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HOMPATH CLASSIC 8 Review – Homeopathy Software

Note: The review and comparison with other software was done in 2004. It does not hold for the newer versions of Hompath and its comparison with other software.

Hompath has come of age as a repertorization software. From the days of its DOS version, it has grown into a very powerful Windows based repertorization software. The Hompath Classic version 8 is a real improvement from the previous version 7.

At a Glance

Hompath Classic 8 comes in 6 CD’s. The first CD contains the main repertorization module along with 4 other modules – Archives, Utilities, Patient Management and Case Analysis. The other 5 Cd’s contain Tresoire, Links Tresoire, Materia Medica Live, Materia Medica Elite and Hompath Assist. We will look into the details of each module one by one. The software contains 29 repertories, 270 homeopathy books, 5000 articles, and over 100,000 pages on information.


Module 1 – Hompath Classic 8

This is the core repertorization module of this package. Any homeopathy software is incomplete if it does not have a good repertorization core. Fortunately Hompath’s repertorization module is very powerful. It comes with 29 repertories including Complete, Kent, Boericke, Boger, Boenninghausen, Knerr, Phatak etc. The complete repertory, which is one of the most complete modern repertories is the primary repertory.

The first thing that strikes you on opening the Hompath Classic is its neat layout and easy accessibility of various features. The various features have been so arranged that they are all visible on one screen without making it look cluttered.

On opening any chapter, the right of rubric selection screen has a very useful toolbar with options to look at the complete rubric, its remedies and grades. You can clcik on any remedy and read its keynotes, drug picture, view its source, kingdom, photographs, drug properties, relations etc. You can also check for the underlying themes of various rubrics, cross references, synonyms, word meaning etc. The rubric selection screen is a real powerful resource. The richness of features is amply complimented by easy navigation and ease of use.

Once you select all the symptoms (from various repertories), you can repertorise using various methodologies. The repertorization proper has a marked improvement in the version 8 of Hompath Classic. You can group the selected symptoms on 6 clipboards. One is meant for Mental Generals, another for Physical generals and there are 4 spare clipboards. Using these clipboards, you can do selective repertorization of various symptoms for better understanding of the case.

You can do a normal repertorization or you can apply drug filters to find remedies from various groups like animal or plant kingdom; you can also combine various rubrics, cross them or even use elimination method. You can even filter your repertorization results to specific authors, specific mineral group, plant or animal families! The selected symptoms can be analyzed as per the methods of Kent, Boger or Boenninghausen. The repertorization core of Hompath is really very powerful and easy to use. Infact, its probably the most easy to use repertorization software and even a beginner can use it comfortably without much assistance or tutorials. We use the word ‘Intuitive’ frequently for such software.

So once you have repertorized and analyzed your case, what else to do? Well! there is lots more. You can edit your symptom list, group various symptoms together, see your results as various graphs, save your results, open Materia Medica to study various medicines, convert repertory to Materia Medica, search various repertories for specific words and rubrics, take printouts etc.

The search function is also very powerful. You can search a specific repertory or all of them. You can even search the Tresoire, Materia Medica or various books from the same console. The search options are very powerful and easy to use and the search is also very fast. So no problems in this section either.

There is an inbuilt expert system, called Similimum. You can use it to narrow down your search for the similimum by providing various details about the patient like age, gender, sensitivity, miasm, occupation, symptom types, drug type etc.

Another useful option is that you can edit the existing Materia Medica and repertories and save your own additions and deletions to them. You can even create customized repertories for conditions like Cancer, Schizophrenia, Diabetes or a repertory of combined symptoms etc. This feature is really useful and lets you add your own knowledge and experience to your software.

A very beautiful new feature that is now available with Hompath is the ‘Pack and Go’ feature. Homeopaths often have to present their cases to students in classes or in seminars. It is usually very difficult to take your repertorized cases on software with you. Hompath has now made this really easy. You can just select a case and Hompath will pack it for you so that you can write it on CD and take it with you. The case presentation will run even without Hompath installation so you can run it on any system. Is a dream come true for people like us!

There is lots more to this module which you can explore yourself. Now its time to move to other modules all of which are very well integrated and you can access any module from any other module.

Module 2 – Archives

Archives is a treasure chest of Knowledge. It contains 270 books on Materia Medica, Homeopathy Philosophy & organon, Therapeutics, Pharmacy etc. You will find most of the good books here – from Hahnemann to Scholten. All these books are very easy to access and you can search any or all the books – for anything!

Module 3 – Utilities

Homeopathy is not all about repertorization. Utilities brings together the rest of it. This module contains information about the use of mother tinctures, homeopathy prophylaxis for various conditions, therapeutic medicines for various diseases etc. It also contains a dictionary to look up word-meanings and also you can check cross-references. Last but not least, there is a special resource for students which has numerous viva questions and their answers.

