, with the full knowledge that if one is faced with a problem, one could always come back. What Strontium looks for is guidance, that is, an experienced person’s help to chart out the unknown, someone to rely on if there is a problem. The relationship with this guide is the most important thing in his life, and there can be problems if such a person is missing or guides in excess. New tasks like learning to drive a car or starting a profession, are anxious moments for Strontium carbonicum and he needs the encouragement and support of an experienced person.

In comparison, Barytacarbonica is for the next age, that is adulthood, where one has to take up the complete responsibility without anyone behind. In such a situation, the Barytacarbonica person experiences a sense of incapacity and of complete dependence.


Suggested rubrics for Strontium carbonicum:

The rubrics are derived from the proving that I had conducted.I have also observed among the patients and provers of Strontium carbonicum a strong desire for cheese.


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