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The Vital Force & the Concept of Resonance

vital force
Written by Ute Seebauer

Vital Force, the force – the energy of life, that makes the difference between a dead and a living body. In order to cure, the Homeopathic belief is, one has to cure the vital force.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on energy. It assumes, that if a patient shows symptoms of disease, these symptoms are not just a materially perceivable disease, but the expression of the disturbed “Vital Force”, the mysterious force – the energy of life, that makes the small but important difference between a dead and a living body. In order to cure, the Homeopathic belief is, one has to cure the vital force and not, like modern medicine states, just the symptoms. In this text, I am going to show why only this homeopathic principle can be the true way to cure and how the vital force works.

The Energy

To understand what the energy of life – the vital force – is, one should reflect on the world, the universe and its laws for a moment: The planets in our solar system circle the sun, directed by the influence of its energy. The moon circles the earth, influencing with its energy the creatures and oceans. If this energy wouldn’t be in balance all the time, it is easy to see, that soon, the universe would end up in chaos. There is order in the universe. Everything is in balance. There is a constant interaction of energies, forces, action and reaction. There is no coincidence; every effect proceeds from a cause. There are natural laws like the laws of gravity, magnetism and static. They are all based on certain kinds of energy. So are sound and light, to mention just a few.

It therefore seems reasonable, to assume, that life itself should be based on natural laws too …Laws of energy that govern our life.

But what is it that makes life? What is the difference between a dead body and a living person? Is it the Vital Force?

The Vital Force

One further important natural law is the law of reciprocal action (*3 / page 10), that says: all changes in nature are the result of reciprocal action (action and reaction). But there is mediate and immediate action: In a living organism, bodies and forces act immediately, whereas a machine – acts by an external impulse. A machine can’t supply itself with what it needs to run, or repair itself, nor would it feel the need for these things. There is no external source that animates the human body; therefore it has to be animated by an internal force. The “vital force”, like Hahnemann once called it.

But Does Vital Force really exist?

Now this all sounds very theoretical, but is there any proof that the vital force really exists?. 40 years ago, the Kirlians, a Russian husband and wife team, both scientists, were asking similar questions and developed a machine, which would be able to make actual photographs of the electro-dynamic energy of anything – animate or inanimate. (*2 page 64). They started out making photographs of the energy field of leaves and later of human bodies and body parts, known today as “Kirlian photography”. Later they even were able to not just take static pictures but actually record this energy in motion. Unfortunately for us, this did not bring the proof for this energy being the vital force of the living body, as the Kirlians also discovered that there is an energy field in every “dead” material, as well, though not as distinctive.

Some time later, however, Semyon Kirlian experienced a phenomenon that was even more interesting (*2, page 69): He was working on 2 different leaves, trying to make pictures of their energy pattern, which usually looks even and beautiful, but on the second of the leaves, this energy pattern seemed to be terrible disturbed and uneven. What he didn’t know at this point, was that this leaf came from a contaminated plant that was to die soon. Some time later, while calibrating his equipment, using his own hand in the machine, he experienced the same problem again. His energy field seemed to be disturbed and he just could not calibrate the machine, so the picture would be even. His wife however was, and shortly after, Kirlian fell sick with an acute ailment. He realized he had seen the change in his electro dynamic field prior to his disease. The Kirlians then made photographs of persons in poor mental and / or physical health and discovered that these photos always reflect changes in the energy field in diameter, color and regularity. Also they did photographs of withered leaves, and found out, as the leaves died, the self-emission decreased correspondingly and a finger of a human body, dead for several days, exhibits no distinctive self-emission.

These remarkable discoveries now show, there is such a thing as energy in a living body, that does not exist in this form in a dead one. Like everything in the universe life itself is dependent on energy and on action and reaction. With decreasing life-energy, life itself dies. We therefore can hypothesize that the vital force is synonymous with the electro-dynamic field of the body and – therefore conforms to known principles of physics (*2 page 85).

