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~ through the eyes of her husband, Bob

My Carole is a survivor.

She suffered with terrible eczema as an infant. She grew up with an older brother and sister. They were abandoned into the care of their loving father by a mother who left her family to conquer her own emotional problems. This exposed Carole, her sister and brother to a string of caregivers when her father was at work, some of whom were abusive, both physically and sexually.

When we first met in the early 1950’s, Carole was struggling in school with what today is described as ‘learning disabilities.’ She eventually stopped going to school to give home care to her terminally ill grandmother. After her beloved Grandmother died of breast cancer, Carole and I became teenage sweethearts, soon marrying and starting our own family.

“Too young,” some said and many felt, but we were very happy together. We eventually had four children, three girls and a boy. All were difficult births and a drain on Carole’s health. Three of our children today are healthy adults, the girls married with families of their own. Our son, unfortunately, has schizophrenia, and is still with us. Happily, we have been able to keep him at home even through the worst manifestations of his illness.

Through the 1980’s Carole struggled with multiple sclerosis along with severe environmental and food allergies. At one point she was in a university hospital and was told that her body was shutting down and that she was dying.

Carole’s strong religious beliefs and her interest in helping people have been fundamental in her overcoming the problems life has thrown at her.

During our time together, prompted by her health problems, Carole has followed a steep learning curve. Since 1961 she has had an interest in homeopathy. She has also gotten training as a medical doctor assistant, a pharmacy assistant, a herbalist and a nutritionist. Because of my activities in sailing, she became a small boat sailing instructor and rediscovered the athletic side of her personality that had lain dormant since her school days. She established a successful speciality vitamin store.

Carole continues to pursue her studies in homeopathy. She has become very adept with the computer, setting up her own web pages, Her name comes up worldwide as a homeopath and a nutritionist on the search engines. She has an extensive practice of home and internet consulting.

She has come a long way from the grimy blonde moppet who used to attach herself to her older brother and sister.

Carole is a survivor.

With love, her husband, Bob.

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