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Theory of the Quantum Physics of Potentisation of Homeopathic Medicine

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The author explains the processes of dilution and succussion in terms of Quantum Mechanics.


This article is written with the intention of explaining the quantum physics of the process of potentisation of a homeopathic medicine. It is proposed as a theory at present, since it has not yet been scientifically proven to be correct by undergoing experimentation in a quantum scale research laboratory.

I propose that the key to understanding how homeopathic medicines operate is through the understanding of quantum mechanics. When the understanding of quantum mechanics is applied to the process of homeopathic potentisation, it is apparent how a homeopathic medicine is able to become increasingly more powerful the more it is succussed and diluted.  Of particular importance are the dynamics of electrons within the quantum state, since it is these free-standing fundamental particles that configure themselves in increasingly larger and larger numbers with each increasing orbital number.  With each increase in orbital size there is a concomitant increase in the energy of the atom, which represents an increase in the level of the homeopathic potency.

Dr Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), the German medical doctor who founded homeopathy, discovered that in order for a homeopathic medicine to effect a cure it needed to be increasingly potentised or made increasingly powerful.  This increase in potency takes place not only through the process of serial dilution but also through the process of serial succussion.  I have come to understand that it is the dynamics of succussion and dilution at the quantum scale that are the keys that open the door to the mystery of exactly how a homeopathic medicine works within an organism.  This theory of the quantum physics of the potentisation process will now be explained in detail.


Physics of Succussion

The process of succussion involves the shaking of the homeopathic substance against a hard surface at least ten times.  This act of succussion results in an addition of kinetic energy to the homeopathic solution. Kinetic energy is related to the unitary symmetry group of SU(3) which is related to the wave aspect of a photon.

In the quantum state electrons SU(2) exists in a series of configurations or orbitals.  These orbitals are strictly pre-defined states that are able to house a specific number of subshells which house a specific number of electrons.  The larger the size of the orbital, the greater the number of electrons that can be accommodated in that orbital.

The physicist Niels Bohr in 1913 stated in his second postulate that “to change a lower orbital into a higher one, the electron has to absorb an adequate quantum of energy”.  I propose that this “adequate quantum of energy” required to shift an electron to a higher orbital can be provided by the process of succussion of a homeopathic medicine during the process of potentisation.  In other words, the process of succussion acts to provide the impetus to shift the electrons of the homeopathic substance to a larger (or higher) electron orbital.  In this way, the speed of the oscillatory motion of a substance (i.e. its wave aspect) is increased and this results in a larger Bohr radius.  From a homeopathic perspective this can be interpreted to mean an increased level of potency.  Thus it is the case that with each subsequent succussion and dilution (dilution will be explained shortly), the electron jumps to a higher orbital.  This is how homeopathic medicines increase in potency through the increasingly larger electron orbital size or longer Bohr radius.  This is why there is no limit to the potency that a homeopathic medicine can exist in, since electron orbital size is by nature infinite.  Therefore I define a homeopathic potency as “a homeopathic potency represents a higher electron configuration, the higher the homeopathic potency, the larger the size of the electron orbital and the larger the informational field size of the orbital”.

Electron orbital configurations come in different shapes and sizes which are described by the orbital angular momentum quantum number or l.  This quantum number (l) describes the number of subshells in the orbital and thus shows the total number of electrons in each orbital.   Each orbital has a particular number of subshells with increasing number of electrons as shown in the table below:[1]


Figure 1- Table of number of electrons in s, p, d and f orbitals

Here is a diagram of the Bohr model of the atom showing the increased number of electrons with each increase in electron orbital.[2]   I propose that it is the increased number of electrons that occur with each subsequent increased electron orbital number that represents a higher potency of homeopathic medicine.


Figure 2–Bohr’s model of an atom showing increased number of electrons with larger orbital number

Here is another diagram of the Bohr’s model of an atom, showing how the energy level (or quantum number n) increases with each increase in electron orbital.[3]  I propose that it is the higher energy level or longer Bohr radius of a larger electron orbital that represents a higher potency of a homeopathic medicine.  It is this very image below that explains why there is more power or energy in the homeopathic medicine with a higher potency, since higher potencies contain a higher n quantum number and thus have a higher energy state.  The higher the homeopathic potency the higher the n quantum number.


