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The Spiritual Journey – Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov shares her remedy portrait of Sacred Lotus finding that it oscillates between the opposites of crystalline clarity and muddled confusion. A very deep look at the essences and including affinities, aggr and amel and remedies that follow.



Sacred Lotus (Image purchased on iStock)

This is my remedy portrait of the Sacred Lotus – Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus (Nelu-n)). Lotus persons overwhelmed by the feeling of CLARITY yearn and strive for the divine, and just when it seems to be within reach, the other opposite from the Code strongly pulls them down into CONFUSION that completely paralyzes them.

Note: The Matrix Method is based on the concept of individual Codes of a person, central to life and development of that person. The Matrix method helps us recognize this Code and prescribe the Simillimum, that has the same Code as that person. In the Matrix Method the Code is the very essence of the remedy.

The Codes of the remedies used in the Matrix method were discovered by Dr. Mirjana Zivanov, using the Matrix proving. Over a decade, her team rigorously tested these findings in their daily homeopathic regimen. Consequently, Dr. Zivanov has invested a significant portion of her career—ten years out of two decades—focusing on the research and refinement of the Matrix method.

Homeopathy operates within a realm of delicate energetic forces that manifest initially in the nuanced realm of thoughts and feelings. These forces then take tangible form within the physical body as specific conditions, in a manner akin to how the realms of mythology and dreams are interwoven with our reality.

All of us homeopaths have our favorite materia medica, and we know that the first homeopathic materia medica was Hahnemann’s “Materia medica pura”. The question is why Dr. Hahnemann chose exactly those remedies he described in it and why is the book called materia medica. Dr. Hahnemann indirectly provides the answer at the very beginning of the Organon when he says:

“Hence it is understandable why in almost all materia medica-s, from Dioscorides to the most recent…”

The first book to bear this name was the materia medica of the Greco-Roman physician and pharmacist Dioscorides, from the year 50 AD, which was one of the main pillars of medical science on three continents of the ancient world – Europe, Asia, and Africa, for 1700 years.

It described over 600 medicines and their effects, and most of the remedies Dr. Hahnemann introduced into homeopathy were from this materia medica, as medicines that were used daily in medical practice at Hahnemann’s time, except for a few newly discovered in South America.

Therefore, because of this famous work of Dioscorides, materia medica is called materia medica, and it is for this reason we use exactly those remedies that we use in homeopathy under their Latin names.

The remedies from this book were also proven by other classic homeopathic authors, up until the second half of the 19th century, as we must not forget that Dr. Hahnemann’s main aim was not to discover new remedies, but to save patients from the toxic effects of high doses of medicines that were in daily use at his time. Dr. Hahnemann as a physician adhered to the ancient Hippocratic maxim “Primum non nocere” (First, do no harm).

Dioscorides’s materia medica, together with the teachings of Galen, is for Europe and the Middle East what Ayurveda is to India – a collection of millennial experience in treating the people of the Balkans and the ancient Mediterranean.

Why the Balkans, and not just Greece? Because Hippocrates himself speaks of the Thracians as the greatest physicians in the world, a people who lived north of the Greeks all the way to the river Danube. This is a fact confirmed by the Greeks who recorded the Thracian name of the medicine alongside their own, just as we today write the Latin name alongside the common name.

Dr. Hahnemann introduced remedies from Dioscorides into homeopathy, and the Lotus can also be found in Dioscorides.  The lotus was a very important medicinal plant of the ancient world, from Dioscorides’s materia medica, one of the symbols of spirituality in ancient Egypt. In antiquity, according to Dioscorides, the Lotus was used to treat a whole range of diseases.

On this mosaic from Pompeii, in the house of Faunus, there is a depiction of the Nile, where we see lotus buds and mallets with fruits of this plant:

The lotus flower has a narcotic effect (Raymond-Hamet, 1941) and if ingested, induces a hypnotic state. In the golden shrine of Tutankhamun, there is a depiction of the psychoactive effect of the Egyptian blue lotus combined with the opium poppy.

In the image from Tutankhamun’s tomb, one can see the queen offering Tutankhamun a blue goblet with stylized petals of the Egyptian blue lotus, containing buds of this flower and the fruit of mandrake.

Lotus is scarcely described in homeopathy, so on the following pages, we will attempt to provide more details on this homeopathic remedy, which may prove beneficial to many.

As we will see in the following Egyptian and Hindu creation myths Lotus flower has exactly the same role in both, as the flower that opens its petals and the Sun God comes to this world. That is because on a subtle, astral, plane they are two reflections of the Same, even though they belong to different botanical families on the material plane.

Homeopathic remedy action belongs to this subtle, astral, plane, thanks to the Hahnemann’s wonderous discovery of potentization, so the material botanical families shouldn’t guide us in homeopathy. That is why old Masters observed every remedy as a Singularity, a Whole.

The Lotus flower is one of the ancient spiritual symbols of the old world, from Egypt and the Hindu-Buddhist spiritual circle for whom this is the holiest flower associated with the very creation of the world, to the Ancient Greeks who observe it from a completely different perspective in the Odyssey.

Sacred Lotus in Hinduism:

The symbolism of the Sacred Lotus in Hinduism is rich and layered, embodying various spiritual and philosophical meanings. The Lotus flower, often seen in Hindu iconography and religious art, is a powerful symbol representing purity, beauty, and the growth of the soul.

In Hindu culture, the Lotus flower is associated with several deities, particularly the gods Brahma and Vishnu and the goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati. The Lotus represents purity and divine beauty, with its unfolding petals suggesting the expansion of the soul.

The fact that the Lotus grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom immaculately clean has been seen as an allegory for the individual who rises above the mud of attachment and desire through spiritual enlightenment. The Lotus’s roots in the mud represent the grounding of spirit in the physical world, while the flower rising above the water denotes the desire to reach spiritual enlightenment.

In Hinduism, the thousand-petaled Lotus, known as “Sahasrara” in Sanskrit, is frequently associated with the highest chakra (energy center) in yogic traditions. It represents supreme consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. The depiction of the Lotus with a thousand petals is often used in meditation and spiritual practices, symbolizing infinite possibilities, limitlessness, and the purity of the soul or consciousness. The Sahasrara chakra, situated at the crown of the head, is considered the point where the individual soul merges with the universal and divine consciousness.

The Hindu creation myth, which features the blooming Lotus and the trinity of gods (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva), varies in different texts but generally follows a similar theme. According to one popular narrative, before the universe was created, there was only a vast expanse of cosmic waters. Lord Vishnu was resting on the serpent Ananta Shesha in these waters. From Vishnu’s navel sprouted a Lotus bud that bloomed to reveal Lord Brahma, the Creator God.

In this myth, the Lotus serves as a profound symbol of cosmic harmony and the interconnected nature of the eternal, creation, and the cyclical transformations of life.

It signifies the beginning of life and the universe, emerging from Lord Vishnu’s navel, who represents the eternal and unchangeable amidst the ever-changing cosmic order. Brahma, sitting on the Lotus, denotes the aspect of creation, while Lord Shiva, the lord of the created world, embodies destruction or transformation.

 Ancient Egyptian creation myth

In the beginning, there was nothing except flow and fluidity; watery chaos, a swamp of nothingness, and everything. This chaos, this all-nothingness, was a place, but it was also a creature, and as a creature, it had a name: that name was Nun.

And from those waters, from the void of Nun, a Lotus flower emerged, rising above the swamp. The Lotus grew from the waters on a single mound of dry land. And then, the flower opened.

