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Quebracho, Aspidosperma. Mariasi y Larrion, who has investigated quebracho, says of it: “The principal action of this drug is to cause a diminution of the number of pulse-beats per minute and lessen the frequency of the respiratory act.” It is of value in dyspnea due to asthma or heart disease, asthma with emphysema, uremic asthma, and dyspnea due to fatty degeneration of the heart. Hale calls it “the digitalis of the lungs.”

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  • I am asthamatic 49 years

    doctor advised me ASPEDOSPERMA mother tincture
    want to study how it cures lungs
    while all other medicine did not worked which I used to take during attack
    who can I get out of this infected lungs completely.

    Medicine used to take during asthamatic attack



    My elder brother who was also having same condition is in perfect condition from 1986 till date.
    The doctor who prescribed medicines has expired.

    Now there are number of doctors who are my friends (even they do not take fee from me).
    I am still a patient of Asthama.
    Hate Allopathic method of medicine
    My parents are angry with me becuase I do not take INHAILER (have side effects) or other allopathic medicine .
    Started studying homeopathic method of medicine to get out of this disease.
    Can help me to get out of this disease.
    once I was reading Kashi Ram Encyclopedia who had piles got cured by a street doctor in Puna made him a doctor and this is the cause of writing an encyclopedia.
    The thing which he wrote that baghwan gave him this disease to write this encyclopedia.

    Need your help
    Thank you

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