Figure 3 – Bohr’s model of an atom showing increased energy levels with higher orbital number

As the diagram below shows[4], the limit of the particle state is the 5f orbital, at which point the electron orbitals are not occupied by any ground-state electrons but exist only in the wave state.  It is this 5f orbital that is the limit of the particulate state or limit of materiality, beyond which no material particle states exist.  This is the point of Avogadro’s number or the point at which no particle of the original substance exists at all.  Avogadro’s number is 6.023 x 1023 and corresponds to homeopathic potencies of 12C or 24X (1 part in 1024).  I propose that this is the point of the 5f orbital or limit of materiality or particle state.  It is beyond this 5f orbital (e.g. 6f, 7d, 7f,6g, 7g, 6h etc) that the original substance still exists but not in a ground state.  I propose that homeopathic medicines above the 12C potency level exist in the electron orbital states above 5f.  This means that they do exist but not at a material level but exist only in the wave state.


Figure 4 – Electron configurations of ground and excited state electrons

I propose that it is the higher energy state of homeopathic medicines above the 5f orbital that give them the ability to operate at a quantum scale within organisms, since they operate beyond the particle state.  I propose that this is the reason why homeopathic remedies are able to operate at an energetic level, since they not only exist at a material dose or particulate state, but also have the ability to exist beyond the material state of the 5f orbital into the higher orbital numbers and higher energy states (e.g. 5g, 6f, 6g, 6h, 7d, 7f, 7g, 7h, 7i etc) .  In this way it can be explained that homeopathic medicines operate not only in the particle state but also in the wave state.  It is the ability of homeopathic medicines to operate in the wave state (i.e. beyond 5f orbital) that renders them with the ability to operate in higher and higher energy or higher potency states.  This is the reason why homeopathic medicines of high potency (e.g. 200C, 1M, 50M) are so powerful since they operate at very high energy levels or very high n quantum number states.

Physics of Dilution

The physics of succussion of a homeopathic medicine is only half the story of the process of potentisation. The other half is explained by the physics of dilution which I will now discuss.

Given the fact that the succussion process provides the quantum of energy required for an electron to jump to a higher orbital, it needs to be implicitly understood that a higher orbital exists in a larger size field or larger sized area.  The higher the electron orbital the bigger the size of the orbital.

I propose that it is the process of dilution that provides the increased spatial volume in which a larger electron orbital can be housed.  The dilution of a succussed homeopathic medicine provides the space in which the bigger electron orbitals and larger number of electrons can exist.  An analogy of this procedure is of a couple living in a one-bedroom house about to give birth to triplets. They simply would not all fit, or operate efficiently under such conditions in a one bedroom home.  To solve the accommodation problem, if the couple moved to a four bedroom house before the triplets are born, then everyone is able to fit into the space and the entire family can function effectively once the triplets arrive.  Similarly, in order for the larger orbital size to be housed or a higher potency of a homeopathic medicine to exist, there needs to be an increased spatial volume created before the succussion process takes place, where more electrons need to be housed.  This increased spatial volume is provided by the process of dilution.


Thus it can be concluded that during the potentisation of a homeopathic medicine there is a sequential process of first providing the space in which larger orbitals can exist via dilution and next where the enlarged orbital and increased electron number occur during the process of succussion. The increased number of electrons that arise as a result of the succussion process are able to be comfortably housed in the bigger spatial volume provided by the process of dilution beforehand.

I propose that it is the dual actions of dilution and succussion during the process of homeopathic potentisation that provide the original particle state (i.e. electrons within original substance to be diluted) to be able to hold more and more energy, since the larger electron orbital is associated with a higher energy state or longer Bohr radius.

I further propose that it is the ability of homeopathic substances to exist beyond the 5f orbital, (i.e. beyond the ground state) that renders them with the ability to exist in increasingly higher orbital states.  It is these higher orbital states that give a homeopathic medicine the ability to be increasingly potent with each increase in energy level or n quantum number.  Another way of expressing this is to say that high potency homeopathic medicines have a longer Bohr radius and thus have the capacity to hold higher energy levels.

I challenge any scientific researcher to prove me incorrect on this theory of the quantum mechanics of homeopathic potentisation.  However, I know that the quantum physics of succussion and dilution as laid out in this paper will serve the test of time and I look forward to hearing the results of ethical experimental research on this theory of the quantum physics of homeopathic potentisation.  I sincerely believe that until such time as scientific research disproves this theory via experimental evidence, that homeopathic medicine can be perceived to be a valid and scientific method of medicine that has the ability to operate beyond the material or 5f orbital state.

