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My way to homeopathy has lead me around half of the world for about half of my life.

Initially I was translator, I speak fluently English, French and Spanish and I have spent many years in Venezuely, Spain and France. In the mid 90’s I returned to Germany. A good friend told me about homeopathy and my interest arose. But I couldn’t imagine to practice this profession myself.

It needed a radical change in my life. Everything was lost. I had arrived at the absolute ground zero. The hole was so deep, the longing to die so strong, then I got my first constitutionally prescribed homeopathic remedy. All of a sudden I again had interest in my life and I could think over my vocation anew. Despite all opposition I started the training for non medical practicioner together with the training in homeopathy. Three years later, I had the diploma in my pocket.
Since then the work in my practice steadily increases. Also, I could use my knowledge in languages again and again for translating articles or for acting as interpreter at seminars of foreign homeopaths, among them Jeremy Sherr, Jonathan Shore and Nandita Shah.

Sometimes I feel the life as homeopath similar to that of an interpreter – one acts as mediator between two, who don’t know about each other. In the case of homeopathy it is between the diseased human being and his remedy. This is why I also love to teach, I give courses for layman and beginners. In the meantime, I am especially interested in the process of development of awareness going along with the profound cure. The contemporary works by Sankaran seem to me to be a good path.

Now I have arrived at Hpathy and I am glad to be able to meaningfully contribute my knowldege, so that the understanding of homeopathy can grow and bloom.

I wish everyone reading here much joy with the beauty of homeopathy.

Frauke Girus-Nowoczyn

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