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IIT Researchers Prove Homeopathy is Based on Nanotechnology

IIT Researchers Prove Homeopathy is Based on Nanotechnology

IIT scientists have said the homeopathic medicines work on the principle of nanotechnology.

Homeopathic pills containing metals such as gold, copper and iron retain their potency even when diluted to a nanometre or one-billionth of a metre, states the IIT-Bombay research published in the latest issue of ‘Homeopathy’, a peer-reviewed journal.

IIT-B’s chemical engineering department bought homeopathic pills from neighbourhood shops, prepared highly diluted solutions and checked these under powerful electron microscopes to find nanoparticles of the original metal.

”Certain highly diluted homeopathic remedies made from metals still contain measurable amounts of the starting material, even at extreme dilutions of 1 part in 10 raised to 400 parts (200C),” said Dr Jayesh Bellare from the scientific team.

His student, Prashant Chikramane, presented the homeopathy paper titled, ‘Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nanoparticulate perspective‘, as part of his doctoral thesis.

“Homeopathy has been a conundrum for modern medicine. Its practitioners maintained that homeopathic pills got more potent on dilution, but they could never explain the mechanism scientifically enough for the modern scientists,” said Bellare.

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  • Wonderful news for the homeopathic community. Each day we learn new properties in physics, biology, chemistry, social sciences and the world around us which confirms that Homeopathy truly works. It is a matter of observation, as Hahnemann would have told us. Be open to the world around and see with open eyes.


  • i m homoeopathic student,i see many incurabal cases,fully cured by homeopathic medicine.if medicine r only placebo lancet then how these cases are cured by homeopathy.homeopathy is more advance science.i m feeling proud to be homeopath.

    • this research is good 4 all homeopaths.Dr.Hahnemann give us a wonderfull science but people cant understand this till now.but now we prove it scientifically.homeopathy is based upon symptoms it is not mean that we wait for heart attack then we simply means that many patient is suffering from same disease but its cause,manifestation,symptom,progress r different in different patient so homeopathic medicine r also different.if patient tell us only disease name like allopath how we give them proper treatment.

  • a wonderful news which answers to s many peoples reduculous qustions by a paper like lancet also i congratulate his team

  • Am proud to b a homoeopath. It is the time for opponents of homoeopathy and followers of lancet journel to accept homoeopathy’s scientifici basis and oppose lancet. It is clear that lancet is not scientific.i would like refer kent ‘s lecture 4 where he mentions MEDICINE OF EXPERIENCE. Every one should read it.


  • I get frustrated every time I hear the benefits of Homeopathy. Don’t get me wrong I Believe it works, but finding a practitioner that knows what they are doing is next to impossible. I have tried every homeopath in edmonton (okay I’m exaggerating), and not one of them has been satisfactory and believe me it has been an expensive process. I feel completely ripped off. Their should be some kind of internship that MDs go through to give them a really thorough training under the guidance of the best. I’ve stopped wasting my money on them.

    • hello there,
      dont be frustated thats my first point…..secondly in india homeopaths go through 4yrs of extensive theory n clinical traning n they have one year internship programe.point is they got good clinical n theorotical knowlage……….

    • hi barbara,

      Dr. Andre saine is one the famous figures in the contemporary homeopathic world. Also he is well known for his cures in deep pathological cases. may be you should contact him.

      Dr. Narayana Prasad Pillai

  • i think this wonderful work of IIT-B should advertise throughout the world strongly.

    avijit majumdar,student(b.h.m.s),kolkata

  • Its a good news FOR ALL HOMOEOPATHY LOVERS & BELIEVERS , the work done by great IIT-B should be advertised fully and a copy should be sent to lancet too.. so that all anti homoeopaths and other people who say that its not scientifically proved ,only placebo effect etc will shut down….. and now its a time to raise our collars and say that OUR HOMOEEOPATHY IS A ” ULTRA MODERN MEDICINE” .

    thankyou for sharing a such a wonderful news
    thanks hpathy

    • Better call it FUTURE science.its way too far for the dull headed orthodox obstinates to comprehend.

