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The traditional way to find the simillimum has always been to repertorize first, then examine the materia medica. This has also been the most time consuming. ReferenceWorks makes fast work of all your cases. ReferenceWorks is an encyclopedia of homeopathy produced by Kent Homeopathy, the makers of MacRepertory.

With ReferenceWorks you can search for a single word, combination of words or phrases. Specify whether the words should be within the same sentence paragraph section or remedy. You do not need to translate symptoms into a repertory language, just type in what the patient symptoms are. The text of the materia medica looks familiar. For example, the grades are shown in bold, capitals, or italics, but unlike paper books, you can jump from the mind symptoms of one book to the mind symptoms of another.

With the combined resources of provings, articles, materia medica and repertory extractions, you can find every description of any remedy instantly with a few clicks of a mouse.

You can search individual books staying within the same remedy, discovering the original author’s observations and clinical experiences. Slide over a quick bookmark, jump to another book, section or remedy, and then go back to the reference at any time. With the variety of viewpoints at your fingertips you will feel more confident about your prescription and save time in the process.

ReferenceWorks is available with the Core Library (125 volumes of the classics) or the Full Library (630 volumes of classic and contemporary authors…and more).

ReferenceWorks Pro 3.0 combines all the Classic versions capabilities with over 50 new features like remedy and family graphs, concept analysis, family searches. With the Drag and Drop feature, you can use all remedies, words, phrases, families and books as doorways to connect with almost every feature in the program. This program will help you study, analyze and prescribe.

ReferenceWorks Classic and Professional – FEATURE DIFFERENCES
Feature Classic Pro
Search for Words or Phrases * *
Specify Words must be in same Sentence, Paragraph, Remedy * *
Use Synonyms to Create Accurate Searches * *
Create Far Comprehensive Rubrics * *
Export your Search Results to MacRepertory as Rubrics * *
Limit Searches to Specific Remedies, Books or Sections * *
Bookmark any Passages in the Library * *
Analyze using the MM to a Bar Graph * *
Waffle, Numbered, City, Scatter, Multiple Remedy Graphs *
More than 35 Maps of Families *
Create your own Families/Groups *
Drag-and-Drop Info from Window to Window *
Roll-Over Information Displayed in every Window *
Pictures of Remedies *
Create Custom Limits in any Window *
Searches Instituted Directly from MacRepertory *
Contextual Menus (Right Click) in every Window *
Six Rubrics Clipboards *

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