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Homeopathic Remedy Browser

Nearly every major homeopathy software comes with a utility to compile the rubrics for a remedy into materia medica or to convert (invert) repertory into materia medica. The purpose is to see all the rubrics in which a particular remedy is listed, at one place. Now there is a neat utility available which is meant only for this purpose. The new software, called Homeopathic Remedy Browser, is meant as a study tool to improve our knowledge of materia medica and to confirm our choice of medicine using rubrics derived from the repertory.

Homeopathic Remedy Browser comes with only one repertory and that is Kent’s Repertory. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is select a medicine and all the rubrics which contain that remedy get listed. The rubrics are arranged in the schema used in Kent’s repertory.

The online version differentiates between the rubrics which contain a medicine in bold, italics or normal letters.

The small utility may prove helpful to the homeopathic students. It can prove useful for the professionals also but the problem is that the professional homeopaths need much more from a homeopathy software and all professional homeopathic software have such utilities included in them!

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