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Hompath Links Tresorie is a collection of articles from the ‘Dutch Journal of Homeopathy’ or ‘Homeopathic Links’. It contains all the articles from this journal from 1987 to 2000. ‘Homeopathic Links’ is one of the most respected homeopathy journals and is read and supported by nearly all the modern guru’s of Homeopathy. The quality of information provided in this journal is excellent and having this information in an easy to use format, makes it a wonderful piece of software. This software has been developed by Hompath for Links and is being marketed by both.

It is an extensive compilation of articles and provides good search facilities to find whatever you are looking for. It also allows to open the articles by a particular writer. A very useful feature that has been provided is the ability to book-mark your favorite articles. It is a useful tool, if you want to find out case-instances ever published in any journal or information regarding a disease or medicine or some research related topic.

Price: Hompath Tresorie comes for

Judgment: A very good and easy-to-use collection for those who are academically oriented.

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