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RADAR 8 Homeopathic Software

RADAR is a research and analysis program designed for homeopathic students and professionals. It enables homeopathic practitioners to quickly and easily find symptoms in the Repertory, analyze patients’ cases and find the remedy that is indicated. The user can also browse through thousands of pages of data and find specific information within seconds. The RADAR program contains a fast search engine.
The RADAR team has primarily focussed on the speed and accuracy of data. The software is centerd around the work of Dr. Frederik Schroyens, who oversees a team of researchers and collaborators who are continuously improving and making additions to the Synthesis Repertory.George Vithoulkas’s expert system and Paul Herscu’s Herscu Module are special attractions of RADAR. By providing accurate information and the ability to analyze a patient’s case quickly and easily, RADAR has proved to be a useful tool to homeopathic practitioners.
Radar’s Unique Features
  • Synthesis 8
  • Vithoulkas Expert System
  • Herscu Module
  • Concepts & Themes
  • Open Multimedia Repertory
  • Families
  • Vakil Module
  • Encyclopaedia
  • WinCHIP
Repertory View Editor
Select the authors you feel are reliable
  • Create different repertory views based on only the authors you want or feel are reliable. George Vithoulkas and Paul Herscu, N.D. chose to develop their modules with RADAR for this one feature alone. This tool keeps alive the integrity of the homeopathic repertory for future generations.
  • Create an unlimited number of Repertory views starting from Synthesis. Work with the Repertory tailored to your understanding and convictions.
  • Subtract any number of authors from the full view of the Synthesis. For example, you can, if you prefer, subtract all recent clinical information.
  • Open different views of Synthesis at the same time and compare rubrics or even repertorizations derived from the different views.
Context Sensitive Help
Immediate help at your fingertips
The online context sensitive help, a unique feature of RADAR, gives you access to information on the program quickly and easily. With context sensitive help, learning RADAR has never been easier.
Advanced Analysis Functions RADAR offers you a wealth of analyzing methods. Each method has its own strength. To learn more, see the Advanced Analysis Functions article.
Log Files
Share your discoveries with other RADAR users
RADAR allows you to easily share your additions and other pertinent information with colleagues. You can choose to share only select information or everything you have ever added to your own program.
Comparative Extractions
Compare remedies in a flash
When working in the repertory, you will sometimes want to know whether the remedy you are thinking of occurs under a special rubric. For work like this, the extraction option is an ideal tool, saving you hours of valuable time. You can extract up to 10 remedies simultaneously and there is also the option to compare the remedies in 4 different ways.
What’s more in Radar 8 A New Level of Flexibility with Repertory Views

• Create Your Own Synthesis
• Expand or Limit to the Quality or Quantity You Desire

A Dramatic Leap in Quantity over Synthesis 7

• 150,000+ New Remedy References
• 350,000+ New Author References
• Hundreds of New Remedies
• 500+ Remedies Expanded with Twice the Information
• 129,000+ Rubrics
• 14,000+ Cross References
• 8,000+ Synonyms

ALL Symptoms from Morrison’s Desktop Guide
7,000+ New Symptoms from Vithoulkas’ clinical practice
Farokh Master’s Clinical Bedside Tips from his personal experience
Margaret Tyler’s Drug Pictures

100,000+ references to Boger-Boenninghausen
4,000+ symptoms from Stephenson’s Hahnemann’s Provings
300+ New Corrections to Kent from Kentian scholar, Dr. Pierre Salaun
Extensive additions of all nosodes, including the bowel nosodes

10,000+ Symptoms from the works of Jan Scholten
ALL Remedies from Jeremy Sherr’s Provings
Souk-Aloun’s Modern French Provings for 8 New Remedies
42 New Provings from Riley, New Provings by Eising (ignis-alc, succ),
Houghton (lac-h), Rowe (stingray), Herrick (lac’s, etc.), Olsen (trees),
Riefer (candida) & many others

For further information & recent updates, visit archibel.com

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