When the petals of the Lotus flower opened, they revealed the Sun God, Amun-Ra, as a child.

When the self-created Sun God appeared from the Lotus, he created the gods Shu and Tefnut, who swam away into the waters of Nun. When they returned, Sun God was so overjoyed that tears of joy started to flow, and from those tears, the first humans were made.

From the ancient Greek epic, the Odyssey:

Odysseus and his crew, weary from nine days of wandering the sea, finally reached the shores of an unknown island. In search of supplies, Odysseus sent three men to explore the land. The inhabitants, living in peaceful contentment, welcomed the explorers with love and shared with them their greatest treasure – the fruit of the Lotus.

The fruit, with its honey-sweet taste, was something the explorers had never tried before. Each bite filled them with blissful oblivion, extinguishing their once fervent desire to return home. CONFUSED, as their thoughts became more and more clouded, they lost memories of Ithaca and their loved ones, as if they were distant memories. They only wished to stay forever with the Lotus-eaters, intoxicated by the fruit’s effect.

Meanwhile, Odysseus, who was anxiously waiting by the ship, felt increasing unrest as the hours passed and there was no sign of his men. Worried, he set out to search for them. When he found his sailors lost in the trance induced by the Lotus, he was overcome with sorrow.

He knew he had to act decisively! Despite their resistance and tears, he dragged his men back to the ship from the seductive fruits and firmly tied them…He ordered his crew to set sail immediately, fearing that if they hesitated, more would succumb to the Lotus’s enchantment and forget their ultimate goal – the long-awaited return to their homeland of Ithaca.

Through these mythical stories, we can see how the Lotus, symbolically in the dark of night, begins to bloom and brings the light of dawn, the young Sun. It is preceded by the warm tears of Morphinum, which flow at sunset and alternate with the calm waters of the moonlit Lotus lake. Thus, the Lotus, as a child of the Moon, brings to the world the young Sun, opening its 1000 petals.

The state of Lotus follows the state of Morphinum. Lotus represents a time of surrender, acceptance, unity!

Both remedies have a strong theme of children – the ECSTATIC happiness of Morphinum children at play, which alternates with the CLARITY of Lotus children, children who smell flowers… The Morphinum children are calm, somewhat aged, burdened by the worries of this world, while the Lotus children are restless, intense, ethereal, pure, somewhat clumsy, like Angels on Earth.

The fundamental concept of the Lotus remedy is rooted in its Code, which according to the Matrix method consists of two opposites:


Every decision and thought of a Lotus person is influenced by the constant interaction between these two opposites.

On the one side, we have a sense of CLARITY, and on the other, a sense of CONFUSION. These emotional and mental states are deeply ingrained in the psyche of individuals, shaping their perceptions, choices, and overall worldview.

This remedy is almost completely absent in the Repertory, but in the provings by Herrick (2003) and Pillay (2017), a pronounced sense of CLARITY is noted as a significant symptom.

The CLARITY will be particularly emphasized in Lotus when it comes to spiritual themes. A Lotus person is a pure soul, very naive and kind-hearted, always ready to help those in trouble. Thus, they are always there to comfort, provide support, keep company, especially if a crisis occurs in someone’s life.

For example, if someone loses a family member, they are immediately there to console and empathize… They are fearless, selflessly giving of themselves, going all the way in everything. For instance, at a funeral, they will stay until the end of the procession and be there with the closest family, not leaving early, like most…

They are brave, undaunted by anything, despite their great sensitivity! This courage is sometimes a great naivety, which can be exploited, so they often get very hurt by people.

A Lotus person makes friends very quickly, open to socializing. Sincere friends who give themselves for others. They are very sensitive, tender, fragile by nature, on the one hand, and on the other, they are very resilient and intense. Endurance comes from strong spiritual energy and purity.

They seek the truth in everything, so they can fall into various troubles, because they do not know how to protect themselves. A certain kind of naivety and innocence is always present. They stick their noses everywhere, into everything, so it often happens that they are beaten, raped, drugged, all the worst misfortunes one can imagine.

They have delicate skin, very sensitive to the Sun. In general, they are sensitive to the Sun, very easily get sunstroke.

Love is so immense in them, that it turns into adoration. They spread love towards people, love a lot, and hug. They know how to love animals, the whole nature, and most of all – God. They search for God all their life and will often say that they have been through all possible spiritual groups, various associations, sects, churches, all with the aim of getting awareness of God.

Thus, they often become fanatical believers who take it very seriously, in the sense that they are at all services every day, maximally active… So, everything they do, they do sincerely and give themselves completely. There is no lying, no deception.

 The faith of a Lotus person is so great that it can grow into fanaticism. Then they become somewhat rigid, harsh, and obstinate in their understandings and behavior. When they reach the pinnacle of such devotion to something, they enter a state of CONFUSION, a state where, as they say, they stand still (Lotus). That sometimes lasts for a year, a state where they do not know what further actions to take. They get bored with the SAME (Cann-i) things and begin to explore something NEW (Cann-i). Until they find a new direction, they are in that CONFUSION, so then they are in a phase of searching. At one moment, they find what they are looking for – and something then cracks (Lotus) within them, everything becomes CLEAR, and a movement begins, in a new direction, which over time again grows into some form of fanatical belief and devotion. Then, they again come to a point of saturation, CONFUSION, and thereafter the desire to move on to something NEW (Cann-i). And so, they continuously cycle (Lotus), between the two basic opposites of their Code: CLARITY – CONFUSION (MURKINESS).

Here, we see the beginning of that stagnation, the state when their thoughts become murky (Lotus), when they enter the state of CONFUSION:

“I haven’t been going to church for the last year. Something has made me feel unwell about it. I don’t know what… That’s why I said I’m at a spiritual crossroads (state of CONFUSION), because for a year now I don’t know what to do, where to go (Lotus). The services I know by heart have become a bit tedious (Cann-i).” We see that there is a saturation point, entering a phase of “standing still”…

“However, something cracked (Lotus) inside me (the moment of coming out of paralysis, the state of CONFUSION), I started reading different literature, other spiritual paths (Lotus) began to interest me, like Coelho… I rushed (Lotus) into such different things, something won’t let me continue like that every day, coming and listening to the SAME (Cann-i) thing at church!”

“That’s why I am now CONFUSED! That’s why I tell you I’m at a spiritual crossroads (Lotus). It’s as if I suddenly forgot everything I knew about Christianity and now I’m suddenly CONFUSED!”, an example of stagnation, leading to a state of CONFUSION.

“I was standing still (Lotus) for about a year!”

“Now, before coming to you, my mother and daughter scared me with talking about the effects of the homeopathic remedies could have on me. That has now completely upset and CONFUSED me.”

“I started going to the Orthodox church and was at a total spiritual height (Lotus). Then, that began to fade, as sufferings (Lotus) began to come, troubles (Lotus), everything with my daughter, and it all kind of got lost in all that…” Entering a state of CONFUSION.

Here we see that, when the peak of one opposite is reached, in this case, CLARITY, a change happens, and it enters into the other opposite CONFUSION. When it also reaches its peak, she says, that something crackes, and she transitions into the other opposite.

The patient, whose Simillimum is Lotus, often invokes the opposite “CLARITY“…

Dr: “When I thought of you and the remedy I should give you, you sent a text message almost at that same moment… You said you were troubled by a cough!”

To this, the patient responds: “It’s CLEAR to me what you want to say!”

