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MacRepertory is a complete homeopathy software produced by Kent Homeopathy. MacRepertory is an easy to use repertorization tool with host of analysis strategies and other useful tools to narrow down your search for the similimum.

MacRepertory 8 makes it easy to quickly select and analyze rubrics, get ideas for remedies, check the materia medica, do a bit of research and feel confident about your prescriptions. KHA offers two styles – MacRepertory Pro and MacRepertory Classic. Though both are powerful tools, MacRepertory Pro offers more advanced customization and analysis features than the Classic version. Both MacRepertory Pro and MacRepertory Classic are available with either the Core Library or the Full Library.

MacRepertory Pro
MacRepertory Classic
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Books Available for Separate Purchase
Roger van Zandvoort’s Complete 2009 Repertory

MacRepertory Professional

MacRepertory couldn’t be easier to use. You have a repertory on the screen that looks just like the book on your desk. With more than twenty repertories and 140,000 cross references it’s easy to find the exact symptom you want – you’ll never again get lost in old terminology.

Collecting Rubrics
With a click you collect each rubric for your analysis. You can make up to ten collections of rubrics, each representing the story from a different point of view, but that’s just the start. We’ve included a version of mind-mapping, long advocated by Louis Klein, that groups rubrics into themes; by creating thematic objects you get a clear graphic representation of the case dynamics. This revolutionary, visual approach focuses your thinking and helps you to prescribe much more accurately.

MacRepertory comes with a built-in collection of tried-and-true mathematical strategies that combine with clear graphs to illuminate the most likely remedies for the case. If you work slightly differently than we do MacRepertory  allows you to fine tune the calculations and play with different strategies until you get exactly what works for you; best of all, no math required!

Creating Graphs
MacRepertory excels at its graphs; there are lots of beautiful graphs to choose; they make your job far easier by instantly, clearly identifying the most likely remedies, highlighting small remedies and nosodes as fast as polychrests.

Crossing Rubrics
Crossing rubrics to find the remedies that cover all of the rubrics is one of the simplest, yet most powerful, case analysis techniques. Just drop rubrics into our “Elimination Tool” to see only the remedies that run through the whole case.

Family Dynamics
Hahnemann was one of the first to recognize that remedies could be separated into groups (in his case, miasms) to help focus prescribing. MacRepertory extends this concept to 1,800 groups of remedies: from miasms to natural kingdoms and from Vega’s Boxes to Massimo’s Families. With a click you can focus your analysis on only the syphilitic remedies, or snakes, or natrums, etc. MacRepertory includes over a hundred specific family graphs to inspire you to prescribe at your best (see Families description).

MacRepertory turns the repertories into valuable tools for research. With a couple of clicks you can find all of the fears of Stramonium or the difference between Kali phosphoricum and Phosphorus or the similarities between Calcarea carbonica and Asterias rubens. You can make profiles of words throughout the repertory; i.e. every rubric related to ‘horse’ and the main remedies that focus on it, or the unique delusions of all the fungi.

Comparing Concepts
When it is time to decide on a remedy the Concept Graph makes differentiating between remedies, groups and families a breeze. You can compare at a glance the main expressions (organ, sensation, modalities, etc.) of remedies – i.e. the rectum for Ratanhia or the respiratory and nervous systems for Cuprum – making it clear which remedies fit the case the best.

Discover Families
MacRepertory’s family tools enabled Rajan Sankaran to discover the common characteristics of the families he’s described. A couple of clicks and you can see the rubrics common to most of the remedies in the family.

Do It Your Way
MacRepertory was designed to grow along with you. Create strategies that work best for your cases, design your own custom graphs and make new families of remedies to focus your prescribing. Choose your own background colors, fonts and repertory icons. Add additions into any repertory and your notes into the materia medica. The program will grow to fit you like a glove.

Materia Medica
Once you’ve narrowed your selection down to a few remedies you want to verify them in the materia medica. MacRepertory places scores of the greatest materia medica right at your fingertips. From Boericke, Boger and Phatak to Morrison, Scholten and Vermeulen – if you need it, it’s here.

Click on a remedy in a rubric to leap to the original materia medica reference in ReferenceWorks. Use ReferenceWorks to collect all of the remedies from over 800 materia medica that cure a symptom and paste the results into MacRepertory to improve your case analysis. Share additions with others; even share your background collections! MacRepertory Pro combines a solid, traditional approach to repertorization with dozens of inspirational features. Our revolutionary new case analysis template, the Theme Palette, combines the best of Boenninghausen’s generalism with Kent’s specificity. You’ll immediately find you are prescribing more accurately.


MacRepertory Classic

The perfect software for homeopaths who want a powerful, complete solution but don’t need the advanced analysis and customization tools that MacRepertory Pro offers. This helpful program provides plenty of room to grow as your learning expands – and even serves as a teaching tool through its many books and resources.

MacRepertory Classic allows you to create and save patient charts (complete with remedy plan), reasons why you selected remedy, other remedies to consider, graphs of your analysis, and much more. Having trouble remembering where a rubric is in a repertory? Conduct a word search and find it with the click of your mouse. Want to find all of the occurrences of a remedy in a repertory? Conduct a remedy search and they’re all located in seconds. You can even import a rubric from ReferenceWorks to improve your case analysis.

Books Available for Separate Purchase
If your MacRepertory Library doesn’t already have one of these volumes, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Allen’s Repertory
Bach Mind Repertory
Bach/Kent Mind Repertory
Boericke’s Repertory
Boger’s Synoptic Key Repertory
Clarke’s Repertory
The Complete 2009 Repertory
Eizayaga’s Repertory
Jahr’s Repertory
Knerr’s Repertory
Marsh’s Clinical Drug Repertory
Massimo’s Clinical Repertory II
Mirilli’s Repertory
Murphy’s III Repertory
Murphy’s Medical Repertory II
Robert’s Repertory
Scholten’s Thematic Repertory
Vega’s Boxes Repertory II
Ward’s Repertory
Warkentin’s Family Repertory
Materia Medica
Blackwood’s Manual
Boericke’s Materia Medica
Boger’s Synoptic Key
Bowel Nosodes
Breyfogle’s Epitome
Buck’s Materia Medica
Burt’s Characteristics
Choudhuri’s Study of MM
Clark’s ABC Manual
Clarke’s Characteristics
Cleveland’s Salient MM
Cowperthwaite’s Textbook
Dewey’s Practical
Dunham’s MM (2)
Farrington’s Comparative MM (3)
Gladwin’s M World
Guernsey’s Key-Notes
Hansen’s Textbook of MM
Jones’ Medical Genius
Kent’s Clinical Cases
Kent’s Lectures (3)
Leeser’s Textbook
Lippe’s Textbook
Magnificent Plants
Mathur’s Systematic
Monroe’s Materia Medica
Morrison’s Desktop Guide
Mure’s Materia Medica
Murphy’s Nature’s MM
Nash’s Therapeutics
Phatak Concise
Pierce’s Plain Talks
Royal’s Textbook
Scholten’s Lanthanides
Scholten’s Minerals & Elements Schuessler’s
Scholten’s Wadstories
Shepherd’s Physician’s Posy (2)
Skinner’s Characteristics
Tyler’s Drug Pictures
Underwood’s Materia Medica
Vermeulen’s Synoptic I
Vermeulen’s Synoptic II (3rd Edition) Vermeulen’s Concordant (3rd Edition)
Vermeulen’s Prisma III

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