The Balance

Homeopathy recognizes life in a trinity: the body, mind and spirit and these forces react in sympathy and are interdependent (*1 page 35). As Kirlian proved, in healthy condition, the vital force retains this trinity in harmony. If however, the vital force is disturbed, this trinity gets out of balance. Sooner or later, Disease will be the consequence – symptoms develop. Standard medicine (allopathy) so far sees disease just as a material change in tissue and hardly recognizes this trinity. Standard medicine admits that there is a connection of emotional stress to certain organs in the body, however, it does not recognize the existence of vital force and therefore just treats symptoms, whereas homeopathic medicine realizes that it is the vital force that is disturbed and responsible for the symptoms in the patient and therefore is what needs to be treated. “In” We now know that there is a vital force and that it is this vital force that, once disturbed, brings the organism out of balance. We further realize, that allopathy by not treating the cause (the disturbed vital force) but the outside reflection of the inner disturbance, can’t cure at all. We now have to find out what actually causes the disturbance and how it can be brought back into balance.

The Concept of Resonance

Matter and energy interchange in the electro-dynamic field. This field is measurable in terms of waveforms, composed of frequency, wavelength and amplitude.” (*2 page 85). This is a given fact by laws of physics.

Now if everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency. (*2 page 78), this also means the vital force, the electro-dynamic field of a living body, has to vibrate at its own frequency too. Important to know is, that though every substance vibrates at its own frequency, the vibration will increase when stimulated by a similar frequency. Vithoulkas brought a good example for this phenomenon (*2 page 78). If one strikes a high C tuning fork across the room from another one, this other one will start vibrating in resonance to the first one. Now if one strikes a high C tuning fork across the room from a middle C tuning fork, the second one will still start vibrating too, but with lower amplitude. This shows that vibration even from a distance has an effect but the similar vibration is the more harmonious and stronger.

But what does that mean for homeopathy and for the vital force? The vital force is electro-dynamic energy, as we know. Therefore, it has its own frequency of vibration, though much more complex as the vibration of a nonhomogenous substance. Because it affects all levels of the being at once and it has to respond on all influences of the environment and surroundings, it has to be able to change from moment to moment in frequency, regularity and amplitude as well.

That’s what we call the “Concept of Resonance“. The vital force has to respond and adjust on every stimulus it is exposed to. To most minor stimuli we are exposed to in daily life, the vital force can respond and adjust easily and unnoticably. If however, the stimulus’ strength is stronger than the vital force itself, it is forced to adjust in such a way, that the consequences are now perceivable by the trinity of body, mind and spirit. Depending on the adaptation of the vital force, more noticeable in body, mind or spirit. This phenomenon Vithoulkas calls the “Defense Mechanism”, because if the vital force wouldn’t adjust to these stimuli (these foreign vibration frequencies), the order in the body would soon get out of balance and inevitably, the body would die. What modern medicine calls incubation time, Vithoulkas says, is nothing but the time period from when the stimulus, that is stronger than the vital force, occurs until the moment the resonance (responding and adjusting) will be perceivable in form of symptoms on either or all planes of the body (physical, mental or emotional). This might take between hours in “influenza”, weeks in diseases like “gonorrhea” and months in the case of “cancer”. I put these diseases into quotation marks, as we already know, there is no such disease as influenza, etc.: there is only one disease, which takes on different forms, depending on the constitution of the individual (its vital force) and how weakening the stimulus of the vital force is.

Knowing what actually causes disease or in other words disturbance of the vital force, the most important question arises: How can a patient be restored to health?

Bringing back into Balance – The Cure

Allopathy usually treats a patient with another stimulus. The patient is given some medicine. The medicine, as we already know, can and will only act in the patient in one way: it will stimulate the vital force in a way that causes it to change it’s defense mechanism so the symptoms disappear. We also know that energy can only vibrate in harmony if the energies are very similar, which is rarely the case in allopathic drugs; therefore, by giving a further stimulus, the vital force has to adjust once more. The course it has taken to defend itself is interrupted. A new stimulus occurs, the vital force has to cope with one more influence- the drug, which will weaken the vital force even further. The defense mechanism is suppressed. Allopathic medicine is not energetic but most times highly toxic. That’s why homeopathy uses energetic medicine: How else could the electro-magnetic field, the vital force, be brought back into balance (cured), since it is energetic itself?

