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Akiva is a new offering from Miccant, the makers of CARA. Akiva is probably the first professionally developed homeopathy software that is not meant for professionals. Yes! Akiva (pronounced A- Kee-Vah) is targeting the home users. It is for laymen who are interested in Homeopathy. It helps them in finding a remedy for common acute conditions.

Akiva uses a question-and-answer format to find the remedy. The user selects a condition (like common cold) and the software asks questions with answers to select. Based on the data collected from all the answers the software suggest 3 most probable remedies in their order of significance.

Some of the key features of Akiva are:

  • Help for 64 acute medical conditions.
  • Some basic medical information is provided for reference for each condition.
  • Photographs of the condition are provided (where applicable).
  • Information about 103 remedies is provided for reference with photographs (where applicable).
  • Information about accessory management like herbs and nutritional supplements that may help, is provided for each ailment (where applicable).

Price: Akiva comes for £ 75 (British pounds)

Judgment: Overall, a good and easy-to-use software, stripped-off of all technicalities.

To see the screen-shots of Akiva click here

For more details and recent changes visit the miccant website.

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