  • The IITB team only proved the presence of physical entities of the starting materials in the form of nanoparticles & they also concluded that ”How this translates into change in biological activity with increasing potency needs further study”. So, still the mystery remains unknown to us, how the homeopathic remedy acts in such higher dilutions. I want to thank the IITB team for their new research. Maybe the mystery of homeopathy lies in their research…..First time they prove that dilution above Avogadro’s number also retains the starting materials & this is the new thing we get from their study.

  • The IITB study showed, in this case, that they were able to identify particles of the starting material in the highly diluted remedy, NOT anything to do with potency, efficacy, or that the “remedy” would perform any better than a placebo.

    Please don’t attempt to mislead.

    • Dear Tom,
      Do you know what is placebo? Probably not! Placebo means ‘false medicine’ for patient’s satisfaction but originally it contains no medicinal property. Here IITB team confirmed the size of starting materials & estimate the level by TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy) & SAED(Selected Area Electron Diffraction) respectively. So it is clear to all that Homeopathic medicines are not placebo, as they contain the medicinal property in the form of nanoparticles & therefore it’s efficacy is also not the placebo effect. So, please don’t attempt to mislead.

      • Actually, I know very well what a placebo is, as well as any scientist, anyway.

        How can you say that because the homeopathic remedy contains some particular particles, it’s not the placebo effect?! Sugar pills contain sugar – does that mean that sugar itself is having an effect on patients? Maybe you guys should be espousing the medicinal benefits of sugar instead.

        • Dear Tom,
          Nice to know that you know very well what placebo is as any scientists does. See, here particular particles are particles of the active ingredients of homeopathic medicine so, there is no place for placebo.2ndly you said “sugar pills contain sugar-does that mean that sugar itself is having an effect on patient?”. Of course it does not. Homeopathy agrees with you. But the sugar pills you are talking about contain some thing more. Can placebo cure the ailments of a baby or an insane? What does your knowledge about placebo say? If you really want to know what those “sugar pills” contain I can help you.

      • dear tom u actually donot under stsnd what iit b tru to exoplain, it is a nonotechnlogy where action remains .

  • Thanks to IIT B.great job done nw
    time for new revolution for hoeopathy after 200 years and it might turn into new birth for homeopathy.Those who do nt know abt hpathy, inspite of being homeopath might be an alarming call.thanx

  • excellent kindly send its copy to all hom colleges or at least mine(venutai chavan hom medical col dasara chwak kolhapur mah) students will be benifitted n proud n start research.

  • I was looking and wanted to know if there is something about homeopathy in this direction (nano tech) of research. Now I see that someone has proved this. I am glad to see this.
    Some where I read that those particles are completely removed and just the properties of the used substance are retained by the water molecules. But on contrary, I believed that there should be some particles in the diluted solution at nanoscale or even at deeper scale. And in general those molecules or particles should exist at different scales depending on the potency.
    Since last year I wanted to write an article about nanotechnology and homeopathy about how the homeo medicines probably would work at different scales. Even I have discussed this with my colleagues at my work place.
    But I didn’t had time to write it. But now when I was surfing the net for some homeopathic research work, I stumbled here and couldn’t stop myself writing my views here. (this is my first ever comments on any public websites)

    I also have in my mind some clues why a single homeo medicine that works for a particular person might not necessarily work for other individuals for a single symptom (or illness).
    I wanted to combine all these topics together and come up with an article, as this is so beneficial to humankind.
    In brief a research in this direction that involves nano tech and other studies together (for ex: electrophysiology etc..) that relates to how a biological bodies works would really unveil many things and a big change will take place in homeopathy field. And then it might be possible to prescribe the medicines a bit more accurately for an individual patient at first attempt itself. I will put up some links that could linkup what I am speaking later when I have some more time.
    I am not a doctor or medical science related person, but I am an engineer so I could infer from my various studies. When I first understood nanotechnology I realized that, this might be the way homeopathy should be working, though I had nothing in hand to prove it but now we have.