Module 4 – Patient Management

Just saving the repertorization results for a patient is not sufficient for a homeopath. This software allows you to manage you patient details with ease. You can access full information about the patient from a single console – his/her particulars, case details, diagnosis, prescriptions, date of visits, instructions and lots more. Very comprehensive and easy to use.

Module 5 – Case Analysis

This module helps you analyze all the details of your case including your successes and failures in practice.With this module, you can document and analyze your cases for enhancing your practice. This module is linked to the ‘Follow up’ and ‘Diagnosis’ of the Patient Management system from where it picks all the information. You can actually track the progress of a case along with the direction of cure to help you judge the prognosis in a given case.

Module 6 – Hompath Assist

Hompath assist is really the office assistant that you have always asked for. It organizes everything for you like appointments, visits, reminders etc. and can do mundane chores like keep record of patient bills, print bills and various medical certificates, manage your address book. You can even keep track of your income and expenses. A really handy software for office use – made specially for homeopaths!

Module 7 – Materia Medica Live

MM Live is a multimedia presentation of homoeopathy medicines. It is a novel way of presenting a remedy wherein the user feels the remedy to be a part of him. The remedy comes alive in front of you and creates a permanent impact on the user. The similimum can be visualized when the patient approaches the physician. This is extremely useful for the Practitioner to understand the remedy and explain it in a more interesting manner to his patients.

Module 8 – Materia Medica Elite

MM Elite is a compilation of 31 important remedies.  The CD is in the form of a presentation of 31 important remedies . Explained in an interesting manner, providing the user with an in-depth analysis of the remedy. Includes Keynotes, Materia Medica, Drug presentation etc. of all the available drugs.

Module 9 – Links Tresorie

Links Tresorie is a compilation of articles from ‘International Homeopathic Links’ (an International Publication from Holland) from the year 1987 to 2000. This is a Collectors Item, with articles written by internationally acclaimed Researchers and Practitioners.

Module 10 – Tresorie

The Tresorie module has a compilation of over 4000 articles based on practical, clinical and homeopathic experiences of many generations of Homeopaths as published in various journals.


Note: The review and comparison with other software was done in 2004. It does not hold for the newer versions of Hompath and its comparison with other software.

The various aspects of this software are rated as Poor/Average/Good/Very Good/ Excellent

1. Repertorization – Excellent. Very Powerful, Feature Rich, and Easy to Use.

Suggestion – More modern repertories would be a welcome addition.

2. Amount of Information – Very Good.

Suggestion – The Archives needs more books from contemporary authors. Many of the renowned authors and their current works are missing.

3. Quality of Information – Very Good

4. Design & Ease of Use – Excellent. Probably the BEST!

5. Navigation – Excellent

6. Additional Utilities – Very Good. The best package!

7. Documentation – Excellent. Again among the BEST!

8. Value for Money – Excellent. Hands Down Winner!

9. End User Support – Very Good


Hompath Classic 8 is an excellent software. It is among the best and most innovative homeopathy software available. It is very feature rich. Qualitatively and quantitatively it is very much complete. The only issue was with modern repertories and books. The ease of use makes it the best homeopathy software. The add-on utilities are an excellent resource of information and help. No other software provides such amount of information and tools bundled with the main software. The software not only helps in clinical practice but it also teaches a lot. It is the most user-friendly software available and is helpful not just for the ripened homeopaths but also for beginners, students and researchers. We think nobody is going to regret buying such a software.
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Note: The review and comparison with other software was done in 2004. It does not hold true for the newer versions of Hompath and its comparison with other software. At present other software like Radar, McRepertory or ISIS might be better.



The software was reviewed by a team of qualified homeopaths and software professionals. The reviewers had worked with other homeopathy software too, like Radar, CARA, MacRepertory etc. (not necessarily the current version). The views given in this review are personal and do not reflect any bench mark testing and comparison with other products.

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  • dear doctor
    I hav hompath classic software which can be used in PC, can I use the same software in laptop without the key or should I need any usb drive? if so how and where shall i get it.

    • Dear Subhashini

      Hompath has released some of the latest software with various new features, so I would suggest you upgrade it. For rest of the queries you can contact on 0-9321332054 (Mr. Anil, marketing executive Hompath).


  • Dear colleague. I am in possession of Hompath Assist Classic Ver 8 software which I cant use currently because, I lost
    the key that came with it when I was relocating my practice to a different location. Please suggest as to how I can get a new key.

    Dr Tshediso Sekonyela


  • dear doctor
    i would like to see demo of classic 8 version i could not able to open by internet which is the site please send the mail id as i want to have it if i satisfy as i am well know about version 7

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