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I Now Believe in Placebo!

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Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy4Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also available in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


  • Yes,Dr. Alan,They at least agree that homeopathic remedies are effective If not as medicine but as placebo. Let them call the homeopathic system as placebo system of cure. That doesn’t bother us.

  • They have to understand the TRUTH . It is not placebo effect but its medicinal effect selected on the basis of fundamental natural laws , layed down by GREAT MASTER . Do any other system get the effect with PLACEBO ONLY ? .

  • Something that amazes me is that the “placebo effect” of homeopathic drugs is so much greater than the placebo effect of placebos in drug trials. That alone should put the lie to the idea that homeopathic remedies are placebos.

    But, I do think that this cartoon brilliantly captures the flawed logic in modern allopathic medicine.

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