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CARA Standard – Homeopathy Software

This is the standard version of CARA, covers all the basic requirements of a good homeopathic software but comes without the frills of some new books. Also some features available in the Pro version are not there. But both of these are not limiting factors in themselves. You can add the new books for a price. And the features that are not there in standard version are useful but not absolutely necessary. You won’t feel restricted by their absence.

CARA standard comes with two basic repertories

  • Combined Repertory
  • Murphy’s Repertory

If you wish, you can add Complete Repertory by Roger van Zandvoort for a price.

It also comes with  about a dozen standard books of Materia Medica & Philosophy available in nearly all software. But you can optionally add books by Vermulen, Shankran, Sherr, Scholten, Murphy, Mirilli etc.

The basic features include the standard repertorisation and search tools. Plus you can analyze different versions of the same case using 5 different clip-boards. Also you can combine rubrics to create meta-rubrics.

The features that you do not get in the Standard version and that are available in Pro version are:

  • Searching all repertories or materia medica’s simultaneously
  • Using synonyms while searching
  • Using Mirilli’s themes to search the repertory
  • Advanced repertorisation methods based on misams, families, species, periodic table etc
  • Audio lectures and remedy photographs
  • Adding your rubrics and comments to repertories and materia medicas

This is a basic outline of the features. If you want to read the full specifications click here

Also have a look at the CARA Pro specifications and the comparison of CARA Pro/Standard/Lite versions.

Price: CARA standard comes for a price of £ 349 (British Pounds)

Our analysis is that it is a ‘Value for Money‘ product. If you are not a power-user, it will cover nearly all your clinical needs. Plus there is the flexibility of adding any new book any time you want!

For more details and recent changes visit the miccant website.

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