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In Homoeopathy mode of administration is special and is based on the following guidelines given in the Organon of Medicine.

(1) Medicines are given by oral and olfaction method.

(2) ‘In no case it is requisite to administer more than one single, simple medicine at one time’ (See 272, 5th edition, Organon of Medicine.)

(3) ‘It is wrong to attempt to employ complex means when simple means suffice’.

(4) ‘The smaller the dose of the homoeopathic remedy is, so much the slighter and shorter is this apparent increase of the disease’.

(5) ‘This minutest yet powerful dose of the best selected medicine be repeated at suitable intervals which experiences shall pronounce to be best adopted for accelerating to cure i.e. do not repeat so long the signs of improvement continue.

(6) Corporeal constitution, magnitude of the disease, nature of the medicinal substance-specially in psoric cases will decide the question of ‘smallest dose’ and repetition.

(7) There are specific instructions for application of a remedy in cases of intermittent fever. The best time is-when the temperature is coming down. In case of menstrual difficulties, the best time is the post menstrual period.

(8) The diet and regimen which can have any medicinal action should not be taken, in order that the small dose may not be over-whelmed and extinguished or disturbed by any irritant.

(9) Medicines should not be given during their aggravation time (day or night) of the drug.

(10) The most appropriate and efficacious time for administering the medicine in cases of intermittent fever is immediately or very soon after the termination of the paroxism (Vide aphorism 236-237, 5th edition of Organon of Medicine).

In this context a person concerned with Homoeopathy should read the following aphorism of 5th edition of Organon of Medicine-288, 289, 290,291, 292. Footnote 2(288), 1(239), 1(292).

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