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Who Is The Woman That Needs A Diamond?

Written by Maja Letić

The author describes Adamas (diamond) and compares it to Sepia, Nux and Sulphur.

adamasHave you ever had a patient who came up to you and said: “I just want to throw everything up”?   Let this statement stay with you for a moments and try to understand what it means. One of the sole conditions for survival is assimilation of nutrients. Substances that the body assimilates become part of its structure, or produce energy for life. I want you to bear in mind that this rubric is in the chapter – MIND, not in the chapter – STOMACH.


MIND – VOMITING – desire to vomit out all her insides

Apart from food, we assimilate outer influences as well. Those could be influences of our parents, relatives, friends and society in general. Some of them are good, because they provide us with mental stability; we perceive them as a support, they enhance our creativity and willingness to work. On the other hand, some influences are toxic. They influence our body and soul to become sluggish, overloaded. They stop the flow of life energy, they inhibit it or waste it.

So, this patient feels that the things she “ate’’ are indigestible and that his body or soul isn’t able to assimilate what is brought in. It has a wrong content which she can’t tolerate. That is the reason for her desire to throw everything up.

Let’s draw our attention to the conditions in which we find this person. For her husband she feels aversion, irritability and anger. From rubrics, we can see that these states are emphasized before and during her period, during intercourse, when she can’t feel the connection between them. The sexual act involves intimacy between partners, enhanced connection, unity.  DETACHED – means to be separated, being without connection at that moment. In both cases, we encounter those negative feelings in situations of emphasized sexuality, when differences between sexes are most pronounced. Her body makes her miserable.


MIND – ANGER – husband; towards

MIND – AVERSION – husband, to

MIND – AVERSION – husband, to – coition; during

MIND – AVERSION – husband, to – menses; before

MIND – IRRITABILITY – husband; towards

MIND – IRRITABILITY – husband; towards – menses; before

MIND – DETACHED – coition, during

MIND – WRETCHED – body; unhappy with her

MIND – WRETCHED – menses; during


How that influences her life, we can find in these rubrics. Anger is a state of dissatisfaction.


MIND – ANGER – himself; with

MIND – DISCONTENTED – himself, with

MIND – DELUSIONS – old – feels old


This person feels separated from the rest of the world and she dreams of unification, dreams of being buried alive. Being buried means that there is no more life in her body and soul, that all of her life energy has been spent. When we bury a man, we surrender his lifeless body to the process of decay, for it has fulfilled its purpose. The possibility of influencing her own life no longer exists. She feels detached from the world and dreams about coming back to it again.


DREAMS – BURIED; being – alive; being buried

MIND – DELUSIONS – separated – world; from the – he is separated


This is a woman with a clear, powerful mind, increased senses for orientation. She has a clear perception of her position; she is aware of all the circumstances in her life, but she doesn’t like it and she wants to change it.


MIND – ORIENTATION; sense of – increased

MIND – CLARITY of mind

MIND – POWER – excited by power





She doesn’t feel good in her body. This feeling is followed by a delusion that the right side of the body is larger than the left side. It is believed that the right side of the body belongs to the male principle, and the left one is reserved for the female principle. This lady feels that the male principle in her is larger than the female.


MIND – DELUSIONS – body – half – right half – bigger than left half; is

MIND – DELUSIONS – abundance of everything, she has an


She has a feeling that there is something wrong in her life, and that makes her suffer. She sees her home and family as a burden. She wants to run away and live without them. This could be a woman with strong ambitions which were stopped at some point in the past, by marriage, pregnancy, some family or social issues.


MIND – DELUSIONS – wrong – suffered wrong; he has

MIND – ESCAPE, attempts to

MIND – ESCAPE, attempts to – family and children; attempts to escape from her

MIND – HIDING – himself – earth; desire to hide in the

MIND – HOME – leave home; desire to

MIND – HOME – leave home; desire to – and lead a clear not muddled life without her family

MIND – DELUSIONS – clouds – black cloud enveloped her; a heavy


She thinks of herself as an inadequate mother, and she feels that she shouldn’t have had children at all. She finds taking care of the children a burdensome, strenuous activity that takes too much effort. When we say that someone is handicapped, the first thing that comes to our mind is that he is unable to live all by himself and he needs others to take care of him, although he should be able to do everything. That’s why she thinks of her children as handicapped and independent.

We can see this in her dreams, where a uncompensated sense of not wanting children comes to the surface. She fails in trying to make contact with her children.


DREAMS – CHILDREN; about – newborns – handicapped

DREAMS – DEAD; of the – children – newborns


Although she feels power and makes many plans, she feels very bad at home.   She doesn’t enjoy housekeeping, she leaves things unfinished, she becomes awkward and lazy. She wants to go back to her parent’s home where she didn’t have to worry about the housekeeping. She has a feeling that she’s become worthless, and that people scorn her.




MIND – BED – remain in bed; desire to

MIND – POSTPONING everything to next day

MIND – INDIFFERENCE – everything, to


MIND – AWKWARD – strikes against things


MIND – HOME – desires to go


MIND – SHRIEKING – must shriek; feels as though she

MIND – CURSING – desire to curse


She has never gotten over her ambitions like Nux vomica or Sepia; she hasn’t developed.


