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Elaine catches up with Caralyn and finds out about a new product called

I think everybody here remembers Caralyn! She has been the subject of many of my quizzes and articles (see “Give My Regards To Arsenicum”), plus she’s a student at the British Institute of Homeopathy; and now she has actually done something great, so I asked her to come here today and tell us about it!

I talk a lot about vitamin C in my articles and the need for high doses, especially in cancer patients; but, finding high-dose vitamin C is not easy.  Incredibly, Caralyn has taken it upon herself to address this problem on her own!  She has created a powdered vitamin C drink that tastes like lemonade, and provides 4,000 mg. of vitamin C per glass! Caralyn, 4,000 mg. is a real break-through for the consumer market!  Would you care to give us the background?


Hi Elaine, Thank you for asking!

Caralyn Vessal

Caralyn Vessal


Don’t mention it!

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis

It may come as a surprise to you, but, about 25 million years ago, humans as well as all species on our planet produced their own vitamin C! Estimates range from 4,000 – 10,000 mg. a day!!!

I did not know that….and I’m surprised you remember back that far, Caralyn!

Unfortunately, a gene mutation prevented us from ever being able to synthesize vitamin C on our own again.

I hate it when that happens!

As I am sure your educated readers may know, if the diet is deficient in vitamin C, we succumb to a slow death known as scurvy.

I never liked scurvy….

In fact, given that the RDA of Vitamin C is just 70 mg. a day, we are suffering with sickness. Before we can start to get better, basic deficiences need to be addressed. Doesn’t this make perfect sense? You might be wondering, why would Mother Nature deprive us of this ability, given the necessity of Vitamin C?

She probably knew you were going to invent this drink, Caralyn.

I don’t think so, Elaine! It was more likely that at the time we lost this ability, our environment was overgrown with an abundance of raw, uncooked vegetation naturally high in vitamin C!

Ohhhhhhh.  I was just going to say that!

The human body is efficient. It would never waste survival energy manufacturing something that was so abundantly available from the environment.

Caralyn, you are so right! Brilliant deduction! That makes so much sense! Nature always does the least, that’s what I’ve always been taught.

Today unfortunately, the majority of us are no longer living off the land as our ancestors did. Nor do many of us realize the amount of vitamin C necessary to maintain a healthy immune system. Many modern day maladies are actually believed to be sub-clinical scurvy.

Yes, I have heard that myself!

It is actually shocking that the RDA for vitamin C is only 70 mg a day.

Caralyn, shocking yes! But not as surprising as you might think! I will tell you why they set the RDA’s so low. It’s so that commercial “food”, like breakfast cereals, can “appear” to be nutritious!

Good point, Elaine. Did you know that an orange, the fruit misleadingly associated with high amounts of vitamin C, only provides 51 mg?

Yikes! So you’re saying, there’s not as much vitamin C in oranges as we thought; so, very hard for us to eat our way to the amount of vitamin C we need.

The perception is that oranges are very high in vitamin C but just to give your readers a “hot” tip, a green chili pepper offers 109.13 mg. ( 182% RDA)

I did not know that!

Our ancestors have been estimated to have been able to synthesize approximately 4,000 mg. of Vitamin C a day and more when stressed.

OMG! That’s a lot more than 70 mg.!

Can you see where I am going with this? Animals make a load of vitamin C daily and more when their immune systems are stressed, 10,000 mg. is not uncommon given the size of the animal.  Where does that leave us?  This is why we don’t see lions and tigers sneezing and coughing!

And it doesn’t hurt that they’re not eating at McDonalds either, or getting vaccinated and eating pet food, for that matter!

You do have a point there… 🙂  Elaine, did you know that vitamin C is an anti-histamine given in the correct dosage?

No, but I’m glad you told me that because half my clients are allergic to just about everything! It’s good to know that Vitamin C could be the answer!

There is a theory out there that allergies are a sign of a huge deficiency in ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and even believed to be reversible. It is very important for your readers to know that our ascorbic acid needs are on a spectrum. This is where the individual has to use trial and error with vitamin C to determine his or her correct dosage. One thing we know for sure, too little vitamin C does far too little (and that is what most people are getting–far too little!)

