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Dr. Manisha Bhatia

Dr Manisha Bhatia Homeopathic Doctor in Jaipur

contact: [email protected]

Here is our very own Mrs. B! Dr. Manisha is the better-half of our Dr. B!

A dedicated homeopath, with a Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery (BHMS) degree and M.D. (Homeopathy), she is one of the leading female homeopaths in Rajasthan, practising at Asha Homeopathy, Jaipur [1]. During the times when homeopathy is becoming more complex due to umpteen new theories and models, she has created a name for herself using a simple and common-sense approach towards homeopathy and the results she gets with it.

She is also a Associate Professor and HoD of Psychiatry at S.K. Homeopathy Medical College, Jaipur.

Dr. Manisha is part of the primary think-tank where all development ideas are tossed for evaluation and comments. Her suggestions have inspired many changes at Hpathy, the most significant being the ‘open’ platform.


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