The doctor confirms and invokes the opposite from the Code: “What synchronicity! Everything has become CLEAR to us!”

Matrix fishing is a technique in which the homeopath invokes one of the opposites from the Code of the remedy, which he or she suspects could be the patient’s Simillimum – Soul remedy. Then, the homeopath observes the patient’s reaction to see if the patient has ‘taken the bait.’

Here, the opposite CLARITY from the remedy’s Code for Lotus: CLARITY – CONFUSED (MURKY), is intentionally emphasized, by the doctor, to see her reaction…

The patient “took the bait” because that word awakens her. She immediately senses the importance of the word and says: “The word ‘CLEAR’ is very important to me! I wanted to name my daughter Jasna (in Serbian language this name means ‘CLEAR’). It somehow imposed itself on me, but my husband chose another name because I named our first daughter!”

Dr: “We finally found the Simillimum!”, the woman is our regular patient, who got better after each remedy, but it was obvious we still hadn’t found the Simillimum… Then the patient says: “A chance to experience at least a few more beautiful and CLEAR years!”

Another Lotus patient says: “My mind is bad, all the time! I only have moments of being CLEAR, PURE consciousness, otherwise, I’m like in a fog (Lotus) CONFUSED.”

“With the stomach, it used to depend more on me, if I eat something bad, I know it’s from that and if I stop eating it, I get better and then it becomes so CLEAR, if – then…”

“Because of my CONFUSION, it’s very hard for me, to assess how much you are helping me. I’m not sure if you are helping or if it’s just subjective.”

“I was CONFUSED in church for a very long time, I couldn’t accept humility (Lotus) and renunciation (Lotus).”

A Lotus person sometimes likes to be alone, listening to music in peace, to have their own corner where they can spend hours, reading, drawing, doing something of their own…

So, one of the patients says: “I went to the Synagogue, to listen to music, just me (Lotus)! I would love to have more of that in my life!”

“I love to crochet, I’m always in colors, in some wool, threads (Lotus)! It pleases me, and I can’t do without it…”

When a Lotus person becomes CONFUSED, other people’s opinions easily influence them. They seek something to guide them, and then they enter the state of Lycopodium:

…I’ll take a bicycle stress test in a doctor’s office, and the doctor will exactly show me what my maximum is, how my heart works. I think it’s smart (Lyc) to do that…”

In essence, everything happens to them in phases (Lotus). They get hooked on something, then they do it with a lot of love, adoration, fully committed, to the point of saturation, when everything becomes the SAME (Cann-i), bored, and then they become CONFUSED.

They stay in that state for a while, not knowing what next, until the culmination of that state and something crackes in them, when they enter the state of Lycopodium. Interestingly, Lycopodium spores are used in fireworks because something crackes in them they pop! Then everything becomes CLEAR to them. They direct and tie their attention to something NEW (Cann-i), which again they do with love and adoration, and so the cycle (Lotus) continues…

Sacred Lotus (Image purchased on iStock)

Themes of the remedy

Lotus – a remedy with a thousand reflections

It’s usually difficult to recognize the Simillimum Lotus, as it can appear like any remedy, since it contains all remedies within itself! What is most manifested depends on the horizontal remedy, karmic remedies, situations… (you can read more about horizontal and karmic remedies in the book “Opening the Secret Door with Matrix and Tetractys in Homeopathy”, BJain Publishers, 2018)

They are like water, transparent, invisible, and what we see is flooded by qualities and elements from the horizontal plane, material, inherited… A beautiful palette with 1000 petals, 1000 images, 1000 reflections in the water, from which they grow.

Theme of Children

 They deeply love children, as they are child-like themselves, innocent, pure, good. They are interested in jobs that help children, especially those with developmental disorders, where the Lotus person has the chance to display their virtues of benevolence, selfless help, providing sincere empathy, love, and understanding. In such occupations, they simply Bloom.

Example: “But, I do that job with love, because I have always wanted to help someone who is helpless!”

Theme of Compassion

“It started with taking care of animals when I was little… I was always like some kind of psychotherapist to friends, to boyfriends. I was the one who would listen, pull them out of depression, give advice, it’s simply woven through my entire life.” Her voice is warm and strong, but at the same time soft, gentle, full of compassion.

They are very compassionate towards others, but they also expect the same from others towards them…

Example: “No doctor has ever really listened to me… They don’t even look at you, just type on their computer…”

Example: “Yes, I’ve always wanted to work with children with disabilities and when I turned 40 my dream came true (Lotus, Morph). It’s like a madhouse there, but without drugs, and 90% of the children are aggressive. I come home with bruises – the children beat you up! Teachers end up with broken ribs in the emergency room and so on…

There are those big ones who can’t control themselves, and you can’t do anything because they are ill. At work, get beaten up and everything, but I love (Lotus) that job. I have one wonderful child (Lotus) whom I’ve been a personal companion to for five years now, and I am satisfied (Lotus).”

They adore the Moon and moonlight, which is also a theme of compassion. In the role of a writer, they represent the Moon in the most beautiful way…

“I don’t like the Sun, I love the Moon, and I just read in books about the path of the tradition of the sun and the path of the tradition of the moon. I am extremely interested in the tradition of the Moon (Lotus), because I am a writer (Lotus) and I have written a lot about the Moon (Lotus). I adore the Moon (Lotus)!”

“Lilith can be found in various mythologies and religions, and by one story, originated from the crust of the Moon! Imagine!”

“The Moon is something wonderful for me! I can’t describe how much I love the Moon! I mentioned it in my poems (Lotus), and the Moon is my witness. I just love it, so I love the Moon!!!”

Theme of Suicidal Tendencies

They have phases when they want to end their life, but they don’t go through with that. The love for their dear ones and God is so immense within them, that it overcomes all those dark thoughts and feelings. When they want to commit suicide (Lotus), their thoughts (Lotus) become MUDDLED (Lotus)

Example: “I actually tried to kill myself when I was 18 years old and then I realized something is wrong.”

Example: “To teach about books that all end with suicide, from ancient dramas, through Goethe to Anna Karenina who jumped under a train… I won’t list all the literary works that end with suicide… To teach children about suicide – I won’t! I don’t want to do that anymore!”

Example: “No doctor knows this… It starts with an unpleasant feeling in the stomach that spreads and feels like someone is kicking me in the stomach, then it goes to my brain. It MUDDLES (Lotus) my thoughts (Lotus), I get dizzy (Lotus, Morph) and I get such thoughts. Now, I’m not stupid, I know that thoughts don’t come from the stomach, but from the head. I subjectively experience it from the stomach!”

Example: “Breath becomes shallow and thoughts become insane, like – how life is meaningless, close to suicidal… And the person is capable of doing anything, getting high, drinking alcohol, to suppress that state, or to harm themselves. It’s not possible to endure (Lotus) how TERRIBLE (Stram) it is. It’s such an intense (Lotus) feeling…”

Example: “It’s an unbearable (Lotus) feeling that spreads from the stomach, overwhelms my thoughts and then from those thoughts starts DEPRESSION (Morph). The depression is so strong that I can’t move out of bed (Lotus). I can’t change my body position (Lotus), I can’t reach out to take a cigarette from the table (Lotus) by myself, I can’t go to the bathroom until the last moment (Lotus)!”

There is a state of paralysis (Lotus), mental, but also physical.

Example: “Yes, I feel like paralyzed (Lotus), I can’t shower for days, I’m not able to work, of course, in that state.”

