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Dr. Urvi Chauhan

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DR. URVI SHAH CHAUHAN is a practicing Homoeopath and a Yoga Consultant.

Her journey in Homoeopathy began from B.H.M.S. (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery) curriculum, which she acquired from Smt. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homoeopathic Medical College, Irla, Mumbai, India in the year 2000.

During the coursework, she gathered clinical experiences from various renowned homoeopaths such as Dr. Nimish Mehta, Dr. Praful Barvalia, Dr. Sujit Chaterjee, Dr. Rajan Sankaran.

After graduation, a post as a Residential Medical Officer in Mumbadevi Homeopathic Hospital an affiliate to C.M.P. Homoeopathic College, Mumbai, for 6 months, facilitated her skills of handling various Orthopedic, Rheumatic and ENT cases Homeopathically.

She then earned her degree in Yoga to pursue the patient’s health.

Presently practicing since 6 yrs, She is a visiting Homoeopathic Consultant at the Ram Krishna Mission Hospital, Khar, Mumbai, India.

Her contributions and efforts in Homoeopathy are:

* Currently Penning down and working upon publishing a script- “Hidden messages of Ganges Water”, which reflects her and her husband’s (Dr. Dinesh Chauhan) experience of a proving conducted by them upon Ganges water in March 2007.

* Penned down Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s idea into a book “An Insight into Plants Vol-III”, which involved an in depth research of new plant families and it’s application to the homoeopathic field.

* Also publishing a book in Gujarati [for layman], to evolve the Homoeopathic science in her extended community.

* Active researcher and contributor to the Soft Ware Program “VITAL QUEST” by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Dr. Paresh Vasani.

* Clinical Coordinator to the International students for the course organized by School of Classical Homeopathy [Dr. Rajan Sankaran]

* Organizes and manages various courses and seminars presented by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and his team represented by Dr. Jayesh Shah, Dr. Sunil Anand, Dr. Sujit Chaterjee, Dr. Sudhir Baldota and Dr.Divya Chhabra.

* In association with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, delivers lectures and seminars for national as well as international homoeopaths.

* Conducts Yoga Awareness Programs for the senior citizens and ladies of age groups 25 to 40 years.

* Conducts Homoeopathic Awareness Programs addressing Layman about the Strength of Homoeopathic Science.

Her combination approach of Homoeopathy with Yoga to cure her patients has truly been her individual asset that arises from her belief “Homoeopathy restores Health, Yoga helps maintaining so.”

And lastly, in her words, “A travel with such contributions are due to the humble experiences in homeopathy and it is just a beginning.”

About the author

Urvi Chauhan

Dr. Urvi Shah Chauhan heads the Philosia publications. She is the Head and Director of Swasthya Homoeopathic Healing, along with her husband, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan. The creative head of Swasthya Homoeopathic Healing, she is a practicing homoeopath, yoga consultant, publisher, editor, book- designer based in Mumbai, India. She was the editor-in-chief of three books by Dinesh Chauhan, namely, A Journey into the Human Core, A Wander with a Little Wonder: Child-Centric Case Witnessing and The Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process: The Journey of Three Steps.. She designed all the illustrative art work and the cover pages for the latter two books. She compiled An Insight into Plants-Volume III for Dr. Rajan Sankaran. Since 2007, she has run Athato Brahma Jigyasa Foundation (ABJF), a not-for-profit trust, with Dinesh Chauhan, where they organise free, educative homoeopathic workshops for Indian homoeopaths. She is the designer and developer of two of their web sites and She is a Guest Editor for Interhomeopathy – an online international homeopathic journal. She can be contacted at: [email protected]