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Encyclopaedia Homeopathica is what it’s name is – ‘Encyclopedia’ of Homeopathy in it’s true sense. This is a materia medica software, but is so much more too. First let me list some basic features of this encyclopedia:

  • It comes with about 400 books on materia medica and philosophy
  • Provides access to host of journals and provings
  • Many seminar transcripts have been included
  • Materia Medica of 2,393 remedies is there
  • Therapeutics of 4,937 pathologies
  • Cases of 391 remedies have also been included
  • Cases also can be selected on the basis of pathology (1,142 possibilities)

This is just the information or content part. The excellence of EH lies in the way it makes all this information accessible. But before we talk about this, the content part needs more elaboration.

Encyclopedia Homeopathica (EH) comes with an enormous range of Materia Medica titles, starting with the  classic works of Hahnemann, Kent, Allen, Hering, Boenninghausen, Clarke, Farrington, Dunham, Lippe, Boericke and many others. Recent information such as current provings, seminar transcripts, the works of George Vithoulkas, Jan Scholten, Alphonse Geukens, Frans Vermeulen, Frederik Schroyens, Paul Herscu, Jeremy Sherr, Roger Morrison, Nancy Herrick, Rajan Sankaran, Bill Gray, Jonathan Shore, Robin Murphy, Ananda Zaren, and Lou Klein have also been included.

To add to this, an extensive library of journals from the past and present has also been provided. Many of these classic volumes are not accessible in print anymore. In addition, numerous books on Homeopathic Philosophy, including Hahnemann’s Organon and Kent’s Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy, are available. A vast array of never-before-published cases round out this comprehensive representation of our homeopathic literature.

The software has been made in such a way that the user is not overwhelmed by all this information. It’s search facility is very robust. This huge amount of data is searched within seconds for any query. You want to find instances of a symptom in old literature, or you want to look for certain pathology, or you intend to find more information about some remedy or cases of a certain  medicine – you can find it very very easily with EH. Not just that, you can narrow down your search to any family or book  or author, even to a paragraph! Instead of using proper search syntax for your queries, you can use phrases to find the relevant information. All said and done, the bottom line is that you need not be a geek to use these excellent search capabilities.

Price: Encyclopaedia Homeopathica comes in various packages (A to G). In each package the number of books vary and so does the price. The price of the complete EH (package G) is $2295.

Judgment: It’s extensive, it’s fast, it’s well-designed and easy-to-use. It is everything you can ask for from a homeopathic encyclopedia! It is costly….but…it’s worth it!!  The Best Materia Medica software and Encyclopedia out there!! A hands-down winner!

For more details and recent changes visit the RADAR website.

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