“…so, without medication, I happened to spend seven months in bed, because I didn’t want to take it.”

Here we see how Lotus enters a phase of standing still (Lotus), led by CONFUSION.

Indeed, they fall into a very difficult state…

 Example: Dr: “What does it feel like in your body while you’re lying down?”

Patient: “The feeling is that I can’t move (Lotus). I don’t know where it comes from. It’s like I’m paralyzed (Lotus). The priest tells me that I am possessed by demons at that time. It really seems like it. Those negative thoughts spin (Morph) in my head, as if they are MUDDLED (Lotus), I can’t grasp them (Lotus), I can’t function (Lotus), thoughts are dark – about the meaninglessness of life (Lotus, Morph), how you want to kill yourself (Lotus, Morph), you elaborate a detailed plan for suicide (Lotus, Morph).

In the end, I fly to the bathroom at the last moment to pee, and even for a stool, I wait until the last second because I can’t move (Lotus, Morph). Then, I empty out, usually it’s diarrhea (Lotus), just like water flowing (Lotus).”

In the proving by Pillay (2017), six provers felt negative thoughts: “grumpy, moody, agitated, frustrated, lonely, and sad.”

Theme of Paralysis

In the previous examples, we can see how prominent the theme of paralysis is, present at all levels – mental, emotional, and physical.  This state can sometimes last for months, even years.

“It’s as if I don’t have the right coordinates, as if I’m not quite fully in this dimension. My concentration is poor, feeling that I’m becoming stupid, that my consciousness is narrowing, feeling unwell and having a problem to even move my eyes (Lotus, paralysis), let alone something more complicated. Then I feel CONFUSED, unable to find the word, unable to express myself, unable to decide whether I want to eat lunch with bread or without bread… When I say that my stomach hurts, it’s actually my head that is under attack!”

Theme of Dreams

She wanted to help children with developmental disorders:

“Yes, I’ve always wanted that and at 40 my dream (Morph, Lotus) came true.”

She explains how she came to therapy:

“Yes, I dreamed (Morph, Lotus) of you two nights in a row and then everything began. Just your image and nothing more… I dreamed in color (Lotus).”

The dreams of Morphinum are usually colored in darker shades, like coffee spilled on a sheet of paper, while the dreams of Lotus are colorful.

 Theme of Gender: Male – Female

The theme of gender, as well as the struggle for gender equality, is highly emphasized.

One Lotus patient was fascinated with Lilith, supposedly Adam’s first wife, and spoke about her with great enthusiasm and passion. She was most fascinated by how Lilith refused to be subjugated by Adam!

Again, another Lotus patient, who had sung in the church choir for five years, eventually had to leave the choir because she stood up to defend the priest’s wife, who was being psychologically harassed by the priest.

A younger male Lotus patient shared a joke with us, at the end of the visit, that pertains to gender: “I heard a silly joke! ‘How do you know if a cat is male or female? Give it something to eat, if ‘she’ ate, then it’s female, if ‘he’ ate, then it’s male!'” Hahaha… (While telling us this he was petting our white kitten…)

Theme of Victimhood

They are often victims of alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse. On one hand, they attract dark things because they are very bright, naive, uncorrupted, but on the other, they enter dangerous situations, don’t shy away, due to a complete absence of fear.

So, they can live in a family where everyone is alcoholic. Dad, mom, and eventually, they themselves becomes an addict. Physical confrontations can occur, leading to injuries, broken limbs, severe bodily harm.

Unfortunately, they often end up in psychiatry, on piles of medication, due to the consequences of such conflicts arising from alcohol, drugs… And their children become addicts, and everything goes in a circle (Lotus).

Example: “My dad used to beat me a lot. The last time he beat me, he broke my arm! After that, he never touched me again, as he got weaker and older, so he couldn’t.”

Example: “It’s a catastrophic situation at home right now, in terms of exploiting me (Lotus).”

Example: “Yes, but then it can no longer be endured (Lotus), so it leads to hospitalization, new ‘candies’, medication, and around and around it goes (Lotus)!”

Example: “My husband is unstable, so I’m the one he can lash out at (Lotus)!”

Example: “I don’t put up with anything anymore! (Lotus)”

They get into problems and become victims of the situation…

Example:It’s very risky (Lotus) behavior for someone who wants to stick their nose into everything (Lotus), thinks they are omnipotent and can do anything. But it lasts only a short while because it’s accompanied by not eating, not sleeping, so it leads to great exhaustion (Phos-ac).

Allopathic doctors call that plus and minus. That’s why it is called bipolar, it has two poles, from plus EUPHORIA (Morph), boom into minus DEPRESSION (Morph) (gestures from up to down), so up – down (Lotus)…”

They love animals, especially cats!

“I adore cats, we’ve always had a cat in the house! Our last one lived for 20 years! She died after my father’s death, from grieving for him. Now we’ve taken one from the street… It’s very cold outside…”

Theme of Spiritual Strength

They are extremely spiritually strong, so even when they are on psychiatric drugs for years, they retain the awareness that they are unwell and have the desire to be healed, to leave those drugs.

Example: “The therapy they tried on me, from which I was like a blank sheet of paper (Lotus), like a zombie, aggressive, until they found these, from which I have been well for 6-7 years. I graduated from university, got a job and so on, but my intellect cannot reconcile with being incurable, sick, and having to take those drugs for life…”

They do not know how to speak untruths. They must sincerely tell everything, which often leads to consequences. They simply cannot lie, even if it’s well-intentioned.

They possess immense love, compassion, determination, and readiness for sacrifice.

“A living person gets used to everything (Serbian saying). Like doctors in the emergency room, they bring in bloody and broken people (Lotus), and doctor is eating a sandwich. Look, that’s already a kind of numbness a person must acquire to endure (Lotus).

A surgeon cannot open up a person to perform heart surgery (Lotus), and then start crying because the person is sick. He must work at that moment, whether he will cry later or not, that’s his business. It’s like how I’ve gotten used to going to my school with disabled children every day.

People who try to work there stay a day or two, then can’t handle it, cry and leave. I dreamed (Lotus, Morph) about those kids for the first 6 months, and it was hard for me to get used to it because I am very emotional. But, after a while, you get used to it… You go on smoke breaks, you eat next to them, you have to relax a bit and get desensitized, joke with colleagues, life goes on (Lotus), normally… You have to, because how else would you work there?”

Theme of Exhaustion

When they get stuck in a state of CONFUSION, they eventually become completely exhausted due to not eating, not sleeping… Due to exhaustion, they may succumb to stimulants, coffee, nicotine, marijuana, various pills, drugs.

Theme of Water

The theme of water is always present in this remedy. They love the mountains and cold, clear water. The tears of Morphinum create a lake from which the Lotus grows.

“So, I also used to take my exams, “like cold water!“ (Lotus) (in Serbian this expression means to do something with ease)”

“Then I empty out, usually diarrhea (Lotus), it’s just like water flowing (Lotus)!”

“I would like a glass of water… (Lotus)

“I’m not giving up cold water (Lotus)!”

Dr: “And you asked me something about holy water?“
Patient: “Can I drink holy water from churches and monasteries (Lotus)?”

“In the last year, I’ve gotten hooked on ice water from the fridge. I drink it, summer and winter, ice-cold water (Lotus)! I got hooked in the summer because it was refreshing in the heat, and I continued in autumn and winter. I can’t get off cold water now. Two big bottles always stand in the fridge, cooling water, because I only drink ice-cold water (Lotus).”

