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CARA Lite is a stripped down version of the standard version. It is an entry level Homeopathy software with limited features and functionality. It’s basically meant for simple repertorisation without any frills.

Combined repertory is the standard repertory coming with CARA Lite. The Combined Repertory was originally based on Kent’s Repertory but has been considerably expanded. Many of these additions have been taken from the same sources used in the Synthetic Repertory. The Combined Repertory retains the same schema of chapters and rubric layout as the original Kent’s Repertory.

Included in the Combined Repertory are all of the additions to Kent suggested by Vithoulkas. The provings of Scorpion and Hydrogen made by the Dynamis school have also been included. The recognized additions for Carcinosin are also included in the Combined Repertory.

Boericke’s materia medica is also included for reference purpose.

CARA Lite comes with the standard repertory search and browse tools. It also comes with three clip-boards (other versions of CARA have 5) to analyze different aspects of the case simultaneously. One good feature that CARA provides and many entry level softwares lack is the ability to compare different medicines from the repertorisation result.

Price: CARA Lite comes for £ 199 (British pound)

Judgment: There are many cheaper entry level softwares available in the market, but the strength of CARA Lite lies in it’s Combined Repertory and the clip-board feature. Also the search facility provided is better than many other entry level softwares. Overall, a basic software for students and for those who have monetary concerns.

For more details and recent changes visit the miccant website.

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