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State Your View: Towards An International Position on Homoeoprophylaxis

Here is an opportunity to participate in research related to homeoprophylaxis

This is an invitation to participate in research that aims to quantify homeopathic practitioners’ attitudes towards, and use of homoeoprophylaxis (homeopathic immunisation).

The following questionnaire is now active.

Please log onto one of the following sites no later than 30/4/2014:


You will be asked for your consent to participate in the survey, and then asked for the following information which will take around 10 minutes to complete, or a little longer if you would like to make a statement to support your position:

  • Your name (optional):
  • Years in homeopathic practice:
  • Whether you’re a member of a professional homeopathic association, and if so which one?
  • Your country:
  • Should we attempt to prevent potentially serious infectious diseases?                Yes/No
  • IF YES: If we should attempt to prevent potentially serious infectious diseases, which method should we use? Choose one of the following answers – (1) General protection only; (2) Disease-specific protection, or a combination of both methods:
  • IF (2): Which method of disease-specific protection should be used?
    Choose one of the following answers – (1) Vaccination; (2) Homoeoprophylaxis, or a combination of both methods:
  • IF (2): Is it appropriate to use both vaccination and homoeoprophylaxis?                   Yes/No
  • Use homoeoprophylaxis, but only during epidemics or acute outbreaks?           Yes/No
  • Which position do you support (1-6)? (the 6 positions above will be listed in boxes, and you will be asked to move the boxes with your preferred position on top through to your least preferred position on the bottom):
  • You will be invited tomake any additional comments you wish to support the position you have selected. Of course you may choose to make no further comment.
  • Have you, do you, or do you intend to, use some form of homoeoprophylaxis in your practice?    6 options will be offered for you to choose between.
  • Have you read Hahnemann’s Essay The Cure and Prevention of Scarlet Fever? Yes / No
  • Do you believe that homoeoprophylaxis is based on the Law/Principle of Similars?   Yes / No
  • Finally you will be asked if you would like to be contacted with the results of the survey or if you wish to contribute further, and so provide your email address. Of course you will remain anonymous if you prefer.

About the author

Isaac Golden

Isaac Golden

Isaac Golden PhD, DHom, ND.
Isaac Golden PhD, DHom, ND. Isaac has been teaching homoeopathy for 25 years. He is founder and Director of the Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy, and Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Science, Information Technology and Engineering at Federation University, Australia. He is the author of ten books on Homoeopathy. Isaac Golden is a world authority on homoeoprophylaxis and has done the largest long-term study of parents using such a program. Dr. Isaac Golden may be contacted at either; Postal: P.O. Box 695 , Gisborne, 3437. Phone/Fax: (03) 5427 0880. E-mail: [email protected]

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