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Formula Milk Study

Homeopaths Rita Kara Robinson and Grainne Flanagan report on a study using potentized milk formula to treat children who experienced colic, insomnia and stool issues while on formula milk. Thirty individuals took part in the study which used potentized formula milk powder.

How did this Formula Milk study come about?

One thing that kept coming up in consultations with patients is that children’s symptoms would often start on giving formula milk. The children would get colicky, they wouldn’t sleep, they had a variety of gut and stool issues stemming back to starting formula.

As this issue was so common, I looked in pharmacies worldwide for a homeopathic detox version of formula milk. I couldn’t locate any. I wondered how this could be, as it is such a commonly used substance which appeared to be affecting so many children.

Helios pharmacy helped us to create Formula Milk Powder in 30c, 200c, 1m and 10m potencies. The findings from this study are hugely significant for the homeopathic detox community. I would like to share the results in detail which were compiled by my colleague Grainne Flanagan and myself.

Start of the study

Before the study, we asked all the 30 participants (babies to adults) to rate a 0-10 scale of 34 possible symptoms we believed were key triggers from exposure to milk formula. These choices were made from the knowledge of previous consultations where formula milk was identified as a trigger for symptoms.

None of the participants knew what they were detoxing until the end of the trial. We used each potency twice a week. Extra supports were sent to each participant. These were Lycopodium 6c to alleviate physical distress in any stomach symptoms arising during detox, and Rose Quartz 6c for emotional support.  These were only required by 15% of patients.  We chose these at 6c so they would not interfere with the detox potencies.

The results of the Formula Milk study

Here are the results from 21 people on completing the study.  9 failed to respond with results.

Skin problems:  64% improved. 36% got worse. 7 no issue to start. 1 no change
Eczema: 100% improved. 0% got worse.   12 no issue to start. 1 no change.
Dandruff: 100% improved.  0% got worse.  3 no issue to start.
Diarrhoea: 91% improved.  9% got worse.  8 no issue to start.
Constipation: 100% improved.  0% got worse.  3 no issue to start. 3 no change.
Mucus with Bowel: 64% improved.  36% got worse.  8 no issue to start.
Strong Odour with bowel: 73% improved.  27% got worse.  1 no issue to start. 3 no change.
Flatulence: 65% improved.  35% got worse. 2 no change.
Stomach Cramps: 93% improved.  7% got worse. 1 no issue to start. 3 no change.
Belching: 64% improved.  36% got worse. 4 no issue to start. 1 no change.
Reflux: 69% improved.  31% got worse. 5 no issue to start.1 no change.
Acid Indigestion: 56% improved.  44% got worse. 10 no issue to start.
Stomach Bloating: 63% improved.  37% got worse. 1 no issue to start. 2 no change.
Nausea: 70% improved.  30% got worse. 9 no issue to start.
Headaches: 64% improved. 36% got worse. 4 no issue to start. 1 no change.
Burning in stomach: 73% improved.  27% got worse. 8 no issue to start.
Aggravation by dairy:  80% improved. 20% got worse. 5 no issue to start. 4 no change.
Aggravation by wheat / gluten: 88% improved.  12% got worse. 2 no issue to start. 1 no change.
Aggravation by other foods: 75% improved.  25% got worse. 5 no issue to start. 2 no change.
Aggravation by other drinks: 73% improved.  27% got worse. 8 no issue to start.
Migraines: 57% improved.  43% got worse.  11 no issue to start. 1 no change.
Stress:  64% improved.  36% got worse. 4 no issue to start. 1 no change.
Anxiety: 71% improved.  29% got worse. 2 no issue to start.
Problems concentrating: 69% improved.  31% got worse. 6 no issue to start.
Memory: 58% improved.  42% got worse. 5 no issue to start. 2 no change.
Sleeping: 79% improved.  21% got worse. 4 no issue to start. 1 no change.
Waking in the morning: 92% improved.  8% got worse. 5 no issue to start. 1 no change.
Addictions: 66% improved.  34% got worse. 12 no issue to start. 1 no change.
Energy: 76% improved.  24% got worse. 1 no issue to start. 1 no change.

The major headlines of the results

It is not surprising to see the impact on the gut in this trial. We believe that milk formula is a major contributor to disturbances of the gut. We’d also like to highlight the large positive impact on sleep, concentration and anxiety.

These 3 issues are often the result of thyroid / adrenal / hormonal issues.  These issues are very common in children on the autism spectrum. They are my patients who this protocol was ultimately created for.

Some quotes from the patients on the study :

As a side note, I know this post will provoke emotional reactions in some people. Grainne and I have no personal opinions on the use of formula milk. We did not create this trial to provoke arguments for or against the substance. Formula does not create issues for all children. This trial was created in order to help and heal those children who have been more susceptible to its effects.

As a side note for homeopaths: a combination of 3 common formula milk powders were used in making the remedy. We hope that you will use this remedy in your practices and help to heal many children all over the world with their issues. Please contact Helios to purchase the remedy.

Here are some more quotes from the study:

About the author

Rita Kara Robinson

Rita Kara Robinson specialises in working with children on the spectrum. She studied for 4 years at the Welsh School of Homeopathy after saving her own life from teaching. She is co-creator of the Home Prescribers Academy, teaching mothers online to use homeopathy and constantly surprise themselves. Rita also runs support courses for mothers with children on the spectrum. She tries to embrace the Welsh weather for her husband and 2 sons, but it’s a work in progress.

About the author

Grainne Flanagan

Gráinne graduated from the Irish School of Homeopathy in June 2019. After a 25yrs career as a Computer programmer she is now a full time homeopath in her practice AyAm Healing. She lives with her Dog Oscar in Easkey, Sligo on the Wild Atlantic Way.


  • This is awesome! Two questions: Potency – which was most effective overall and/or did you tend to see aggravation at a certain potency? When you say babies were participants in this study, and the patients are detoxing, does that mean they’re no longer using the milk formula? Just for clarification. But this is great!

    • Hello, we didn’t see a potency that was most effective or aggravation at a certain potency. No-one in the study was using the formula at the time of the remedy. However – it’s a really good question to see if using the remedy during infancy while on formula will be effective. Thank you Kelly. I hope you get to use it.

  • Hi! These results sound promising! A question I have is about the age of the subjects being tested. Are these younger kids who have had recent use of formula milk, or are older kids (eg, teens) having similar results even though they have not had exposure to formula milk for a very long time?

    • Hi Sue – the ages ranged from infants no longer on formula to adults. We just looked for a history of formula milk in their past. Adults had amazing results decades after having formula milk.

  • Well done girls , I was wondering about the potency that was used in the study
    Be very interested to see the effects if used when babies on formula , alot of the cases going into Paeds could be reduced .
    All the best

    • Hello Triona. See the third paragraph down for the potencies used. 30c, 200c, 1m, 10m. Yes I am also very interested on the use while children are on formula – if you get any of these cases please do let us know.

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