The mother of a Lotus girl says: “She urinates very little, even though she drinks water (Lotus)! It was like that from the first day she stopped using diapers. She urinated very little even when she had diapers… Somehow, even if she gets up at 7am, I can barely persuade her at noon to urinate! For example, we went to vacation to the seaside by car and only after 13 hours I persuaded her to go pee! Even though she ate and drank water along the way… Like, she doesn’t feel like peeing!”

Theme of the Number 1000

Mother of the Lotus girl: “When she met a child from the kindergarten on the street, oh… Such happiness! As if they hadn’t seen each other for a thousand (Lotus) years. There’s hugging, kissing…”

“The news reported that there will be 1,000 (Lotus) and something open job positions in education.”

Things happen in a circles… Morphinum is the number 1, while Lotus is 0 and 1000. Interestingly, we found that the Simillimum of the husband of one of our Lotus patients is indeed – Morphinum!

I never accepted it (Lotus) as a permanent solution and every time I try to leave the medication I end up in a suicidal state. Then I get hospitalized and so it goes in a circles (Lotus)! (just like an earring, that symbolizes Lotus, is a circle, while Morphinum is like the earring hole)”

She herself mentions the number 1000:

“Like a thousand (Lotus) infatuations, like a thousand (Lotus) orgasms, like a thousand (Lotus) hits of cocaine…”

And the Lotus is a flower with a thousand petals – the symbol of the Sahasrara chakra!

In Egyptian hieroglyphs, the symbol of the sacred Lotus is the sign for the number 1000:

Theme of Professions

They can be writers, who adore the moonlight, write poems about the Moon…

A Lotus patient shows enthusiasm for the Moon: “A woman in the library studied everything about Lilith from various mythologies and religions, and according to one story, she originated from the crust of the Moon!

Lotus individuals are the best healers because they have compassion, immense love for all beings, loyalty and fidelity to truth, courage, selfless giving, and a complete dedication in which they burn with spiritual strength and warmth.

They are very good as caregivers because they are selfless, compassionate, brave, open, and have the strength and intensity to cope with it.

Child companion for children with special needs, working with children with developmental disorders.

They can be singers in monasteries – chanters, as spiritual songs totally enchant them. The parallel in India would be the pandits, who can sing for hours.

Theme of Smart – Dumb

They are very intelligent, learn quickly, remember well, and can have a higher than average IQ. So, the patient says: “That’s how I used to pass my exams effortlessly, studying for just one or two nights and I’d get an A! My IQ is above average (Lotus) and that very IQ doesn’t allow me to accept my situation for what it is. I have an incurable illness, bipolar disorder – manic-depressive psychosis, more commonly known as manic depression. I’ve been on psychiatric drugs for 20 years, until a month ago.”

She narrates this as if reciting, like a child defending oneself, or answering in class. After saying this, she returns to her usual tone and manner of speaking, which is much warmer and more relaxed.

Another Lotus patient tells a joke related to cats and at the beginning says: “It may sound dumb…”

“Well now, I’m not dumb (Lotus), I know that thoughts come from the head and not the stomach, but I subjectively experience it from the stomach!”

In all these examples it’s like the patients are trying to prove they are not dumb. Probably they have been called dumb by others before, when they fall from CLARITY into the phase of CONFUSION!

 Theme of Repeating Cycle

Example: “Firstly (Morph), grammar has changed since I was 18 years old, I have to relearn everything all over again (Lotus), I’ve forgotten all those books, I don’t want to go to another workplace…”

Dr: “You said that you lay in your bed for seven months…”
Patient: “Yes, but then one can’t stand it anymore (Lotus), and that led to hospitalization, new ‘candies’, medications, and it goes in a circle, round and round (Lotus)!”

Theme of Religiosity

Lotus seeks God in everything and always.

“I come from a family that doesn’t believe in God. I was looking at the flowers (Lotus) in my BEAUTIFUL (Carc, Manc) garden, those diverse colors (Lotus, Carc), and shapes (Lotus, Morph) and I thought: ‘Only He, the one (Morph) alone, could have created this! I didn’t even know the term God, but I’ve been spiritual since I was little (Lotus).’

“Spiritual searching turned into me going through various sects in my youth, yogas, meditations… I even had my guru! I went through hippie, Christian communities, there’s nowhere I haven’t been, I was just seeking spirituality and God (Lotus).”

“Even if a person knows not a single prayer, if he is grateful from the heart (Lotus), God will accept him.”

“…at the beginning, you give thanks (Lotus) for two things, and you don’t know what else to say, but once it starts and flows (Lotus, like water), you can’t stop giving thanks…Then you are grateful to see a beautiful flower (and she is a flower), that you are alive at all, that you opened your eyes that morning, that God has given you another day… Then the torrent (Lotus, again water) starts.”

“I take it very seriously and am fully dedicated.”

“When I talk about going to church, I mean that I was at all the services every day (Lotus), plus helped out there (Lotus)!”

“I had hallucinations in states of euphoria, I had negative visions, of negative worlds. Since I was a hippie at that time, I expanded my mind with drugs to reach God (Lotus), me, an idiot (Bufo). It all got mixed up (Lotus) and jumbled (Lotus), and then you end up in psychiatry for two months, and that’s it…”

Dr: “You wanted to know God, since you were little?”

“Ever since I can remember… I remember when I was 3-4 years old, I became aware of God’s presence (Lotus).”

“So, I settled down in the Orthodox Church for the last twenty years, and here I am now.”

“I experienced an abnormal attack (Lotus) which I call a free divine (Lotus) grace. Those are states, when I found Christ, and it held me for two years, I could heal people (Lotus), lay my hands on them, pray to God, I was a channel to God. I wasn’t the one healing, how would I know how to heal people? I healed people from heroin, from various diseases, and that gift lasted for two years.”

“He told me that I was on the right path (Lotus)…”

“…as if you are in heaven…”

“For Christmas Eve, so many firecrackers are thrown around that fire, it’s something unbearable, I literally flip out and scream alone (Lotus), and then everyone looks at me as if I’ve gone mad.”

“I realized that I am not God, I am not the source of reality, that I can, if I am honest, only observe what happens, I can’t predict and I can’t cause, but only notice what happens. That part, that truth exists and is outside of me, that something happens, that I am a participant, but not the creator. I am not the source of it, but just aware of the events.”

“I am not a helpless observer, but there are CLEAR (Lotus) boundaries that frame me, and it is very easy to notice a speck in your brother’s eye. I easily see how people, who reject God, go towards a darker path, and I do not see it in myself. I am blind to it, but the more humble (Lotus) I am, the more obvious it is that I am no better than other people. The Christian idea is that we are all sinners (Lotus), only whether we will recognize that and renounce bad things, try to turn towards a good path. I like that part, that it is never too late, at the deathbed (Lotus) you can say “I give up!”, because it doesn’t matter how many bad things you have done, things can get even worse (Lotus), so give up on bad things, start on the good side….”

Theme of Disabilities

Lotus and Morphinum are connected to people with disabilities, children who were born with developmental disorders. Morphinum aims to open a center for the treatment and care of these children, while Lotus is actively involved in working with them…

“How many people do not have both legs (Morph)! I buy tobacco from people with disabilities (Morph)! How many people lack both legs, as well as the sense of smell, hearing… (Morph) It’s enough to come to my school, to see all the suffering (Lotus), to be thankful to God (Lotus) for the rest of your life.”