    • homoeopathy always have had enough info to be accurately prescribed.a failure should be considered as inefficiency of the homoeopath and not of Homoeopathy.thanks for recognising the truth,homoeopathy

  • More than 200 years a well tested system of therapeutics , always with successes if followed lawfully . systems are always result oriented if they follow natural laws as they are . It doesnt matter if you have an explanation or not , but experiences teach us . God has given specific tasks to special great men, and those have minute observations , acumen and lot of patience. It is chain work , no single man has done everything for any art or science . in fact, everyone removes his ignorance by many attempts and failures and finally knows the things and makes it scintific . So it is happening with homoeopathy . Now the time has come to have to prove its scientificness . Thanks to IIT.B team . post details on HPATHY .

  • I think it’s important that all of us homeopaths should simply say that Homeopathy is a holistic medical science of nano-medicine. People get nano-medicine. They don’t question dilutions, succussions and best ever – their eyes don’t glaze over…

    • Hi Marilyn,

      Yes, it would make homeopathy easier to grasp. The only problem, is that the research is preliminary. If we start saying homeopathy is about nanoparticles, and it turns out not to be so, then we are back in the soup.
      There is actually a lot more research that suggests patterns of water molecules are the key, ie., memory of water.
      Meanwhile, allopathy hasn’t a clue how most of it’s medicines work (or don’t work, as the case may be). They don’t really want to be convinced about homeopathy. It wouldn’t be very profitable for docs or drug companies.

  • HI,

  • GREAT….
    Initiaveness has been done…at least by someone…
    More publishmnt & advancemnt is needed to take HOMOEOPATHY TO GREAT HEIGHTS..

  • a great work indeed. this might help us explain why does a medicine of mineral origin may act. but i believe if we try using this theory in case of medicines having plant or mineral origin and essentially of the imponderablia group this theory might fail. If the theory has to be true we need all the molecules of that particular plant and animal to be present in every single drop of medicine or in a pill moistened with our medicine, because that’s all we need to cure. The theory is a good start, but we have to be cautious about giving impetus to this theory as the main theory that could explain homoeopathy, because if it turns out be wrong, again we will be scoffed off by the scientific community.

  • I like the work done by IIT, thanks so much… its good news for all homeopathy
    lovers. b.h.m.s student,Mumbai.

  • I’m a devoted Homoeopath & is overwhelmed by this news.thanks IITians. Boundary of science is that much upto where humans have been able to take it,so we should never regard the unexplained phenomena as not science.the human race suffers a lot from such silly conclusions.we should take lessons from Galileo, Da Vinci,Hipocrates.they believed in facts which technology proved later,but the Laws of Nature never changes.those fools shouting against Homoeopathy r crippling the progress of Medicine,the whole human race is suffering.This is a criminal offense,future will never Forgive them.

  • I read this article and I don’t see how anyone can come up with the conclusion that homeopathics work simply from reading this article. What I understood from it is that the original ‘thing’ (herb, metal, etc.) that is put into the solution is still in it when it is diluted. Basically I take it to mean that the end solution is not just plain water but it also has an extremely small amount of what you originally put in it, in it. That says nothing to me about whether or not homeopathics acctually work. It’s like putting a speck of arnica itself in a swimming pool and then saying, look! There’s arnica in that swimming pool! Because it is there i must be able to heal my bruisies by drinking the pool water it is in! I’m currently trying to figure out if homeopathics work. I have yet to find double blind experiments with proper randomization that have been duplicated and found the same results. I’m going to keep doing research though.

    • Dear Nephi,

      The best way to personally confirm that homeopathic remedies work, is to try them! It’s not something you’re going to “reason out”.

      • No, that is the worst way to find out if homeopathy (or any medication) works. It is susceptible to every cognitive bias going. The best way to find out if it works is through a systematic review of randomised controlled trials.

  • God bless all those who worked on this project…U people gave Homoeopathy a new boon….I want to give this news to the whole world we should really advertise this one a lot.

  • very good news for Homeopathy doctors and patients both. Minimum dose can cure the disease completely without any side effect.

  • I am proud for homoeopathy as i practice this pathy last 30 years, so many ailments cured by this pathy. Dr.hahneman knows this nano science. Thank’s iit of bombay team who done this & elaborate there thisis to share with common people.

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