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Kenbo, a new program that guides step by step the way to achieve the most suitable remedy for a case, has just appeared in the homeopathic market.

The majority of the existing software is designed to make the process of repertorization easier. However, Kenbo’s program provides much more than this. It offers a practical application of the Hahnemannian concept in clinical practice, the processing and recording of case studies, as well as assisting in their maintenance.

The symptoms of the patient are recorded directly in the software using the concept of the “complete symptom”, and then the program converts the symptoms to rubrics immediately through various repertories. All histories (present, past, family, personal, physical examination and investigation) are recorded in separate windows.

The evaluation of symptoms is made considering the causative, mental, physical and particular symptom. The case is analyzed creating acute and chronic totality, determining the dominant and fundamental miasm based on the patient’s present history, past history and family background.

Kenbo’s software identifies the dominant type of symptom of the case and according to this dominance proposes one of the following reportorial approaches: Kent’s approach, Boeninghausen’s-Boger’s approach, Regional approach. Then the most suitable remedy for the case is suggested based on repertorization result, miasmatic dominance, constitutional background and potential drug affinity. The correspondent potency and frequency repetition of the remedy chosen is also suggested.

The continuity of a treatment and the decision for the second prescription is managed by the software that reviews each symptom according to Kent’s 12 Observations and Hering’s law.

Amongst other utilities, the program helps to identify the different phases of a chronic case according the Hahnemannian miasmatic concept. It presents a graphical display of the dominating miasm of the patient in the different stages of his life. There is also the option of quick repertorization in which the user can directly select rubrics from the five available repertories and repertorize the case without going.to the case processing or the case taking. Under the heading of physician is given the facility to print various reports, certificates, lab testing formats, order sheets for medicines, etc. and to keep track of appointments.

The software is definitely recommended for the newcomers since it directs the physician to take and record the case in a proper manner. It introduces in the case taking the Hahnemannian’s miasmatic understanding, knowledge that the young homeopath cannot apply easily since it requires a lot of reading and experience.

For the experienced homeopath it ensures in the case taking the so-called classical approach, which can be really helpful in difficult cases where understanding of miasms can direct the case in the right way; also, it offers a powerful tool in recording and maintaining the cases uniquely.

There are 5 repertories attached in the program; however, updated, more modern repertories, can be added.

As it has been mentioned above, the follow up management is based on Kent’s 12 Observations and Hering’s Law. However, some homeopaths think that Vithoulka’s 22 prognostic observations -inspired in the precedents- describes with more accuracy the different situations created after a first prescription, pointing to the second prescription.

The creators of the program claim they have been inspired by the teachings of the old and great masters: Hahnemann, Kent and Boenninghausen and they are committed to classical homeopathy. Nevertheless, in some complicated cases maybe one will try to combine the classical approach, guaranteed by Kenbo’s software, with other approaches–using Kingdoms, for example, or Sankaran’s miasms.

I think that Kenbo’s program will play an important leadership role in the homeopathic software world.

Developed by: Dr Tarkeshwar Jain, MD (Homoeo)

Astt. Prof: Dr M P K Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre,
Jaipur INDIA
Company Name: PP Homoeopathic Lab Pvt. Ltd,
DhaddaMarket, Johari Bazar, Jaipur -302 003 INDIA
Ph: 91 93145 31886, Website: www.kenbosoft.com, Email: [email protected]

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