The above information represents the essential discovery regarding the quantum mechanics of homeopathic potentisation that is described in the book “Principia Unitas – Volume VI – On the Quantum Mechanics of Homeopathy”- available on and through the  ISBN = 978-0-9807766-5-2.


This article is excerpted from Christina Munns book – “Principia Unitas – Volume VI – On the Quantum Mechanics of Homeopathy”




About the author

Christina Munns

Christina Munns is an Australian homeopath, independent scientific scholar and meditator. She is the author of a series of seven books called Principia Unitas. Written in an easy to understand style, these books explain many of her discoveries including: the solution to dark matter/energy, quantum gravity, supersymmetry, cardiocentric cosmology and a Unified M-theory model. Thinking “outside the square" has enabled her to make the connections between ancient Indian wisdom and modern day physics. She is passionate about teaching the scientific community and the general public about Unified Field Theory and its implications for humanity.


  • I’d be interested to know: what are the lifetimes of the excited states of the electrons? Why don’t they fall back to lower orbitals and emit photons? My measly 7 years of physics education clearly is failing with such cutting edge research as yours.

    • Ultimately for the same reason homeopaths use to explain everything: just because I believe it does therefore it must be true!

      • Could I re-phrase that? –
        .. ultimately for the same reason any *genuine* scientist uses to explain anything:
        because I *observe* it does, therefore it must be true.

        That would be, for example, Newton’s position on gravitional effects – I don’t recall him stating a mechanism by which gravity works, only a good approximation to how it behaves.

        And homeopaths and their patients, working within specific parameters, regularly observe a healing effect unexplained by placebo effect.

        That said, I don’t think this particular theory holds much weight. It may have been something I was taught and disagreed with even then, but science has rightly admitted its mistakes & moved on.
        The Bohr model may have been something I was taught and disagreed with even then, but science has rightly admitted its mistakes & moved on. Simplistic & outmoded. In any case, I would say the energies of succussion are of the wrong type to have such an effect even as translated to updated models.

        Yes, without any energies to keep them excited, one might expect rapidly collapsing states (in specific bands). On the other hand I wonder if energy lost could possibly in certain configurations raise energies in local clouds (say around OH radicals) & set up a resonance. Just a speculation. Doesn’t seem likely.

        What is true according to homeopaths that do the actual practice, is that dilution alone without succussion does not produce a remedy, whereas dilution when done with succussion produces remedies which, when well-chosen, are commonly observed to have curative effect.

        That is a puzzle, and an inconvenient one for those who believe they already know it can’t be.

        Commonly the individualisation precludes the effect from showing up in poorly designed RCTs, hence, from a misunderstanding of the mathematics, a misunderstanding of the probity of the effect.

        Just as one expects dilution to reduce the probability of finding a quantum in high dilutions (beyond the liminal limit – meaning we are unable to verify the theory there), it seems from observation that the succussion actually causes ‘something’ to be amplified. That ‘something’ is not as yet clearly defined, or otherwise easily observed/measured. Which is not to say that it cannot exist, nor that it cerainly does – just that we do not have a handle on it.
        Could it be simply a form of coherence?

        Something is unexplained and should be the subject of proper scientific enquiry, rather than witch-hunts and hasty (or hidden) assumptions based on current prejudice.

        A further strange phenomenon is the way in which it is observed that remedies can change their apparent mode of action according to the increasing level of potentisation, not simply from absorption to expulsion as with hepar sulph, but back & forth in some harmonic manner.
        I don’t think this model accounts for that either.

        But it has been said before: where observation differs from theory, it is the theory that must be re-examined.

        Maybe there was an ancient Chinese proverb which could apply here:
        man who says a thing can’t be done, should not interrupt person who is actually doing it.

  • Only a few years ago geologists laughed at the concept of plate tectonics whilst many years before surgeons poured scorn on the fellow who suggested that if they washed their hands before conducting operations, many lives lost to sepsis might be spared. The world is full of examples of the works of great and enlightened individuals scorned by weaker minded individuals and clearly from the examples above and many more besides, those who claim to a scientific outlook are not free from arrogant self belief that makes them criticise things they simply fail to understand.

