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Emotions ↔Cancer Nexus from Homoeopathic Perspective

Emotions ↔Cancer Nexus from Homoeopathic Perspective


This article is based on a retrospective observational study conducted across our clinics in Mumbai. 93 patients with a history of malignancy were earmarked and data regarding their premalignant state was recorded with special stress placed on constitutional characteristics, the personality traits, mental state and emotional triggers that could have been the precursors to the pathology.

Common Personality Traits observed in the documented Ca cases:

Unresolved Emotions acting as precursors to cancer:

How Emotional Stress Causes Malignant Changes At The Cellular Level

Homoeopathic Approach in Cancer:


Case 1 A case of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Nasopharynx with local metastasis:

Clinical History of the Patient

Life Situation of the Patient:

Evolution of Disease:

Predisposing Personality Traits:

Precipitating Emotions:


Repertorisation- CA-Nasopharnyx

Symptoms Covered978677776876677
[Murphy ] [Cancer]Cancer, general, (see Tumors): 123343222112211
[Boenning ] [Nose]Internal:Posteriorly, naso-pharynx: 302303014104000
[Boericke ] [Nose]Stoppage, stuffiness: 232322300323003
[Murphy ] [Nose]Bleeding, nosebleed, epistaxis: 213222333312323
[Murphy ] [Throat]Sore, pain, throat, bruised, (see Inflammation, Pain, throat): 103322333211211
[Boenning ] [Aggravation and Amelioration]Emotions:Anger, vexation, etc.:Silent grief, suppressed etc., with agg.: 230420000000031
[Murphy ] [Mind]Remorse, feelings, regret, (see Guilt): 441022211130122
[Murphy ] [Mind]Guilt, feelings: 441032122232322
[Murphy ] [Mind]Hatred, feelings, (see Malicious):Revenge, hatred and: 323000130130320


Case 2

A case of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Esophagus:

A 83 years old male patient known case of CA-oesophagus moderately differentiated SCC.

Complaint started in Jan 2015 with loss of voice and difficulty in swallowing. 25 cycles of radiation taken.

Now, complaints of difficulty in swallowing.

Abdomen feels full – Gases+. Indigestion. Constipation.

Has lost weight.

Bronchitis << summer.

Life History of the Patient:

Evolution of Disease:

Predisposing Personality Traits:

Persistent emotion: Chronic grief.

Symptoms Covered1069999899877887
[Murphy ] [Cancer]Cancer, general, (see Tumors):441312343302212
[Murphy ] [Cancer]Esophagus, cancer:220200021000000
[Murphy ] [Throat]Pain, throat:Swallowing, on:312212312312213
[Murphy ] [Generals]Burning, pain:Internally:403223323212332
[Murphy ] [Throat]Swallowing, general:Difficult:203211321223112
[Murphy ] [Throat]Spasms, throat, (see Choking, Constriction):102112122133210
[Murphy ] [Stomach]Burning, pain, (see Heartburn):Esophagus:201011212100000
[Murphy ] [Mind]Fastidious:442231011020231
[Murphy ] [Mind]Conscientious, about trifles:442333100232121
[Murphy ] [Mind]Grief, sorrow, general:242142111242234


Case 3:

A Case of Adenocarcinoma –Jejunum:

Life History:

Evolution of Disease:

Personality trait:

Precipitating Emotions:

Repertorisation- Ca- Jejunum
Symptoms Covered998887776677657
[Murphy ] [Cancer]Cancer, general, (see Tumors):141232320011241
[Murphy ] [Abdomen]Pain, abdomen:233112324342303
[Murphy ] [Stomach]NAUSEA, general:433221233423213
[Murphy ] [Stomach]Vomiting, general:433223333412332
[Murphy ] [Stool]Dark, stools:221212121210200
[Murphy ] [Mind]Jealousy, general:332423011111021
[Murphy ] [Children]Jealousy, ailments from:313212200000000
[Murphy ] [Mind]Jealousy, general:Women, between:210000000002001
[Murphy ] [Mind]Humiliation, mortification, (see Abused):Ailments, from:222230123143242




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