God constantly reminds me how blessed I am, just for having two eyes, two ears, two legs, at least that… It could always be worse! One should always remember that! (Lotus)”

Lotus as a Karmic Remedy:

  • Outbursts to loved ones
  • Breaking stuff in the house out of clumsiness
  • Excruciating pain, followed by nausea and feeling of heat, Lotus can protect the cardiovascular system in this kind of situation
  • Toothache
  • Bone fracture
  • Heart attack
  • Sunstroke
  • Violence against children, physical and sexual
  • Violence against women, physical and sexual
  • Outbursts of anger before death
  • In the passage of the soul
  • Pulmonary diseases
  • Rapid and irregular heart activity
  • Eye, Retinal detachment
  • After heart ablation surgery

Relationships with other remedies:

First Precode Hyoscyamus niger with Code: CLEAN – DISGUSTING

Lotus patients really like everything to be clean in the house, although they rarely have enough concentration to clean by themselves.

Example: “…and in euphoria, there is a feeling that you can do anything, you’ll sort out five exams in one night, scrub the whole apartment three times! (Hyos)

There is a theme of disgust and nausea which they often feel as soon as they overheat, because they are very sensitive to the sun and heat. Also, they can get a sense of disgust for a person who is close to them.

“…my daughter complained to mom that I smell terrible (Hyos) these days. I shower, I scrub the room, but it still smells…”

The warmth of heart they have is largely derived from Hyoscyamus, which is passionate and affectionate.

In the phase of increased sexuality, CONFUSION becomes prominent, which follows after sexual intercourse.

“…you feel disoriented (CONFUSED), dizzy, a feeling of nausea (Hyos), and that’s roughly it…”

Girlfriend of a Lotus patient: “When he gets angry, he turns all red (Hyos), swears a lot (Hyos), then he even sometimes spits (Hyos) at me…”

She can be a bit vulgar in her expression: “No one wants to do that… To wipe someone else’s ass (Carc)…”

“Anything can provoke you to go wild (Hyos) and get angry (Hyos)!”

I had a physical outburst towards my parents (Hyos) more than once, and sometimes I banged around the apartment (Hyos), in phases I was on drugs and alcohol, of course… Sometimes I was very wild (Hyos)!

A patient who had heart ablation says: “The pulse should be 60, but it was 100! And, at that moment when I realized it was 100, then it went to 140, I breathed deeply, then calmed down… So, I go crazy in a second (Hyos)!”

After the ablation procedure, it got even worse for him! More frequent panic attacks with arrhythmias were occurring, because the cause of the disorder was not resolved.

Ablation is a procedure that reduces symptoms of atrial fibrillation such as rapid and irregular heart activity, shortness of breath, intolerance to exertion. Ablation is advised if other treatment methods do not yield desired results. The goal of the procedure, which is performed under general or local anesthesia, is to establish a normal heart rhythm (Lotus).

Second Precode Cantharis with Code: TRAGIC – CALM

Lotus patients are prone to tragic events, tragic loves… If that happens, the doors to the Code open and that CONFUSES them, so they do not know what to do next.

“I love mountains (Lotus), I do not love the sea, because even in the shade I get sunstroke (Lotus), and in April I get skin burns (Canth) (Lotus), because I have a very fair complexion (Lotus)!”

“They won’t change my doctor, and she would just burn me (Canth), cleanse me (Hyos), freeze me (Canth)!”

“I love bonfires (Lotus) for Christmas Eve…” (Bonfires of dry oak tree branches with leaves are part of Serbian Christmas tradition)

Alcohol affects them badly, so they often end up in the emergency room…

“Last night I was at the emergency room again, after the celebration arrhythmias (Lotus) started…”

There is a TRAGIC (Canth) tone when they describe such an event, because it is so dangerous that they are always close to death.

“… as if the heart is going to stop (Lotus) just stop working and I am dying (Lotus)!”

“… all night I prayed to God not to die (Lotus) from a whooping cough, because what I am coughing now is from tobacco. I’ve been smoking for over 30 years, but the doctors talk about that, and it really feels like my lungs are tearing apart…”

Due to high sensitivity, allergic reactions can be very violent

“When I was stung by a wasp (Lotus) on the neck, I ended up in the emergency room! They barely saved me because I swelled up (Lotus). They said if I had come a little later, I would have suffocated (Lotus).”

“I have an allergy to wool (Lotus), once I ended up in the emergency room because I wore a wool sweater!”

“I admire myself how I scream (Hyos) when he asks me things that he should already know, which are logical! I yell: “Are you normal (Lotus)?” I get angry, furious (Hyos) at him, but also at myself, because I do not recognize why this bothers me so much now! I have explosions (Canth). There is no stability (Canth)!”

“In fact, when I love something (Hyos), I burn out (Canth) in it!”

Here we can see how the patient calls out both Precodes, Hyoscyamus niger and Cantharis!

Complementary remedy Morphinum with Code:

The tears of Morphinum create a lake from which the Lotus then grows.

It could be said that Morphinum and Lotus are found in everything, as a kind of primordial duality, 1 and 0 in binary code.

Both remedies can act foolishly, but Lotus is essentially confused and clumsy in its naivety, sticks its nose where it should and shouldn’t, while Morphinum hesitates and avoids dangerous situations.

It could be said that Lotus exposes itself a lot (rushes in), does not see danger, while Morphinum hesitates a lot, and sees danger in everything.

A Morphinum person will say: “I can endure everything! (Morph)“, and Lotus says: “It is not possible to endure (Lotus)! So terrible… The feeling is that strong…”

Both remedies have a theme of religiosity. Morphinum is more of a Godfearing person, while in Lotus its religiosity is primarily out of love and compassion.

It could be said more precisely, that in Morphinum there is religiosity, as the perfection of the material world, while in Lotus it is more intangible spirituality, everything related to the spiritual world.

Morphinum symbolizes the darkness of night, and Lotus – the crack (Lotus) of dawn!

Morhinum is a symbol of sunset, the end of the cycle, death, while Lotus is a symbol of sunrise, the beginning of the cycle, birth, purity, and innocence.

She herself says: “…I was like an empty, white sheet of paper (Lotus)!”

Example: “First (Morph), the grammar has changed since I was 18 years old, I have to relearn (Lotus) everything again, all those books I have forgotten. I don’t want to change my job.”

We see the connection with the remedy Morphinum, “first (Morph),” and in the next sentence, we also see the idea of hanging (Morph).

“My mum and doughter hung (Morph) on my minimum wage, and spend it on themselves… And they give me nothing! I think they give me 150€, hahaha…”

In the Serbian language, it is not usual to use the word “hung” in this context, so it’s a word she uses a lot, even when it’s out of place, like in this sentence. One would say: “They ‘clung’ to my minimum wage!”

“But I do nothing to harm myself (Lotus)!” (The difference between Morph and Lotus) “Because I love my mother and my daughter enough and because I believe in God! I know that God gives life and that I have no right to take it away, and I do not want to go to hell which lasts forever.”

When a Lotus person gets CONFUSED, then the opinions of others easily influence her, and she most often enters a state of Morphinum.

My thoughts are torn apart (Morph, Lotus) and they change rapidly, then the noises start to irritate you (Morph, Lotus), something that someone said, anything can provoke you to rage and get angry (Morph, Lotus).”

“I used to beat up my parents, bang around the apartment, during phases of drugs and alcohol, of course… I could be very wild and destructive (Lotus, Morph).”

