Avogadro’s Number Does Not Limit the Efficacy of Homeopathic Remedies


  1. How Dc emf is conducted from GrA & G rB to the neutral electrodes GrC & Gr D i.e. why the ions approach to neutral electrodes for generating emf at GrC –GrD cannot be explained by the existing theories that allow only approach of any ions to its opposite electrodes while conduction i.e. cations (positive ion) to cathode(negative electrode) and vice versa.
  2. How AC emf is conducted from GrA & GrB to all the neutral electrodes 1,2,3 & 4 i.e. why the ions approach to neutral electrodes for generating emf at Gr1 to Gr4 cannot be explained by the existing theories. How the emf is generated at the four electrodes simultaneously is also surprising.Moreover ,if the generation of emf at electrodes Gr1 to Gr4 is owing to ionization and subsequent migration of ions then why there is so much difference in generation of emf, Gr1-Gr2=7/8 volts AC while Gr1-Gr4=15.3 volts AC (Table:4)
  3. How alternating current (AC) is conducted through water while earthing /grounding8.


  1. How DC emf is retained even in distilled water i.e. distilled water is able to hold electrical charge similar to that of a rechargeable battery/accumulators.
  2. How AC em falters DC emf of a pair of electrodes in distilled water.

All the stated electrical properties of water remain unexplained by the existing theories of science. We explained the same considering the fact that:

  1. Orientations of water molecules change according to induced electrical strain 4,9.
  2. Water re-orients its molecules as per necessity during conduction or retention or generation of electrical energy10.
  3. It is not ions but delocalization of electrons in water molecules that conduct electrical energy through orientations of water molecules11.

– In conventional medicines the molecules are believed to convey the medicinal power in the living body but in homeopathic dilutions it is not the molecules of medicine but the electrical strain induced in the vehicle,by the substance, that conveys the medicinal power of a substance in the living body12.

– Micro current therapy (i.e. supplying of electrical currents less than 1micro ampere (1µA), to nerves using MENS(Micro current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulator) through electrodes placed on the skin was especially used in sports medicine but owing to its outstanding efficacy it now has extensive use even in chronic cases.

– The micro current is often used to relieve pain instead of analgesics (i.e. paracetamol , NSAID etc). It means that the pain can be get relieved either by molecules ( i.e. by molecules of analgesics) or without any molecules (i.e by applying suitable electrical energy only) as found in homeopathic dilutions. It is thus evident that application of suitable electrical energy has the same effect as chemicals; the mechanism however may differ. It is believed that as the micro currents used are in close proximity to the body’s natural electrical current, at cellular level they are able to restore normal activity. Thus the mode of action of the micro current therapy and homeopathic dilution seems to be same i.e. without any molecules and exclusively due to micro current /electrical strain induced at the cellular level.

When preparing serial homeopathic dilutions the electrical strain of the latter differs from the former dilution in regards to difference in molecular orientations of water13 (Table1) but cannot be determined due to non-availability of any such scientific instruments and for which the homeopathic dilution cannot be held responsible.

Thus for the reasons cited above we suggest homeopathic dilution to be independent of Avogadro’s number in regards to presence of active medicinal molecules and instead dependent on electrical strain of water molecules induced by the medicinal molecules.

Inference: Homeopathy has no relation to Avogadro’s number, in regards to molecules, but to the electrical strain in water molecules induced by the medicinal molecules through molecular orientations of water.


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  • Thanks for the article on the explanation and preparation of Homeopathic medicine showing the dynamic curative force at the base level of energy of a substance with an experiment. But, at one place a doubt has arisen in my mind in the sentence of the article, ‘1C potency 1 ml of mother tincture is added to 9ml of distilled water and …… In this regard I have a question. ‘ Is 1 ml of mother tincture added to 9 ml of distilled water to produce 1C potency? Perhaps, instead of ‘9 ml’ it will be ’99 ml’ so far as 1C = 1 part of 100th part. Thanks to you once again.
    Tariqul Alam

    • Sir,
      Actually as per Homeopathic Pharmacy Natrum Mur (Sodium chloride) is included in Class V(A) and 1st potency of Natrum Mur is stated to be prepared by adding 90 minims of purified water to the 10 minims of the mother solution i.e. in the ratio 1:9 . In this regard you may kindly refer to “ A text book of Homeopathic Pharmacy” by Dr D D Banerjee published by B Jain Publishers (P) Ltd.
      Moreover, to see how we categorically explained “ How and why Homeopathy is scientific” please visit our blog “Recent Homeopathic Research Dr. Md. Ruhul Amin” (www.aminchakraborty.blogspot.com) and share your views for development of this research.
      Thanks for sharing your views.

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  • Being as Avogadro’s number only applies to gases in any case, surely it’s irrelevant when discussing liquid dilutions as is the case in homeopathic remedies?

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