    As for the article you scorn and the discipline you attempt to traduce, is not speculation a valid part of any endeavour- a part indeed of what it is to be human? Speaking personally, I see no reason for speculation as to how homoeopathy works because I simply content myself with knowing that it does. A practitioner myself I have seen many examples of its power and I know I am one myself because homoeopathy was central to my recovery from a terminal diagnosis given me in 1999. I know too that from the very beginning, homoeopaths understood perfectly the seeming improbabilities of what they achieved and continue to achieve, but being true empiricists, they always reported with integrity what they saw.

    It strikes me that the world is currently gripped by a desire to make oneself feel greater by attempting to denigrate others. Although not a novel trait, this tendency seems to be gaining epidemic proportions. I would merely say that whatever one’s outlook, the world really is a far more mysterious place than many of us give it credit. Nor are we the world’s masters, and judging by your comments above, it is perhaps just as well.

    As for your recorded comments, I would simply suggest that a desire more to understand and less to self aggrandise would be far more worthy.

      • For what it is worth, whilst many of us enjoy speculation and some of us feel the need to explain how homoeopathy works, speculation has little place in homoeopathy for it works irrespective of the latest discoveries of physics.

        Nevertheless if you truly wish to understand surely you would have gained rather more respect for your avowed desire had you put your question with rather more humilty and rather less rhetorical flourish about your ‘measly 7 years of physics education’.

        • “speculation has little place in homoeopathy for it works irrespective of the latest discoveries of physics”

          What a strange attitude! Surely if we could understand why homeopathy “works” (although, as I’m sure you’re not surprised to learn… some people think that it doesn’t! Crazy!), this would be incredibly beneficial for the human race?

          Doesn’t my question carry rather more weight since I have several years of mainstream education which clearly has clouded my judgement? I’d love to be informed about this new physics rather than the tried-and-tested nonsense you find in textbooks!

  • Interesting theory, and a wonderful explanation, As to Docmalcontent, you are well named. Don’t give it any real thought, don’t try something new, just poo-pooh it because it doesn’t fit into the narrow world view of conventional medicine.

    • An interesting theory if you know nothing about quantum physics, perhaps.
      If you do understand the subject it’s complete gobbledegook.
      Why don’t the electrons fall back into lower energy states, emitting photons?
      Why on Earth would arbitrarily increasing electron energy levels in a substance lead to a range of specific physiological effects? How is this effect translating into something physiologically relevant?
      Why does dilution “increase space”? It’s density you’d want to reduce surely? And even if we give you the benefit of the doubt and assume concentration reduction increases space in a meaningful way then you still have to account for the fact that the dilutions are WAY out of proportion with the increasing size of the electron shell.

      And on “I stand by this theory until proven wrong in a lab”; not how it works. Sorry.
      All goof scientists start from the position that their hypotheses are wrong, until they can reliably and repeatably demonstrate through experiment that they’re likely to be right. Scientists have to submit their work for the utmost scrutiny. Have you ever been to a real scientific conference? People’s ideas are torn to shreds. They’re put through the intellectual meat grinder. Only those that can withstand this onslaught of criticism move on to a stage where people start to take them seriously. That’s why science is so robust; and why real scientists get frustrated with people writing nonsense like this who think they can get a free pass.

  • Hi
    I think it’s fair for you to apply an area of theoretical physics to your own field.
    But you seem to be using this more as a cherry-picked metaphor than as a scientific theory.
    By this I mean: applying it scientifically would make clear the areas where the theory is reflected in reality, & where it appears not to. The whole scientific project is to model reality. & then check systematically & in an unbiased way we have ‘verisimilitude’ (ie some concordance)

    Because our theories never match 100% of all cases (& when they do we go look for such outliers!) we have this ‘competition’ between observation & theory.

    Which is why testable theories are preferred.

    This should give you some idea of what to do next. I can think of some lines of exploration & observation for your theory. I’m sure you can too:
    – compare to other energized atoms ( ie a laser). Wouldn’t a laser (which is energized similarly to the way you discuss) work better?
    – ionized atoms: how do they fit?
    – plasma: ?
    – why are higher energy states better?
    – what happens in other forms of matter? Metals, liquids , etc?

    Following through diligently for the consequences & implications of your theory is science. Otherwise it’s metaphor – or charlatanism, self-delusion, or worse.

