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The Spiral

The Spiral – Homeopathy software on Jan Scholten’s Approach

A new offering from Miccant, based on Jan Scholten’s, Homeopathy & Minerals and Homeopathy and the Elements. Theses books opened up an entirely new way of learning about mineral remedies. The analysis of Jan helped in predicting the nature of even the unproven remedies. It helped in finding the subtle themes of each group in the periodic table.

The Spiral allows you to access this information in a software format. The information provided in Jan’s books has been graphically presented through the periodic table. You can click on any element to read about the medicine and analyze the change of theme as you move down or across the periodic table. So if you want to find, contrast and learn about remedies based on their position within the periodic table, The Spiral will be a welcome addition, esp. for those who have read Scholten’s works and are comfortable with the approach.

Price: The Spiral comes for £ 90 (British pounds)

Judgment: A good buy for those who use or intend to study Jan Scholten’s approach towards mineral remedies.

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