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HomeoQuest Software

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Thanks to this powerful Homeopathy software, quick and confident prescriptions are now just a click away. If you can use a search engine on the web, then you can use HomeoQuest. It’s that easy. Just enter the key symptoms for your patient’s case and the leading prescription will instantly be displayed. In fact, all the best results will be listed on the first page out of the thousands of other subsequent results.

How To Analyse A Homeopathic Case With Ease…..In Less Than 5 Minutes!”

Successful homeopaths know that being able to thoroughly exploit the full potential of our homeopathic database can often be the difference between a right and a wrong remedy. The problem is that in a software, this information is all there hidden within complex overwhelming features.   The good news is that HomeoQuest Software  is purpose written software designed to suit the thinking process of a homeopathic practitioner.


What does HomeoQuest do?

There were three aims in designing HomeoQuest.

1)    To make the job of analysing a case a matter of a few clicks. This releases time to do things which you love about homeopathy rather than being stuck behind a clutter of windows and complex features and struggling with the tool.

2)      To allow adding direct symptoms in the patient’s own words and repertorizing them from both the repertories and materia medica simultaneously, to offer instant prescription choices within minutes.

3)    To offer multiple ways of analysing the same case all within a few minutes, to help you confirm your final remedy and make accurate prescriptions.


The finished product is a fantastically easy to use software package, where all you need do is add key words of your patient’s peculiar symptoms and Homeoquest will churn the entire homeopathic database and present you with a comprehensive summary with the final remedy suggestions for your cases.


How long does it take to use HomeoQuest?

After a few moments of becoming familiar with HomeoQuest, even the most computer illiterate homeopath can analyse a case in less than five minutes!


What are other homeopaths saying about HomeoQuest?

HomeoQuest has been an inspiration. Skills of paper repertorisation are easily transferrable. The whole process is much quicker and some newer remedies come through, which may not have otherwise.

As a logical thinker, I like the way that Homeoquest has been laid out. Everything is on one screen and it is so easy to navigate between sections – repertorization to remedy browser etc. There are some new ways to work with difficult cases via HomeoQuest and remedy comparison. I like this ability to use lateral thinking.

During my studies I have tried and worked with a number of Homeopathic softwares and ultimately found HomeoQuest to be the most compact, the most practical and fun to use. I just love the ease of repertorizing with HomeoQuest.


Don’t take our word for it. Thousands of practitioners have taken our free trial.

Download the free 30 day trial from www.homeoquest.com [1]

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