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PHYLLANTHUS NIRURI extract or Mother Tincture Homeopathy Remedy

Stonebreaker has a long history in traditional herbal medicine in every tropical country it is found in. For hundreds of years Phyllanthus Niruri has been used as an herbal remedy to kidney stones, viral infections, liver disorders, bacterial infections, and many other ailments.

The clinical beneficial effects of Phyllanthus Niruri may be related to urethral relaxation, helping to eliminate calculi or to clear fragments following lithotripsy, or also to a putative reduction of the excretion of urinary crystallization promoters such as calcium.

Altogether, these studies suggest a preventive effect of c Niruri in stone information or elimination, but still longer-term randomized clinical trails are necessary to confirm its therapeutic properties.

Extensively used for treating liver ailments. Phyllanthus Niruri is an important herb which is used for problems of the stomach, genitourinary system, liver, kidney and spleen.

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