What is the best way to determine the best dose?

Slowly increase ascorbic acid levels until bowel tolerance is reached. Now I know this is where you are going to use that highly advanced sense of humor of yours!

Uh-oh!  Shana, where’s my highly advanced sense of humor?!

It’s in the dryer, Mom!

Hi Shana, it’s Caralyn!!!  It was so nice of you and your mother to come to my house today and test my Vitamin C!

(Below is Shana in Caralyn’s kitchen)

Shana Lewis

Shana Lewis

So, back to dosing levels… When one experiences abdominal discomfort, including diarrhea, then it is clear that bowel tolerance has been reached! The good news is, it is at this time that one knows precisely the correct therapeutic dose. Simply reduce the dose to the one that preceded these symptoms and the full benefit of ascorbic acid can be had.

But here’s the other thing, Caralyn; vitamin C gets used up by the body fast! So, evenly distributing it throughout the day, to keep your levels constant, is a must. In other words, you shouldn’t think you can take a whole day’s supply at breakfast time and it will still be there at lunch!

Good point, Elaine. Think about all the animal species that synthesize their own vitamin C. They are getting an even, steady amount throughout the day, just like nature intended. We would do best to ingest vitamin C in the same way.

P.S., what’s the name of your product?


sufficient c can

That’s a clever name!

Elaine, this is a one-of-a-kind drink mix! It was created because I knew that getting vitamin C when your immune system needs it most is not easy! It has been made so the consumer can benefit by the sheer convenience of it; plus, we used Quali®C ascorbic acid. It is NON-GMO and made in Scotland. Unless otherwise specified, the ascorbic acid available in the United States is imported from China and genetically modified.  The pleasant flavor of Sufficient-C allows this high quality supplement to double as a delicious beverage too!

That’s good, Caralyn, because I have to tell you, your main competitor’s product, Emergen-C, tastes kind of harsh. I always have to chase it down with a glass of water and the crystals don’t always dissolve.

If one were to look at the supplement facts of Sufficient-C and compare it to Emergen-C, it is very clear that these drinks are entirely different. The only similarity is that there is ascorbic acid in both drinks but the quantity and the quality of the ascorbic acid is very different. There is only 1,000 mg. of vitamin C in a glass of Emergen-C. In Sufficient-C, there’s a whopping 4,000 mg. of vitamin C in each glass!

Four times as much!

Plus, our drink contains a patented form of green tea extract called TEAVIGO®, plus L-lysine and bromelain and real natural flavors. BUT the best part is….IT IS 100% STEVIA SWEETENED!!!! Adding sugar was not an option since sugar impedes vitamin C absorption. Plus I love stevia!

You know, you’re right! Sugar destroys both vitamin C and the B vitamins! But Caralyn, I should probably warn people that Stevia, being a plant, does not taste exactly like sugar and hence, it may take some getting used to. I will say this, it was very easy to drink, no harsh flavors, no need to wash it down. It tastes like lemonade. So, I am looking at my box of Emergen-C now, and I’m reading the ingredients, and it says….OMG! The first ingredient listed, other than ascorbic acid, is, guess what? Sugar! And the next ingredient is…OMG!…Fructose, which is just more sugar! 

I wanted the consumers of Sufficient-C to really enjoy drinking it. This was very important to me. The last thing I wanted was for anyone to waste their money on another product destined to sit on a shelf or in a cabinet , never to be seen or heard from again due to being unsavory. We have even made Sufficient-C 100% water soluble to avoid particles floating, sinking or sticking to the side of the glass! It has a nice smooth texture too, just like lemonade (minus the pulp).

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Elaine Lewis

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Caralyn Vessal

Caralyn Vessal

Caralyn is a student of the British Institute of Homepathy. She came to the realization that a well selected homeopathic remedy will do little good in conjunction with a deficient diet. After extensive research into the value of Vitamin C and its role in immune support, Caralyn created Sufficient-C, a high-dose vitamin C product that actually tastes good and can be served much as you would a pitcher of lemonade or iced tea. Caralyn can be reached at

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