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Aloe vera extract and Mother Tincture Homeopathy Remedy

Aloe vera promotes the renewal of healthy non cancerous cells. Stimulants metabolism fortifies the body and combats fatigue. Antiseptic, antifungal. Aloe vera detoxifies the body, protects from auto immune diseases. Improves blood circulation combats diabetes & cholesterol.

It is also a powerful human shield; it protects from infection, reinforces the metabolism & effectively stimulates the immune system. Good protector of the liver promotes good blood circulation. Improves cellular oxygenation.

Aloe vera cleanses intestinal flora & combat constipation. Reinforce the immune system and improve blood circulation. It has very specific effects on the skin, acts against skin aging.

Good remedy for burns, healing wounds, cuts & injuries. Eczema, dry skin, pruritic, psoriasis. Aloe vera restores shine to hair skin & nails. Eliminates dandruff. Contains highly effective Antioxidants. Prevents skin cancer.

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  • Aloevera is used by public in material doses to get rid of constipation and clear biliary toxins but other side of coin seen by homeopaths is that blind use of aloevera creates pelvic area congestion and rectum potency use homeopaths see morning urgent urge for stools frequent desire for urination burning and drag down feel in pelvic area. compared diarrhea of sulph is with white mucus and undigested food,croton diarrhea gun shot watery painless,thuja diarrhea pale yellow forcibly expelled with wind.hepar thuja and causticum has added symptoms of prostate not use aloevera blindly as it is displayed in every store.frequent gurgling sound in abdomen area at times use thuja 30c will also provide peace of mind.ancients believed any even healthy food continued use at some times acts as poison variety is key.

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