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We must think about addiction to cigarettes and drugs and the possibilities that this method could offer in those situations.

New methods for giving instructions to living systems are possible thanks to this new system that uses the natural style of a biological pattern.

The most important feature of a living being is the possibility of responding to a stimulus.  As homeopaths have realized, the action of a remedy is always secondary and this is the reaction of the organism to a primary pharmacological action. Therefore, the most important response of the organism is the modulatory one which it is able to accomplish. The chemical action of a drug is impossible without side effects, but a homeopathic remedy acts directly on the natural principle of life through a therapy based on signals.

Biological intelligence, considered as a global energy field of a holographic kind, based on water and light, seems the most competent system to  handle these modulated responses.

The results evident in this study are perfectly in tune with studies on electromagnetic theory applied to the regulation of living systems. Both which relate to water memory and quantum biophysics.

A therapy based on signals uses a voice that suggests to our organism an answer that best meets its needs.

An apparently unexplainable phenomenon that occurs when Hydrobiotronics is at work, is the disappearance of a quantity of water from the circuit, considering that the circuit is hermetically closed and the pipes are impermeable. Further studies could be useful to understand the reason for this peculiarity and to measure eventual emissions of photons and the points in which they are emitted. The frequencies on which the device works could also be important from the point of view of the modulation of morphogenetic fields.

Hydrobiotronics can be used also for plants and represents a natural future of other studies, but the topic is not covered in this study. The water of the world, the Great Lady, is the most important source of healthy living, but people have forgotten it and no longer know  what to ask her.

Hydrobiotronics is above all a means of understanding the inherent mechanisms that underlie basic life functions. In light of the present work, Hydrobiotronics represents an operative example of the theories that explain Homeopathy in terms of quantum physics. In Hydrobiotronics, these theories are working together and at the same time, realizing a network of different experimental models that normally are divided.

The heart and the soul of this study is the innovative employment of a magnetic field for modifying in a convenient way, the structure of the water.

This work starts from a long series of studies that were undertaken over more than ten years.

Measurements with the GDV (Gas Discharge Vision) of Korotkov36 were accomplished for the evaluation of the bio-electromagnetic aura of both patients and water samples containing dissolved granules.

In Fig. 5 and Fig. 6 it is possible to recognize an example of improvement of the energy into a target graph and in the aura built with the software of the GDV, according the Korotkov’s system, that demonstrate the energetic parameters of all the organs and apparatus of a patient thanks to a special software patented in Russia.

This kind of result, during the experiments, is practically almost regular and repeatable and it is available just few minutes after taking the granules.

Significant changes in the level of water’s energy, measurable with the same GDV, are always evident between the samples in which some granules treated with Hydrobiotronics were dissolved and samples with virgin granules.

In Fig. 7 are clear the tracks for 5 seconds of the electrical level in a drop of this water during the examination with GDV.

Fig. 5 Improvement of energy into a target graph measured by GDV(the red line is in area of inadequacy; the blue line is in normal area and corresponds to the second measurement, ten minutes after taking granules).

Fig. 6 The improvement of the energetic parameters measured with GDV  before and after taking the informed granules

Fig. 7 The different levels of water energy in a period of 5 seconds, measurable with GDV in water with treated granules and samples with virgin granules

Unfortunately, it is not possible to print the videos regarding the evolution in time of the auric pulsation.

Really, water, treated so as we explained, seems to be an extraordinary vehicle for instructions.

Certainly the study is very complex and needs of ulterior steps of confirmation, but it is necessary the convergence of other efforts in this direction.

The author, above all a physician, hopes that, among the readers, will be who accepts the invite and can help him in a further develop together.

In just several years of using Hydrobiotronics it has helped the well being of many persons. It is an extraordinary means for rapidly modifying the evolution of a clinical history.

Note: To acquire information from the third eye (I call it the gate USB organism) it is most effective to invite people to visualize their problems at the point where the sensor is applied. In using this device, physicians should help patients to focus their story before acquiring the information. This instruction to the patient will help get a better sample of the necessary global frequency.

The action of the remedies produced in this manner is deep and experienced  by the patient as if he took the simillimum!  It would be interesting to open a collaboration to employ this device more widely.

Disclosure Statement

This research did not involve competing financial interests.


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Salvatore Raino

Dr. Raino is an MD and specializes in Allergology and Clinical Immunology and Internal Medicine. He holds a degree in Homeopathic Medicine at LUIMO of Naples with a three year Degree in Experimental Methodology, Therapeutics. He also holds a degree of advanced Homeopathic Methodology and Clinical Practice at LUIMO. He has gained knowledge from Alma Rodriguez, Carlo Melodia, Thomas Paschero, Antonio Negro, S. Proceso Ortega, Roger Morrison, Nancy Herrick, George Vithoulkas and Rajan Sankaran.

Dr. Raino has an eclectic approach to science and has familiarity with many disciplines. For several years he has worked with concepts from medicine, electronics, computing, chemistry, physics and bio-energy, developing research and ideas that led to his present inventions.

Dr. Rainò is the author of numerous scientific and popular articles, interviews, speeches in Congress and Conferences of allopathic medicine and homeopathy. He is the author of "Homeopathy "“ heaingl themselves without medicine" (alternative press), which explores the deeper meaning of homeopathy. He also authored Tre sensa sesso una sola persona, an account of the dynamic effects of homeopathy on three people during the course of one year.

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