“Before, I suffered from insomnia (Lotus, Morph), but now I behave in a completely opposite (Morph, Lotus) manner. Some weekend ago, I slept for more than 16 hours… I went to bed at 3 PM and woke up at 7 AM. That is something abnormal. In depression, I escape into sleep (Lotus, Morph)!”

They have the same theme when parents pressure them: “My mom wants to get me out of this job and to take a job of a professor, but I don’t want to be that anymore.”

The similarity of Lotus and Morphinum is that they strictly refuse to do what they do not want!

“To teach children about suicide (Morph) – I won’t. I will not do that. I can’t do that. (Lotus)!” Lotus refuses as a victim, won’t and can’t do something, while Morph says: “I won’t, but I could!”, and then, lets someone else do it instead. In the case of a Morphinum person, it will be done to the end, but by someone else, while in the case of a Lotus person, it will not be done at all.”

“They want me to bring the holy water (Lotus) from the church, me to do everything, while they ‘believe’! (Lotus) I have refused, for the second year now, I will not do it for the St. Nicholas day! St. Nicholas is on Tuesday, I won’t do it because I don’t feel like doing it!!! (Lotus)

When they use drugs, drink alcohol, live freely, they enter a state of Morphinum:

Example: “Back when I was young, I was most often completely the opposite, in a feeling of EUPHORIA (Morph), the feeling that you can do anything, very high self-esteem, as opposed to DEPRESSION (Morph) where self-esteem is very low and there is a feeling of guilt and remorse. In EUPHORIA (Morph), there is a feeling that you can do anything, you can get through 5 exams in one night, scrub the whole apartment 3 times, run 15 laps around the city of Novi Sad, abnormal energy, happiness, joy, strength, that is the state in which I also turned to drugs, and behaved promiscuously.”

For better understanding of the relations of these two remedies you can read more about the remedy Morphinum on the following link:

Similar Remedy:
Silica terra with the Code: SECURE (SURE) – INSECURE

Back pain (Sil, Lotus), Silica terra supports the spine.

Lotus is a flower that stands above water, has a long stem, needs support for an upright position.

“I never swim because of my spine, I always stay just in the shallow end.” Here we can see how a Lotus person doesn’t like to be in deep water, but in the shallow end, just like Lotus flower.

Lotus has weak, sparse and thin hair (Sil, Lotus).

SURELY (Sil), my hair (Sil) is not my strong point! I had to put in a perm, so I wouldn’t have just two hairs on my head (Sil, Lotus)!”

“…I feel very sorry when something has to be thrown away from the fridge (Sil), something that wasn’t eaten in time. I always remember the hungry children in Ethiopia who have nothing to eat, man! Or something like that!”

“It’s very difficult because of my CONFUSION (Lotus) to assess how much of these changes is due to you therapy, I am NOT SURE (Sil) whether you are helping or if it’s just subjective.”

“I see how things change with your therapy, but I am NOT SURE (Sil) what it would be like if I didn’t come because I can’t verify that.”

“Now before coming to you, my mother and daughter scared me, with talking about the effects of the homeopathic remedies could have on me. That disturbed and CONFUSED (Lotus) me, I feel now INSECURE (Sil)!”

Remedies that Follow

Crotalus horridus, Lycopodium clavatum, Lachesis muta, Galanthus nivalis, Magnesium muriaticum

Acute Conditions:

There is an excessive sensitivity of the system on the one side, while on the other side, there is great strength, desire, initiative, and therefore it often enters into imbalance due to abruptness and intensity, which leads them into acute conditions.

Vespa – sudden swelling

Stramonium – sudden fears

Hyoscyamus niger – sudden expressions of love, but also cursing, spitting

Cantharis – sunburn

Mancinella – sudden disturbances of heart rhythm with a feeling that the heart will stop and that they will die, with panic and rushing to the hospital

Physical level of manifestation

Affinity of the remedy:

  • head, pain in the form of discomfort that comes from the stomach
  • stomach, boiling and turning in circles, burping after eating something, screaming from burping, pain that spreads to the head, which prevents sleep. Then cannot lie down, must stand up and lean forward because gases go to the heart.
    “All the problems I have, the head, the heart, the skin, are from the stomach!”
  • heart, arrhythmias, feeling that the heart will stop, then it starts, stops, then starts again, as if it will cease to work and he will die!
  • Low blood pressure, especially in summer and when it is warm
    Dr: “How do you feel when your blood pressure drops?” Patient: “Disgusting, spinning (Morph) in my head, I can’t do anything, I’m so disabled, but luckily it’s summer break, so I don’t have to work.”
  • Heatstroke

“It’s like when you have low blood pressure, only 15 times worse! Dizziness, nausea, disorientation, gone in two, three days…”

“I don’t go to the beach… When I was little, I got blisters on my skin from the sun and because I was hot.”

  • Radiation, radioactivity
  • Dizziness
  • Ears, inflammation of both ears, but more often just the right one
  • Eyes, visual snow, floaters, bothered by light, as if an object is approaching, then moving away, retinal detachment
  • Spine, sciatica, curvature so can’t stand upright
  • Throat, as if feels thorns, and some blunt objects, blisters, like a foreign body is stuck, nodules, hairs, something accumulated there
  • Lungs, breathing sounds like crackling when walking on snow, strong cough, dry, substantial – a cough that lasts for years, bronchitis, pneumonia from smoking, burning in the chest, burning in the throat, cough after inhalation with abdominal muscle pain
  • Uterus, cervical cancer, fibroid of the uterine wall, menstrual pain
  • Umbilical cord
  • Stool, constipation for over seven days: “Suddenly it stops and hardens like clay after firing…”
  • Sunburn
  • Allergies, to wool, wasp sting, sudden swellings
  • Fractures, arms, legs, ribs (long bones)
  • Skin, sensitive, tender
    “The skin is white, soft, like a baby’s, without a single spot!! And everyone admires my skin, they say they would like to have such skin!”
    “Yes, my whole life! That’s why it’s so sensitive to the sun, because I’m all like that, like a baby, I literally have to protect myself like a little baby from the sun!”
    Dr: “Without a single spot!!! Really?” Patient: “Yes, I don’t have pimples, I don’t have acne, I don’t have spots, I have nothing, I have skin like a baby. My biggest asset is my skin!


– Stasis, Paralysis

– Uncontrolled urination

– Uncontrolled defecation

– Sleep, cannot sleep or sleeps too much

– Dysfunction

– Exhaustion from the stomach

– Hyperactive

– Intense

– Focused

– Driven


Aggravates: heat, summer, Sun, alcohol, wasp stings, wool, synthetics, riding in car, exhaust fumes, sounds, noise, when stops, when waiting

Ameliorates: cold, winter, Moonlight, snow, purity, cold water, scooter, airplane, to get going, silence, peace, love, hug, poems


– Child

– Heart, heart rhythm, pulse (Tub, Ars)

– Moon (Arg-n)

– Water, cold (Arg-n)

– Poems (Tub, Arg-n)

– Writer (Arg-n)

– Crack

– Brave

– Open (Dros)

– Honest

– Sensitive

– Tender

– Fragile

– Tough (Arg-n)

– Enduring (Sil)

– Courage

– Purity (Carc)

– God loving person

– Reincarnation

– Regeneration

– Adoration (Hyos)

– Love (Calc-p)

– Cat (Arg-n)

– Fanaticism, rigid (Staph)

– Rough, curt (Staph)

– Intense (Merc)

– Turning point (Crot-h)

– Spirituality

– Number 0, 1000

– Injury (Mag-m, Staph, Bellis-p)