    • Indeed, there’s an utterly unfounded assumption that runs through this whole piece that higher energy levels somehow translate into beneficial physiological effects.
      There’s nothing at all in physics or physiology which supports this notion and it appears the author has just snatched it out of the air because, to her, it sounds like it sort of makes sense.
      Before I’d even begin to take this article seriously I’d want that assumption justified.

  • In other words, electrons are magically raised to higher energy levels and magically stay there until swallowed and then the energy is magically converted into a vague unmeasurable healing energy.

      • Granted that the last part of what I wrote was not addressed in the article, and I left out the part of higher energy dihydrogen monoxide molecules getting sprayed onto sugar pills, evaporated, and then the sugar pills claimed as medicine.

        I’ll believe anything and change my mind with credible evidence, but misunderstanding and cherry picking quantum mechanics will not.

  • I have studied quantum physics from a psychological view, not the academic one, and I find real links between the quantum level as I understand it, particle/wave, similar to the spiritual views about herbs, the effect of thoughts, etc. To think that homeopathic knowledge may be connected to realities in higher dimensions is great to hear. I first tried Arnica Montana 2 weeks ago for muscle healing and it has really
    made a difference. I am doing a trial with my spouse with Bryonia for sore muscles and joints. Why not?
    Have you heard of the work mentioned in the books on frozen water crystals taking the shape of music or a word, can’t rec all author’s name, very beautiful photos of frozen water crystals shapes according to music or written word—–he mentioned the work of a man in Paris I think that could get effect from plain water with a word written on the container. It makes sense to me as I believe consciousness determines reality, maybe flowers and herbs and words all have consciousness!

  • It is some years since I earned my degree in Physics, but a still know enough to assert with reasonable authority that this article is flawed on several counts.
    It uses terms like ‘energy’ in a loose way, equating things like the kinetic energy from the succession process, the bulk compression wave energy in the liquid, the atomic quantum energy levels, and a vague notion of homeopathic ‘potency’. It ignores the fact that most of the kinetic energy from the succession process will be eventually dissipated as heat, even if there are bulk compression waves for a short time. This energy is neither sufficient nor of the right form to excite electron level transitions. Once the energy is in the form of heat the 2nd law of thermodynamics comes into play and none of this energy would excite atomic transitions. The theory also ignores the fact that chemical bonds depend on the energy levels – if electrons are excited to higher atomic energy levels the chemical bonds are disrupted. Putting some or all of the different atoms comprising a complex organic molecule into a higher energy level would destroy the molecule, even if kinetic energy were capable of doing so. There is also a link mentioned between the kinetic energy (of bulk compression waves) and the ‘wave aspect of a photon. There is in fact no link. Finally, even if the homeopathic material were excited to higher energy levels and remained intact, in general the efficacy of organic molecules is by virtue of their molecular structure, not their energy state. Now it is possible for complex organic molecules to have different energy states. Chlorophyll is an example. or a molecule may have mechanical vibrational modes that can also be quantised – but these are not relevant to its biological ‘potency’.
    Now I have seen some of those on this thread who have posed objections such as mine be criticised as ‘blinkered’ for rejecting the theory out of hand. But that is how science is. A theory must offer an explanation that is a better fit to observation than its predecessors. This theory is a *worse* fit because it requires us to discard almost the entire body modern physics. Then a scientist does not assert he is right without experimental evidence and that others must prove him wrong, he proposes a hypothesis and a set of experiments that would confirm or deny it.
    Then there may be the position that I am being overly ‘scientific’….to which I would point out that the article itself is couched in terms of accepted scientific ideas, verified by over 100 years of experiment. You can’t say ‘I accept the experiments that proved the idea of atomic energy levels, but I reject the experiments that prove how these energy levels can be excited’

  • I take some water in a test tube and dilute it with some more water and a more dilute yet powerful water is born with energies escalating with each dilution. OMG, after few dilutions, I have made a water bomb with enormous energy.

    • Is that what you’ve learned about how remedies are made? That’s all wrong! You take a drop of mother tincture, let’s say a drop of parsley juice. You drop it in 99 drops of water. You succuss this solution a number of times (Robin Murphy says 40). This is your first dilution. You take a drop of that and add it to another 99 drops of water and succuss that the same number of times. This is your second dilution, or “2C”. You keep going in this manner until you’ve reached the potency you desire.

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