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Homeopathy relation: These two conditions also relate to the implosion & explosion of succussion bubbles in solution.   Cavitation dynamics.   Casimir space cold fusion, etc.   Succussion or hammering away at the water vial is an act of increasing the G load.  And there are inverse G loads on recoil.  G force is suddenly increased with impact energy.  Shock waves (sonic) translate that inertial energy along the water lattice / inter-atomic structure of the fluid.

(Original image from Brian Connelley’s report)

NOTE 1: It is remarkable that pentagonal / dodeca / icosa based geometry is found in the water lattice, such that cavitation dynamics of implosion and explosion are inherent to water.  Each empty space in the image above is filled with lower frequency Ether.  The atoms themselves in this image are filled with Ether, but of higher frequency, and so there is an apparent hardness of the atomic & molecular soap bubble due to its radiative pressure front and structure.

NOTE 2: Along that first motion toward a spherical / bubble structure, the acoustic waves will tend to also bend and flow into bubble formation.  This runs natural to the very issue of Gravity in Equation 1.  Space is warped inward (or the lattice which occupies space must implode) under increased G’s.   A natural tendency for those succussion bubbles to implode under gravitational loading!!!   The earlier Lensed Theory of Succussion may apply, but his makes much more sense with all that we know in physics. As the shock waves move to an inversed, -G condition (recoil), the bubbles want to expand again as the action / reaction factor.

That violent implosion coupled with internal pressures, temperature, Cold Fusion dynamics, and wave energy shunt from the Exotic Vacuum (Ether) pushes the succussion bubbles into explosion again.   As that energy radiates, the system rapidly loses heat and the fluid undergoes phase change and  “memory” imprinting of the earlier solute due to an almost ice formation; almost crystallization (the nature of liquid phases prior to solidification).

That pretty much covers all issues of the former mystery to homeopathic remedy production.  It’s all about succussion.  As for dilution?  It is simply dilution at each succussion level. And there you go.  Mystery of homeopathy solved.  Makes me kinda sad, though, as now the adventure there is over.   But new ones begin!

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