– In circles – again

– Naivety

– Suicidal, but does not go through with it

– Paralysis (Arg-n)

– Colorful dream

– Victim (Tub)

– Unbearable

– Stands / flows

– Risk

– Compassion

– God, Church, Monastery, religion (Aur, Morph)

– Guilt (Lyc, Bellis-p)

– Suffering (Tub)

– Sunstroke (Bell, Phos)

– Burns (Canth, Arg-n)

– Skin tender as a baby’s

– Tragedy (Canth)

– Rushing (Plumeria)

– Blank sheet of paper

– Sinners (Morph)

– On the deathbed (Morph, Op)

– “Things can get worse”

– Observer (Calc)

– Floating (“my stool is always floating”, Bufo)

– Sinking (Mur-ac)

– Theme of genders male – female (Pall, Plat)

– Open (Dros)

– Spiritual paths

– Troubles

– Renunciation (Staph)

– Responsibility (Tub, Kali-p)

– Humility (Lyc, Morph)

– To share (Phos)

– Equality (Crot-h)

– Disobedience (Crot-h)

– Snow (Marb-w)

– Aliens

– White button

– Keys

– Disappearing

– Phases, like the Moon’s

– Accordion

– Flash

– Accumulated

– Legacy

– Angry

– Soft, but loud voice (Hyos)

– “Thank you!”

The Cycle of Lotus:

First, the water stands still (Lotus), begins to get MUDDY (Lotus), dizziness (Lotus) starts, state of CONFUSION (Lotus). Then, something cracks and the water starts flowing, everything becomes CLEAR (Lotus). That is the period when a Lotus person is driven, hyperactive, focused. Then it calms down again and begins to stand still (Lotus).

Symbols of the Lotus:

  1. A white button, while the 4 black holes in the button correspond to Morphinum. The number 4 signifies matter, and Morphinum is the culmination of material manifestation.

The white button is a symbol of unity because a circle encompasses everything! The music group “Bijelo Dugme” was a symbol of the unity of Yugoslavia, and it is believed that the group disbanded together with the breakup of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was a multiethnic country, full of love, brotherhood and unity (Lotus)!
The parents of the Lotus girl also talk about unity and love:
Father: “She loves going to kindergarten, loves the teachers… There is so much love! She gives kisses to everyone, every time, both when arriving and leaving.”
Mother: “When she met a child from kindergarten on the street, oh… What happiness! As if they hadn’t seen each other for a thousand (Lotus) years. There are hugs, kisses…”
Father: “They are really, like a team, very united, simply unbelievable. As a group, they are united! The children are great, but so are the teachers! In the whole group, everyone loves each other!

  1. When accordion playing, as it expands, it is like opening the petals of a Lotus. And there is also a button (Lotus) accordion!

  1. Snowballs and Snowman
    Snowballs are in the shape of a ball, circular like the number zero.They are made from snow, which is frozen water. In a Lotus person, something cracks, like a snowball when it hits someone! Then they focus attention and direct themselves to something new. They come out of a state of CONFUSION, it becomes CLEAR to them what they need to do next. The patient says: “Then something cracks (Lotus) inside me, and everything becomes CLEAR to me!”

Lotus, with its divine essence, eases the soul’s journey from the conclusion of one life to the birth of another. This serene state offers the soul relief from the harsh sensory experiences of the material world, free from violence, worry, and deceit. It is a realm of utter peace, born from the merging of crystalline CLARITY and muddled CONFUSION into Oneness.

This state represents the zenith of a soul’s evolution, a goal each soul strives towards. The lake from which it grows breathes this peace, when the merging into One is achieved. The feeling is divine, a feeling of physical absence, yet simultaneously of high mental awareness and presence. This ultimate rest for the soul in the Oneness is achieved by merging of CLARITY and CONFUSION into a new higher state, the state of TRANQUILITY.

Buddhist Story:

One day, a Buddhist monk known for his wisdom arrived in a village. The villagers, eager to hear his teachings, gathered around him. The monk noticed a pond with blooming lotuses on his way to the village and decided to lead them there.

As they sat by the pond, the monk pointed to the lotus flowers and said, “Consider the lotus flower. It grows in murky water, yet blooms into something pure and beautiful. This murky water is like the suffering, chaos, and dirtiness of life that muddies the mind and brings confusion. Despite growing in such conditions, the lotus strives towards the clear, celestial light and blooms untainted.”

The villagers listened attentively as the monk continued, “Each of you is like a lotus seed. You are in the murky water of life, full of challenges, suffering, and impurities. But, just like the lotus flower, you have the potential to rise above it all and blossom in your purest essence. That is the path to enlightenment.”

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Dr. Mirjana Zivanov DDS, Registered homeopath, graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and London International College of Homeopathy. She has 20 years of everyday clinical practice in classical homeopathy, at the Homeopathic Clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia. She is the founder of this Clinic. She is an associate member of Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, UK. She is the author of the books: “Homeopathy in Practice”, "Homeopathic medicine - Principles", "Homeopathic medicine - Invisible Influences", and many published articles. The books published by BJain on her Matrix Method in 2018 are: "Matrix Method with Tetractys Model in Homeopathy" and "Opening the Secret Door with Matrix & Tetractys in Homeopathy". Dr. Mirjana is the creator of the "Matrix Method" in homeopathy, and she presented it at international congresses: IHS London 2015, IHS London 2016, IHC Bangalore, India 2017, lecture at SLD Novi Sad, Serbia 2017, and at the IHC London 2018, IHC London 2019. She was awarded with the HCH “Star of Homeopathy” in London, 2019. and in 2020 with CoA CORONA WARRIOR by SYSI, New Delhi. In 2021 Dr. Zivanov developed the Karmic Labyrinth method. More information: and Dr. Mirjana Zivanov’s contact: [email protected]


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  • It is a very serious research in the field of homeopathic medicine of a Remedy that is practically unknown as a similimum. Far beyond the usual practice of systemic repertorization, which is usually insufficient in the case of lotus due to the low representation in these homeopathic auxiliary tools, Dr. Zivanov presents us with the results obtained from several recorded and thoroughly studied cases that came for therapy at our clinic. A series of observations and insights into the remedy itself as a similimum, as well as the medication that follows, represent a certain treasure that, presented in this way, can go unnoticed during a cursory reading. A careful reading (the recommendation of Gnostics is to carefully read the text at least seven times) of this presentation could reward the igaged reader with certain knowledge and clear guidelines regarding diagnosis, differential diagnosis, indications and planning the next steps in therapy. Illuminating the lotus as a similimum in homeopathic matteria medica enriches us for a practically new medicine that appears emphatically in the present moment in The world in which we find ourselves. Therefore, its recognition can be very significant for the modern practitioner of classical Hahnemann homeopathic medicine. I would like to thank my colleagues and colleagues who supported the work of Dr. Zivanov and helped publish the presentation. I am very much looking forward and hope that the book on the subject of the lotus in classical homeopathic science that Dr. Zivanov is currently working on will be published soon.

  • Congratulations! excellent and comprehensive text about Lotus! For me as a layman, it’s just amazing how she managed to figure it all out. But she made a valuable contribution to homeopathy, and I think she will help homeopaths a lot in their future work!

  • Congratulations! excellent and comprehensive text about Lotus! For me as a layman, it’s just amazing how she managed to figure it all out. But she made a valuable contribution to homeopathy, and I think she will help homeopaths a lot in their future work

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