If the defense mechanism is weakened by suppression, the susceptibility of the sick person to more serious diseases increase. George Vithoulkas arranged diseases (corresponding to Herings law) from a fictive level A upward, getting more serious with every higher level. The principle of resonance, he says, renders the susceptibility to influence just one level at a time. (*2 page 82)

This means, that if a patient, that was susceptible to a disease of level B, got sick and now gets treated with suppressive medicine, his resonance frequency changes and he will become susceptible for diseases of level C. By suffering from disease of this level (C), he will not suffer from or get diseases of level B anymore, even if he is exposed to stimuli of disease of level B.
The reason that a person seems to be immune to the disease of a certain level, can have two different reasons: either is he too sick, in this case, his vibration rate corresponds on deeper levels of resonance, or he is too healthy, then his vibration rate corresponds to a lower level. Again – to change the susceptibility of a person it needs a new stimulus!

This explains, says Vithoulkas, why psychotic persons rarely get acute diseases. They are too sick! The same phenomenon was recognized by Hahnemann in his Organon. Constantine Hering once formulated for the first time: The law of the direction of symptoms: From above downwards. – From within outwards. – From a more important organ to a less important one – In the reverse order of their appearance. Therefore we can assume that the levels of susceptibility for influences decrease with symptoms disappearing exactly this way.


The conclusions therefore can only be:

  • The vital energy exists, and it is the one and only that rules the function of the body.
  • It is based, as well as everything in this universe just on natural laws and on energy.
  • The concept of resonance clearly shows that every stimulus has an affect on the vital force and it either can adjust or respond to it without remarkable symptoms or with remarkable symptoms – depending on whether the stimulus is stronger or weaker than the vital force itself.
  • Since the vital force can be assumed to be the electro-magnetic field, based on energy, there is only one way to strengthen it, one real way for cure: this is by energetic medicine.
  • Any other influence will just suppress the defense mechanism, the vital force, and will increase the susceptibility for influences even more.
  • The reason allopathic treatment sometimes accidentally “cures” is because certain medicines are actually “similar” to the disease they treat in the way that Ritalin, for example (also known as “speed”), is similar to Hyperactivity Disorder.


1 – Herbert A. Roberts – The principles and art of Cure by Homeopathy
2 – George Vithoulkas – The Science of Homeopathy
3 – Stuart Close – The Genius of Homeopathy
Note: There are some good Kirlian pictures of homeopathic remedies in several potencies here: With every higher potency, one can see how the energy field changes and gets brighter and clearer.

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Ute Seebauer

Ute Seebauer


  • “all changes in nature are the result of reciprocal action”

    The above statement is unscientific. there is no law of “reciprocal action.” There is a 3rd law of Newton that may sound like that, but it is an abstract (mathematical) expression which only relates to mechanical motions of large bodies that exist in Cartesian space, i.e. a scientific idealization. If only people were not trying to ‘explain” homeopathy by unscientific “laws” homeopathy would be much better accepted.

    “There is no external source that animates the human body; therefore it has to be animated by an internal force.” Why do you think we need oxygen to breathe? Because our cells produce thermal energy when the food particles are BURNED in oxygen. Do you believe Hahnemann knew about electromagnetic energy and he thought some of it was “Vital”? There are no unknown types of EM energies. They are well-known and exist on a spectrum. EM energy is not immaterial, but Hahnemann taks about immaterial entity which was improperly translated into “Vital Force”, but he also talks about Operating Principle, which is a much better concept and is indeed intangable.

  • Well written. For centuries, the Chinese believe in “qi” or live energy in our bodies. This qi could be the same electro-dynamic field mentioned here. The Chinese are able to manifest this energy in a form of marshal art called qigong.

  • if a potentized remedy can cure the vital force in diseased man, then how can it derange the vital force in healthy man?

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