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Remedy Keys (Version 1.5)

Homeopathy Remedy Keys (Version 1.5)

Remedy Keys is a keynote memorizing tool from  ‘Anahata Software’. It is based on the Keynotes of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Adolph von Lippe. You can select a medicine and read it’s 6 most characteristic keynotes. You can also set it to display keynotes of a randomly selected medicine every time you start your computer. You can also read all the keynotes of a remedy given in Lippe. The software contains 111 medicines.

The basic idea behind the software is good and could prove a useful educational tool. But if it comes with more books and more medicines, it will prove more useful. Also a feature to compare different medicines covering a particular keynote is highly desirable.

For more details and recent changes visit the Anahata website.

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