AILMENTS FROM – deceived ambition


She has the delusion that her body is enlarged, out of its normal dimensions, and that it takes up a lot more space than it really does. She has delusions about having four arms – so she can work more, four shoulders – she can carry more, four faces – she has more roles in life. She has the delusion of having plenty of everything in life. She feels powerful, she can fly… Although she is moving fast, she feels that she is slow…


MIND – PLANS – making many plans



MIND – DELUSIONS – arms – four arms; she has

MIND – DELUSIONS – enlarged – body is

MIND – DELUSIONS – face – four faces; she has

MIND – DELUSIONS – flying – could fly; as if he

MIND – DELUSIONS – hand – four hands; she has

MIND – DELUSIONS – abundance of everything, she has an

MIND – DELUSIONS – power – all-powerful; she is

MIND – DELUSIONS – walking – slowly; she walks – quickly; when walking


That woman probably gave her family a lot of herself, but now, she wants to live life by her rules. She wants a life in which she can make her dreams come true. She is angry because she isn’t supported in achieving her goals.


MIND – ANGER – support; desires

MIND – DELUSIONS – sparkling, everything is

Sparkling is something that is impermanent. It isn’t solid, it doesn’t have shape and it disappears easily. Even if someone offers her help and support, it won’t be valuable enough for her, and she won’t rely on the other person. It’s just a foam – it’s nothing.

Adamas or Sepia – where is the difference?


At first, this lady will look like Sepia because of the aversion to her husband and family members. But, although there are clear similarities, the differences are clear too.

Sepia belongs to the sycotic miasm, while Adamas belongs to the tubercular miasm. This miasm is a cross link between the Psoric miasm and the Syphilitic miasm, and the combination makes a tubercular personality. They always keep on changing; changing places, changing doctors, professions etc. which gives a keynote of the Tubercular miasm that is “DISSATISFACTION”. The only thing that is present on the mouth of these persons is that I want to go somewhere, do something different.


Sepia is a person who gave up fighting, while Adamas has a strong desire for change.  That’s the reason why we’ll find Sepia in the rubric AILMENTS from, ambition deceived, but not Adamas.

Sepia doesn’t want to leave home, she just wants to isolate herself for some time, while Adamas has a strong desire to leave her husband and live free.

While Sepia complains about being tired, says that she wants to dance and that her life is boring, Adamas still has strong energy and feels that her family life is like living in mud. MUD – not water, not soil, mixture, infertility.

Sepia feels that her time has passed, that she lost her shine, lost her youth, while Adamas is dissatisfied with her looks, but at the same time she wants change.

Sepia will feel poor when he doesn’t get reciprocation. She uses all her energy for the family, but when they don’t reciprocate, she becomes sick. She feels that nothing is going to work out and she remains indifferent.

INDIFFERENCE, apathy – lies with eyes closed

Adamas doesn’t need to get accolades for everything she did for her family. She wants to go away, to leave her family and gain respect on a business plan.

MIND – HOME – leave home; desire to – and lead a clear not muddled life without her family

Why can Adamas resemble Nux-vomica?


The answer is simple – because of the strong and easily recognizable ambition. We’ll easily choose rubrics IRRITABILITY, ANSWER, aversion to… but Nux-vomica will never perceive Adamas’s feeling of suffering, being buried alive, desiring power.  Nux-vomica wants is to be paid well, and to have a good time.

MIND – ANGER – easily

MIND – CLARITY of mind

MIND – ESCAPE, attempts to – family and children; attempts to escape from her






MIND – PLANS – making many plans


In what way does Adamas resemble Sulpfur?


The feeling of abundance will follow both remedies. They’ll both have many ideas and they’ll make a lot of plans. They aren’t satisfied with their situation/position and they’ll make a lot of troubles if they are scorned byother people.

MIND – AILMENTS FROM – scorned; being

MIND – DELUSIONS – abundance of everything, she has an

MIND – DELUSIONS – wealth, of

MIND – IDEAS – abundant

MIND – PLANS – making many plans


MIND – DISCONTENTED – himself, with



The difference here is that Sulpfur will become a lazy, bitter person who criticizes everything arond him, and falls into self-pity. He’ll blame people and circumstances for his destiny. Adamas never gives up. If he ever gives up, he’ll probably completely turn into the picture of Sulfur.



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About the author

Maja Letić

Maja Letić was born in 1970 in Belgrade. After studying sociology and law, she acquired knowledge of gestalt psychotherapy in the Gestalt Studio "Belgrade". She graduated from the Homeopathic School "Simillimum" in 2011 and continued her ongoing education at SAKH (Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy). She published 17 articles in her country and abroad. Her work has been translated into several languages. In 2022 she was presented with the "Award for excellence in homeopathy" for Accomplishment and Years of Contributing to Hpathy and to the Homeopathic community. She is the founder of the AUDE SAPERE association, focused on the education and training of homeopaths. She cooperates with the Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy.


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